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Andrew "Andy" Lenton
Vital statistics
Title Twin of Dalton
Gender Male
Age 21
Height 6'0"
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Race Wizard
House Hufflepuff
Year 5
Wand 12", Dogwood, Dragon Heartstring
Wand Arm Left
Family Dalton Lenton (twin)
Affiliation(s) Self, Dalton, Hufflepuff

About Andy...

Andrew "Andy" Lenton is a muggle born wizard who recently graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry. He was in Hufflepuff house.

Andy and his twin, Dalton, were born to Glinda and Elphaba Lenton, a lesbian couple. Glinda had In Vitro Fertilisation, and luckily, the two were blessed with twins. The twins' parents were both muggle teachers in London, Glinda being a teacher of Science, and Elphaba a sports coach. The twins lived a relatively normal life, occasionally knocking off the odd vase with their unknown magic. Neither parent knew of this, so they were surprised on the Twins' 11th birthday, when they got their Hogwarts Acceptance Letters.

They were both sorted into Hufflepuff upon entry into Hogwarts. Dalton took Glinda's analytical skills, and was adept at Transfiguration. On the other hand, Andy seemed to have Elphaba's knack for sport, being a natural flyer.


Andy is quirky and cheery; the more mischievous and daring out of the two. He is quite fun to be around and is almost always grinning.


  • Andy's Patronus is an Elephant
  • Andy is a natural quidditch player
  • His model is Finn Harries