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Basic Information
AGE 23
SPECIES Half-Blood Wizard
MODEL Jay Gould


Sofía Hernández hated every bit of who she was; she was Guatemalan, poor, and had little to no chances of ever getting herself a better life. She was just eighteen, fresh out of school, and was working a job as a waitress where her shifts were a constant nightmare. Until she met Jonathan Bostwick. He was just there for a visit, trying to close a deal for his own father's company. He was around her age, just out of Hogwarts, and was trying to fill in his father's shoes. He'd wound up at her diner, lost and hungry. Fast forward to a couple hours later, and they were conceiving one of Jonathan's many kids.

It was a scandal that many had anticipated would come to light eventually. Jonathan was a manwhore, he'd led many girls on during Hogwarts, and to be fair protection was never really on his mind. So left and right, he had women popping up claiming to have his kids. Of course, because he had the support of his father and a vast amount of money at his disposal, he was able to pay off every one of these women and silence them indefinitely. He refused to recognize his children, with very few exceptions. He first got married at age of 25, to Sofía herself, who he managed to reunite with during a follow-up on the mall he had invested in in Guatemala. Of course, she wasn't as mayo as his father wanted, hence why Sofía underwent physical changes. She legally changed her name, to something a little more fitting (i.e Linda). Their marriage was rushed, though, and it didn't last long.

Jonathan's second wife was a local pure-blooded witch who was, for the close-minded society, more socially acceptable. Sharon, was her name. Like with Linda, their marriage didn't last long, but two kids did come from the marriage. He also had children with Linda, when he married her again, and with Susan, whom he married when Linda divorced him after catching him with three different women at the same time. His marriage with Karen Westcott - his fifth one overall - also led to a couple more of his children. A pattern was presenting itself; he never really went more than five years with the same wife, until he got married for a sixth and final time, again to Linda. His life had become a joke, of sorts, and that wasn't a fact that went by unnoticed by the wizarding public of the UK.

Jonathan's father retook control of the company that he'd given to his son when he first got married. It was a rational decision that had to be made. Of course, that didn't mean Jonathan saw it that way - he fought and fought and fought, and even threatened to sue his old man for wrongful termination. He actually went ahead with it, though he and his father were able to reach to an agreement; whichever of his kids took the company the most serious, would inherit his shares and thus control. Which posed issues. From the children Jonathan had, none of them were interested in taking control. Why would they? That would mean having to oversee the development of over a hundred different businesses. That's an issue that the Bostwicks have, even today, which is a real bummer, because Arthur Bostwick is only getting older, nearing a hundred years old, and if if he dies before he announces an heir to the fortune, then... it's all gonna be for nothing

Anthony was the product of Jonathan's third marriage, being the middle child - if you didn't count his adopted sister Penelope. As a child, and even now, Anthony kept to himself. He never really cried as a child and even when growing up he never really played with the other children or paid much attention to his other siblings for that matter. There was no particular reason, he just liked to be in his own company - and not in a self-absorbed way.

Anthony's first magical experience came fairly early on. He was was roaming about a meaningless party his father had throw and in a flash of events - Anthony ended up saving a kid. It might not have been from something life threatening but, he definitely saved the kid a trip to the hospital. To elaborate more on the occurrence, the other children had been running around when one of the kids knocked over a miniature pillar with a fairly heavy vase sent on top of it. Had it not been for Anthony's quick thinking and his magic kicking in, the vase wouldn't have levitated in the air and set back on the pillar, avoid the other child - who was on the other side. Anthony was 6. It wasn't much but, the parents were very grateful and it marked Anthony a wizard for life. Anthony also got something else out of the occurrence and that was a friend, who so happened to be the kid he saved.

In the beginning, the two clashed or maybe i should say Oscar, Anthony's new friends name, annoyed Anthony. Oscar was a bothersome child and like stated before, he annoyed Anthony. Especially when he wanted to be alone. Over time though, the two got close. Unlike most stories, where the two would grow up together, Oscar died at an early age. You see, Oscar was a muggle, a muggle with cancer. Anthony had learned of his friends illness pretty early on and became very protective of him. It also made them all the more closer. When Oscar died, Anthony was 10 and devastated. Like before, he went back to being distant, quiet, and a loner so to speak.

Like all wizards, Anthony received his Hogwarts letter and was sent straight there. He was sorted into Hufflepuff, which he really didn't care for. From there on, Anthony pushed his way through the years. Over time he came to terms with Oscar's death and as a result of it actually, Anthony found a small love for healing. He wasn't sure if healing was his career goal but, it was definitely something he liked to do. Something he invested a lot of studying in. Finally after graduating, at the top of his class, Anthony went on to live in the wizarding world. His first few years, he decided to travel the world - with the help of his father's money of course. In his travels, Anthony was scouted by a very successful modeling agency and because he wasn't to sure what he wanted to do with his life yet and he didn't wanna live off his father forever, he took the job. In a whirlwind of photo shoots and magazine covers, Anthony became pretty well known, mainly in the muggle world, but, also in the wizarding one. Although, just having the last name Bostwick was enough to put him in the spotlight. As of now, he's back in the Uk, staying at his own place, and looking for something other than his modeling career to peruse. His interest in healing was always an option but, then again, taking part in his fathers business wouldn't be so bad either.



Anthony is not one to shy away from a conversation, in fact, he is quite friendly and in most situations tends to be the conversation starter. He like to make people feel included and needed and when he notices someone being left out, Anthony will make it his mission to help them. He kind hearted that way but don’t let that fool you. While he’s kind hearted, Anthony can sometime be a little dense. He’ll say too much or the wrong thing at the wrong time. He’s also very oblivious to many thing but, that doesn’t necessarily mean he lacks intelligence.

For the most part, Anthony has a laid back way of living. He goes with the flow of things and because of this, it isn’t hard to like him. Many people do. He easy to talk to and is also a person many people go to for comfort. Something about him just make people feel safe and secure, and Anthony likes it that way


FATHER Jonathan Boswick
SIBLINGS too many to keep track of
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Hufflepuff






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