Registered animagi and their forms are recorded here, as well as unregistered animagi, their forms, and why they aren't registered.
Under "Registered," fill in all the sections. Keep in mind that your character cannot be younger than 15. Find more information here. If you'd like your pre-existing character to become an animagus, please contact a member of the sorting and stores department.
Under "Unregistered," fill in all the sections, including a brief description of why they are not registered. Keep in mind that unregistered animagi are subject to arrest upon discovery.

Animagi Registration
For Registered and Unregistered Animagi
Department of Magical Law Enforcement Locations


Character Animal Form Coloring/Special Markings Username
Max Grey Grey Wolf Black with silver fur around her snout and on her chest Jay
Melinda Bagman Animal Markings Bond_em7
Donatello Bellucci Animal Markings Soc
Princess Sophia of Windsor Cat Grey fur Time
Dante Bellucci Siamese Cat Markings Oli
Araidne Han Antipodean Opaleye Dragon Pearly white scales and multi-colored glittering eyes with no pupils Queen of Anarchy
Han Seung-Heon Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon Metallic grey colour with deep red eyes. Asteriea
Brianna Yoon Border Collie White and gold with a crescent-like mark near the right ear Hara


Character Known/Suspected to be Unregistered Animal Form Coloring/Special Markings Explanation Username
Christopher Halstrom No Dark Tabby Cat Black stripes alongside his head and tail He never bothered to register, especially with how he's been using his form to kill and attack people. Frost
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