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The Character's Background

Please Note: You can write either the first or second question in a bullet point form. However, please remember only one of them can be in that form. The other must be in full sentences and meet the required length.

1) Give a description of your character's personality. It must be at least seven sentences.

  • the personality is in paragraph form. bullets are for formatting only
  • One thing Ankita loves more than anything else is control. She calls the shots, and she doesn't like wildcards at all. Even in the rare cases where she can't be holding the reins, she still needs to know what is going on, and she needs to trust the person who is holding them.
  • With that said, she doesn't have any issues delegating responsibilities when she needs to, as long as she knows the person she's giving them to can handle them. She has a reputation for having a two-strike policy: if you mess up once, you can make up for it, but if you mess up twice, you're a liability, and she'll put you somewhere you can't screw things up - even if that's on the street...or in the ground.
  • She plans things meticulously before she does them, making sure to account for things that may go wrong. Anytime she needs to make it look like she was actually somewhere else, she goes to great lengths to craft an ironclad alibi - she eliminates obstacles to help make her parents happy and their company thrive, and she knows the optics would be awful if she were to ever be arrested.
  • To Ankita, the end justifies the means, and if a poor small-picture event will make the big picture better, she'll ensure the small-picture event goes off without a hitch. The individual is not important to her beyond how they relate on a larger scale.
  • She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty in any sense of the word. If she needs to personally help with building a facility in order for it to be done properly, she'll do it. If she needs to kill someone to get them out of her way, she'll do it. She has experience at all levels of the family company and has no issue telling someone to move aside while she shows them how it's done.
  • She doesn't take kindly to being talked down to, but she never feels the need to make a big deal about it when it happens because she knows she's right and it's only ever a matter of time before everyone else realizes it. Does she think she's better than others? Mmm...yeah, just a bit.
  • Ankita's family and their approval are of the utmost importance to her, so she has a carefully-tailored public persona and she goes to great lengths to ensure her assassinations are fully untraceable. She often chooses to use muggle weapons or make deaths appear as accidents when possible to help prevent things from being too easily tracked. Her old Mahoutokoro robes - turned white since her first murder - are kept under lock-and-key lest anyone find them and start making assumptions.

2) Write about the history of your character. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are? It must be at least two paragraphs long, seven sentences each.

  • the history is in bullet point form
  • ankita was born to mahesh and neha kulkarni in mumbai, india on the first of march, 2010
    • oldest of 3 kids
    • she doesn't remember ever being an only child since her siblings are both fairly close to her in age
    • parents were always pretty busy so they weren't the most involved
      • mahesh was CEO of Kulkarni Manufacturing and Exports by the time he had kids & neha was heading up the R&D department
    • the kids were primarily looked after by nannies until they started their school of choice
      • each of the children had their own dedicated nanny, but they came and went and methods were not always consistent between old and new
  • Her first sign of magic showed up just after her seventh birthday. Her parents had taken her and her siblings with them on a business trip, and Ankita had decided to explore the mansion of the businessman they were staying with, when she stumbled upon a small, cute mouse, which she decided to take back to her room. The little thing, though tiny, was quite a loud squeaker, and the noise drew her father in to ask her what was going on. She hid the small mouse behind her back, assuring him it was nothing, but he wasn't fooled. He asked to see her hands, so she brought them in front of her, only to see...nothing. There appeared to be nothing in her hands, but she could still feel the small mouse there. At the time, she was so shocked she couldn't help but tell her father she had a mouse, but they couldn't see it. Since she'd presented her magic so early, she was able to enroll in Mahoutokoro's day program starting that fall.
    • that was her first pet mouse! mice are small and cute and since then she's always had at least one lil cutie
  • ankita excelled at mahoutokoro for each of the three years she attended
    • she was v proud of her gold robes and kept them after she transferred schools, usually in the back of her closet
  • mahesh and neha thought it best to allow their kids to choose where they studied magic
    • ankita opted for the House of Life in Egypt as her favorite nanny had attended
      • the nanny's name was naila and yes ankita cried when she left. it happens
        • naila was of the mind that even busy parents can be actively involved in their kids lives, and she didn't think ankita's parents were doing all that great a job
          • she was fired after an argument with neha over that very topic
  • ankita was chosen by sekhmet
  • she continued to do well in her studies but she really shined in her necromancy and abjuration classes
  • she graduated at 15 and didn't return after, but she did continue her studies on a part-time basis with private tutors
    • she also picked up gymnastics and fencing bc she was quite bored. she dated a boy in her fencing group but he broke up with her after she started routinely kicking her ass. sad.
    • she began interning at Kulkarni Manufacturing and Exports after graduation, learning the inner workings of the company from the bottom up
      • was she really interested in the company? eh. working in the company would allow her to spend more time with her parents, which originally was all she wanted. beyond that, it was more of an expectation for her - as the oldest child, her parents expected her to be involved in the business and eventually take over control. it'd been passed down within the family since the company began and no one was all to keen on breaking the tradition
  • married qadir harun rahman el sayed 1 april 2030
    • they were familiar enough with eachother at the time bc ankita's father and qadir's father had business dealings their kids, as heirs to their respective businesses, were privy to
      • wouldn't go so far as to call them friends, but they didn't hate eachother at the time and they worked together well enough as business partners so it seemed like a good enough partnership
  • not long after her wedding, ankita accompanied her father on a business trip to brazil, which was not out of the ordinary
    • what was certainly out of the ordinary was the assassin she caught trying to kill her father
      • how rude of them tbh you can't just kill people like that
    • when she unmasked the assassin, she was rather disappointed to discover it was marjani, one of her father's most trusted bodyguards
      • ankita was rather thrown by this. she'd known marjani since she was a child and marjani had always been quite loyal
        • but, as with most people, someone had offered her the right incentive, and she just hadn't been able to turn it down
    • ankita and marjani had a nice chat over tea - marjani's spiked heavily with veritaserum, of course
      • turns out marjani had been moonlighting as an assassin for decades
      • she agreed to teach ankita how to be a successful assassin if she did not turn her in
      • ankita did rope her into an unbreakable vow to keep the Kulkarnis out of her sights
  • sure, killing people is always questionable, but when done strategically, it does help her get things done for the company
    • ankita had always been of the mind that some of the snakes she had to deal with in the business world would be better off dead, and with marjani's help, she was able to see those thoughts through
      • carefully, of course. she'd hate to go to jail. what a scandal that would cause.
    • she also began studying occlumency from one of marjani's contacts, knowing it would be beneficial should anyone decide to slip veritaserum into one of her drinks, but also in the event a legilimens decided to get curious
  • on 2 may 2031, her first and only child was born
    • qadir was a very proud father! at the time
      • he was enthusiastic abt it until he realized how much work his wife was going to make him do
        • that is, she made him actively help bc she wasn't about to just step completely back from the company to be a mom
  • qadir was not a bad father, all things considered, but he did his level best to parent as little as possible
    • buyer's remorse, except father's remorse. this is why you should think critically about having kids before you actually do it!
      • that's a lesson ankita has made sure na'im understands
        • "not to speak ill of the dead, but don't be a tool like your father"
  • ankita isn't necessarily the best mother in the world either, but she does make a solid effort - she's just really busy. the last thing she wanted was for her son to be left almost solely in the care of nannies like she was
    • na'im spent a solid chunk of his infancy in his mother's office - not with his mother but in her office, typically with her assistant-turned-nanny, since ankita herself did not like to be confined to her office all day long
    • once he was older - able to talk and understand the concept of keeping his volume at an indoor level - his mom started bring him on business trips
  • qadir was found dead in his office around 7 pm on the fifth of august, 2038. na'im was seven at the time
    • ankita found his body. typically she would have just brought na'im into the office with her, but she knew what would be waiting in there and didn't want na'im to see
      • that is, qadir's dead body, because she killed him :) oops
        • strictly speaking, he was becoming a bit of a problem - wanting to renege on important business decisions, so what else do you do?
  • ankita was rather glad to be rid of qadir. she didn't really feel any love for him and he'd become more a waste of time than anything else.
    • she decided to avoid romantic attachments until na'im was out of school. the last thing she wants is for him to get attached to anyone who won't stick around
  • ankita lived in Cairo with her son until until May 2046 when she officially moved to London to head up the western operations office

3) Write about your character's appearance. What do they look like? Who are you planning on using a certain model for your character? If you already have a picture in mind, you can put it here!

  • archie panjabi

4) Is your character a Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born? Do you have any notable magical relations? (Remember, you cannot be related to important characters from the Harry Potter Universe!)

  • half blood
  • Na'im Kulkarni's mum

5) Does your character have any special magical abilities? Or special abilities in general (photographic memory, etc.)? Is he or she of a different magical race, such as Veela, Vampire, Werewolf or the like? Part or half of that magical race counts! (Remember, you cannot have a character with special abilities/of a different magical race as one of your first two characters!)

  • she is an accomplished occlumens

6) What is your character's profession? Does your character plan to enroll your character into the Ministry of Magic? Does your character not work? Is your character a teacher?

  • COO of Kulkarni Manufacturing and Exports
  • also a corporate assassin

7) How old is your character?

  • 36