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This user/character is inactive for the following reason: She is making money doing cold readings as a "Psychic Medium" to wander with a group of Travelers across Eastern Europe.
This user/character will return: Probably not anytime soon... Please excuse the inactivity.

Andromeda Selwyn
Andromeda Selwyn
Birthdate March 10th 2010
Birth Place Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Hometown South Lanarkshire, Scotland
Accent Rutherglen
Heritage English (Puerto Rican/New Zealander)
Bloodline Pure-Blood
Family Selwyn
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Wand Length 9¾"
Wand Wood Apple
Wand Core Phoenix Feather
Boggart Her family being harmed by spirits
Patronus Sheep
Amortentia Pineapple, Cassava chips, Jamaica pepper
Hecate Grimm

Andromeda Selwyn - Medium
Send Me an Owl! - “What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?”
“The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment.”

Vital Information

Andromeda Selwyn is a Pure-Blood witch of Puerto Rican, New Zealander, and English descent. She is the daughter of Orfeus Selwyn and Thelxinoë Urquart.

Full Name: Andromeda Eurydice Selwyn
Meaning of name: Andromeda (aan dhraw mEH dhaa) — "to think of a man" from the Greek element ανδρος (andros) "of a man" combined with μηδομαι (medomai) "to think, to be mindful of"
Eurydice (yoo rid uh see) — "wide justice" from ευρυς (eurys) "wide" and δικη (dike) "justice"
Nickname: Andy, Meda, Drama (Family) Ro (Sham/Bo)
Birthdate: March 10th
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Type of childhood: Strange
First memory: Seeing a spirit at the old house in Aberdeenshire
Most important childhood event: The bloody nose she got after seeing one of the ghosts in her house
Why: Every time she has gotten a nose bleed a spirit has released possession of her body

Life Before Transataumancy

It wasn't me. It was the spirits.

– Andromeda Selwyn

I will not play these games with you anymore. This is over!

– Thelxinoë Selwyn

She began seeing spirits when she was six. They gathered in large numbers in public, and then at her home around her little sister Antigone. Sometimes she saw them crowded around her father.

Andromeda frequently witnessed spirits around her mother as well, who claimed she could not see or feel them, which terrified Andromeda. When she saw them literally flee her older brother Creon it made her curious what it was he did that made them run from him. By the age of ten Andromeda already had multiple encounters different ghosts in two different homes. When she was younger the apparitions she saw were beautiful, and frightening. As she grew up seeing the spirits more frequently she began to notice the signs that one was near. Her first use of magic was her ability to keep them away from her family, mostly from her mother and her little sister. These spirits no one else had been able to see or feel Andromeda believed were trying to bring harm to her family, she forced herself to find ways to drive them out of her home.

After her mother and father spoke with each of their parents about the problems they were having with Andromeda, her grandparents had something special sent to their granddaughter. a 'gift'. Andromeda was give a necklace with a Glowing Gemstone capable of releasing the spirit in possessing her. Andromeda no longer blacked out when she made contact with a spirit, she was instead trapped. After being released for the first time since receiving her grandparents 'gift' she ran home, took off the necklace and tossed it in a drawer. Andromeda never wanted to wear that necklace again, the feeling of being a passenger in her own body was terrible. All she wanted to do was forget. She was not her usual self for days after the fact. Once she felt the presence of another spirit in the house, that familiar chill under her skin, she put the necklace back on, and promised to never take it off.


Thelxinoë and Orfeus made the decision to force their children to attend Beauxbâtons.

Bellefeuille Crest

Creon graduated in 2025, Antigone began her first year in 2026. Andromeda attended as well, until her fourth year. Apparently Andromeda has "a behavioral problem" believed to stem from issues in her home-life. Her parents remained uninformed due to Andromeda's constant interfering with an ingenious use of strangers, and magic to fill the role of parental units. By Andromeda's own admission she never felt her parents needed to be involved because she had not done anything wrong. She served all of her punishments for her disruption with no complaints. While negative reinforcement did not prevent her from making the same choices, nevertheless she restrained herself, in class at least. Unfortunately Andromeda was caught over four dozen times pulling pranks on students, and faculty alike. When she was even caught in a compromising situation with a fellow student, it was the final straw and ultimately she was expelled.

Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)

Andromeda was sorted into Ravenclaw upon her arrival to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was also named female Prefect for Ravenclaw House during her first year which was also her fifth year the 2025-2026 school year.


Her application was a joke, and she thinks being picked was a fluke. She did not know a single student in her house ...

The only person close to being called her friend at Hogwarts was BG (short for Bubblegum), a girl from another house by the name of Kylie she met before the beginning of her fifth year.
Ravenclaw Quidditch by highway woman
The only other people she 'know of' by years end were her fellow house Prefect Henry Whitacre, her Defense Against the Dark Arts partner Hollingsworth, and the Crimson Sage better known as Doll-face or Becky Bradbury. After passing over the chance to re-apply for Prefect, she threw her name in for Quidditch captain. She was rejected by her Head of House in her overly enthusiastic attempt to take up quidditch at Hogwarts. She was however accepted by the Team Captain as Seeker.

She left Hogwarts after sixth year opting to spend her final year of school studying the Dark Arts at Durmstrang Institute. Her background with Defensive Magic thanks in part to her nights spent combing books for protective spells, and the days spent memorizing incantations and runes to ward of spirits, became a huge asset in her magical aptitude.

Once she was putting her brain to use she was unbearable. Dueling, while in the North, was her favorite pastime.

Additional Facts

Lower education:
Beauxbâtons Academy (Expelled)
Hogwarts School; Ravenclaw
Durmstrang Institute (Alumna)
Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms — O
Transfiguration — O
Herbology — E
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Ancient Runes — E
Potions — O
Care of Magical Creatures — A
Astronomy — A
Divination — E
Arithmancy — A
History of Magic — E
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms — O
Transfiguration — O
Herbology — E
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Ancient Runes — E
Potions — O
Divination — E
History of Magic — E

Talents (hidden or not): Transfiguration, Charms
Extremely skilled at: Mental magic (more skilled than the average person her age)
Extremely unskilled at: Herbology
Good characteristics: Resilient, Imaginative
Character flaws: Spiteful, Deceitful

Color: Heliotrope
Food: Pain aux raisins, Tuna salad, Black peas
Music: Progressive rock
Clothing style/Outfit: Casual/Feminine
Literature: Gothic fantasy, Romance
Expressions: “Ask a silly question and you'll get a silly answer.”
Quote: “To be old and wise you must first be young and stupid.”

Recent developments:


Irrepressible - Hazardous, Unorthodox, Malefic, Extramundane

Andromeda can be an overwhelming personality type, and rather intimidating when she feels the need to be. She thinks that she caters to her bad side, and she feels the same about everyone else in the world. She does not believe in the "benefit of the doubt", and she rarely puts the needs of another person before the wants/needs of herself. The people considered to be her "family" by blood or by choice thus far in life are the only exception. Andromeda is the type of person to hold pure malevolence lying beneath the surface of her smoldering narrowed eyes.

She is not a difficult person to find; she is the girl in the Transfiguration Courtyard tying nooses in rope, or at the West Tower Battlements sharpening her potions knife.

Mannerisms: Swearing, Rolling her eyes
Peculiarities: Spectrophilia - Abnormal affection for specters or ghosts

Epistaxiophobia - Fear of Nosebleeds

Worst bad habit: Takes stupid bets/dares for small amounts of money
Quirks: Medium (Transataumancy)
Pet Peeves: Ranting


Cassie Ventura

Andromeda has a heart shaped face, and dark, brown black hair, it is curly but she often straightens it. She has her father's rich, glowing light brown skin, and her mother's deep, dark brown eyes. She thinks her eyes are too far apart, but most people say they are in proportion to the rest of her face. She has thin lips, and yet she is still able to form the most beautiful smile, or a serious pout when she wants to.


Family Member Relationship with them
Father Orfeus and Andromeda are still as close as they were when she was younger. He doesn't believe her when she complains about being possessed, but he listens, and that is all she ever wanted.
Mother Thelxinoë and Andromeda were very close when Andromeda was young. After Andromeda began having experiences with the spirits her mother distanced herself from her former favorite daughter.
Older Brother Creon was civil with Andromeda, until Antigone came along. He wanted a little brother, and for the second time he got a sister. Another sister he did not want.
Younger Sister Antigone use to look up to Andromeda, that was until she started acting strange. Antigone replaced Andromeda as her mother's favorite daughter.

Extended family:

Craig Urquart
Lauraisia Johnson
Elphias Selwyn
Dorothy "Dotty" Lennox
Lamia Urquart
Scylla Urquart
Anatole Selwyn
Novia Hawthorne
Iele Urquart
Ky Selwyn
Parker Selwyn

Friend Relationship with them
Mimi "Sham" Eldritch Member of A Secret Society
Stacee "Bo" Gibbon Member of A Secret Society
Caspar Gideon
Jessie Evans
Kai Beckham
Blake Schmidt
Rai Moon
Jenelle Mitchell-Anderson


Most prized possession: Silver Lantern Pendant
Why: It is capable of releasing the spirit in possession of her body
Familiar/Pet: Meade (Piebald Ball Python)

Grimstone (Tawny Owl)

Wand: Apple Phoenix Feather


Spell Effect
First Year Spells
Locomortor Mortis Locks the target's legs together
Protego Causes minor spells to rebound or not have their full effect
Lumos Creates a small light on the wand's tip
Nox Counterspell to Lumos
Incendio Produces fire
Expelliarmus Disarming Charm
Wingardium Leviosa Levitates objects
Trip Jinx Causes target to trip
Petrificus Totalus Bind the target's body in a straight position
Intruder Charm Detects intruders and sounds an alarm
Second Year Spells
Dissendium A spell that will reveal a secret passageway
Bubble-Head Charm Creates a bubble of air
Flame-Freezing Charm Causes fire to become harmless
Defodio Dig out materials, such as stone or creates gouges
Aguamenti Conjures water
Impedimenta Binds, trips or freezes the target
Ventus Shoots thin cord rope out of the wand that the caster can control
Third Year Spells
Finite Incantatum Negates the effect of most Charms
Episkey Heals minor injuries
Obliviate Removes memories
Salvio Hexia Provides protection against Hexes
Rennervate Makes the target conscious
Switching Spell Causes two objects to be swapped for one another
Relashio Forces something or someone to release what it's holding
Fourth Year Spells
Arrow-shooting spell Fires arrows from caster's tip
Lacarnum Inflamari Sets clothing on fire
Banishing Charm Opposite of Summoning
Incarcerous Ties something up with rope
Supersensory Charm Heightens the target's senses
Reparifors Cures minor magically-induces ailments, such as paralysis and poisoning
Evanesco Makes target vanish
Fifth Year Spells
Bedazzling Hex Causes the target to become invisible
Brackium Emendo Heals a broken bone
Expecto Patronum Creates a Patronus
Stupefy Renders the target unconscious
Deletrius Erases images and magical "after-effects"
Protego Horribilis Provides a shield against Dark magic
Aqua Eructo Creates a large torrent of water
Sixth Year Spells
Sectumsempra Causes a container's interior capacity to be increased
Vulnera Sanentur Causes wounds and gashes to heal up and any blood to return to the victim
Conjunctivitus Curse Causes great pain to the victim's eyes and vision
Protego Maxima Powerful shield charm against Dark magic
Duro Makes the object hard as stone
Flagrante Curse Causes objects to burn human skin when touched
Anti-Disapparation Jinx Cannot Apparate or Disapparate in area
Seventh Year Spells
Firestorm Conjures a ring of fire. The caster can direct the fire. Most powerful fire spell
Gemino Curse Whenever the cursed object is touched, it makes multiple fake copies of itself
Repello Inimicum Disintegrates the person(s) entering this protected zone
Portus Turns an object into a Portkey
Taboo When the trigger word is spoken, the caster is aware, and concealment enchantments around the target are broken for the caster, who knows the speaker's location
Prior Incantato Causes an echo of the last spell cast to come from a wand
Ducklifors Transforms target creature into a duck
Additional Spells