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This Character Has Moved on Behind the Veil

This character is dead. They either died in battle or on a quest, but they have moved on to an after life beyond the veil.

Anton Fierro 2
Antón Fierro Hermos
Hair Black
Eyes Deep Brown
Height 5"8'
Birthday June 30
Age 19
Accent (Faint) Spanish
Family Fierro Family, Hermos Family
Species Human, Wizard
Wand Cedar, Dragon Heartstring, 8 inches
Blood Half-blood
Patronus ~
Boggart ~
School Hogwarts
House Gryffindor
Wand Arm Right

Antón Fierro

Black Parade Theif

~ Roleplayed by Rvt ~


Antón was born in San Sebastián, Spain. He was raised by the water, as his father was a fisherman. They had gone fishing together many times, always bringing home lots to eat. Antón would go with his father to the market, listening and learning the ways of the trade. One stormy day, when he was nine, his father went fishing with some friends. He died in the storm, bringing grief to his family. They stayed in Spain for a while, his mother working extra hard to afford everything. She even had to sell the fishing boat to afford food. During this time, Antón began to steal things. Small amounts of food and such to help his mother. Eventually he and his mother moved to the UK, hoping to find a better life. At eleven, Antón received his letter to Hogwarts. His mother revealed to him that she was a witch. He was sorted into Gryffindor, and quickly made friends.


Antón was always a very brave boy. He can be very rough, but is kind at heart. He is loyal to family and close friends. He is very quick to speak and act, though. He hates to admit it, but he gets a little nervous around women at first.


Antón has deep brown eyes, black hair and thick eyebrows. He is rather fit.

This character has been requested to be preserved by Rvt205.