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Anna Bagman



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Anna Bagman
Anna Bagman nee Gregory Gr
Important Facts
Gender Female
Age 39

Timothy Bagman (husband)

Charity Bagman (daughter)

Thomas Bagman (son)

Faith Bagman (daughter)

Mark Bagman (son)

Melinda Bagman (daughter)

Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'6
Wand 11' horsestring
Home Bagman Home
Wand Arm Right



Anna grew up in a pure-blood family. She was only child but had many close friends. At a young age she had decided that she wanted a big family when she was older. In her first year at Hogwarts, she made many friends and kept many from her early childhood. In her third year at Hogwarts, Timothy Bagman asked her out to the yule ball. For there on they were always together.

When she joined Dumbledore's Army, Timothy didn't want her to as he was worried she might of got hurt. As she was intent on serving her school, no matter how much he tried to persuaded her not to, she broke up with Timothy. She found comfort in studying for her O.W.Ls and improving her wand and spell technique.

When Snape took over the school she found that since she had no exams to sit in 6th year and no Dumbledore's Army meetings she had nothing to do with her time. She eventually reconciled with Timothy. Timothy helped her through her 6th year and she doesn't know what she do without him.

In the Battle of Hogwarts Timothy and her vowed if that they didn't die they would always protect one another. Luckily they did and stayed on for 7th year. After that they moved in together.

Her first job was in Honeydukes then she was a healer at St Mungo's. When she and Timothy got enagaged they immediately started planning their wedding and got married within 6 months! Her and Timothy both decided they wanted a big family. Her first born was Charity. 3 years later she gave birth to Thomas. Eleven months later she discovered she was pregnant with a girl again. She called her Faith. After Faith's birth Anna decided to quit her job and become a stay at home mum. On Valentine's day '12 her and Timothy found out about Mark. The baby of the family is Melinda.

Timothy and her have decided that Melinda will be their last kid (for now), although Anna would like another boy.


Anna is a humble, loyal, warm, loving person. She is also quite smart and its very rarely that she doesn't an answer. She can be quite firm with her children if they have done something she is not happy with. If she saw someone hurt she would try her very best to help them. She is always baking or cooking for her family.


Anna has mousey brown straight long hair (although when her hair is curled its shorter) and brown eyes. All her children have inhertied her hair. She is