anthea saotome
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anthea (n.)

1. livid's main rapper and main chef
2. confident femme fatale queen who crushes the patriarchy under her stiletto heels as a daily exercise
3. sharp and pointy on-screen, soft and squishy off-screen

basic information


anthea siyeon saotome
bing si-yeon [ 빙시연 ]

nickname/s anthy [ by close friends & family ]
age 19
birthday unknown, legally august 18
sex / gender female / female
nationality british
ethnicity korean [ presumed ]
orientations homosexual biromantic
relationship status dating ♥
species witch

magical information

blood status unknown, legally half-blood
magical education hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry [ 1st to 17th; Hufflepuff ]
year graduated
patronus eagle
boggart losing all of her family
exotic? no



biological parents unknown
mattias saotome [ adopted father ]
brandon bing [ adopted father ]
lucas kitamura [ adopted father ]
daniel verheijen [ adopted father ]

siblings blair [ adopted older brother ]
extended family n/a
best friend/s khluen
pet/s n/a


model jang ye-eun [ clc ]
hair colour black [ natural, sometimes charmed platinum blonde ]
eye colour dark brown
height tol
weight just right
distinguishing marks n/a



On a cold rainy night, a baby girl in a small bassinet was deposited on the doorstep of an inconspicuous apartment. Whoever left her there was long gone, vanished into the darkness. They left neither hide nor hair nor note that could tie to their identity. Perhaps they were hoping the residents would be able to take better care of the baby than themselves. Unfortunately, they chose the wrong doorstep for the task.

Apartment 44-B was the residence of a group of four struggling college students. Mattias Saotome, Brandon Bing, Lucas Kitamura, and Daniel Verheijen were young, confused adults(?) from different walks of life brought together by one goal: to attain at least one(1) degree and not die from starvation. Finding an abandoned baby at their doorstep was not an ideal way of starting their final year. At all.



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empress of flowers
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