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antonin a. desrosiers
August 6
Judicaël Desrosiers (father)
Lavinia Arterbury-Desrosiers (mother)
Name Pronunciation
ahn-to-NEEN eɪ DEH-rose-e-aye
Blood Status
rped by your favourite mango queen

Antonin A. Desrosiers, nicknamed Tony, is a terribly clumsy fifth year Hufflepuff who is aspiring to become a fashion designer.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Just right 👌
Clothing Style

Chinese, French, and British
Native Language
Earliest Memory
Being brought by his parents to one of the events they're catering at
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear
All animals fearing him

Antonin Arterbury-Desrosiers is the only son of Muggles Judicaël Desrosiers, a patissier, and Lavinia Arterbury-Desrosiers, a sous chef. He's a Muggleborn who has been raised around food all his life. Despite that, the young boy still aspired to be a fashion designer. How did he come to that conclusion? Let me tell you a little story.

As a young child, Antonin has been brought to many of his parents' catering services. Judicaël and Lavinia wanted him to get a full feel of what he might be doing in the future, seeing as the young boy had shown increasing interest in the field of baking. Because of that, most of Antonin's childhood is spent going all over the country, even outside in some occasions.

His ambitions were changed when the family had to cater to a hotel where a fashion show was being held. Being the curious kid he is, Antonin sneaked around his parents to watch it. It was Gwyn Gardner's latest line and Antonin fell in love. Then and there, he decided that he won't follow his parents' footsteps. Instead, he wanted to take the fashion world by storm. Once his shock and awe had returned to normal levels, he went back to his parents, who, because of how busy they were, didn't even notice he was gone.

Imagine his parents' surprise when the young boy had announced that he wanted to become a fashion designer. They wondered what changed Antonin's mind, so they asked him. While they didn't quite like it that their son wasn't going to follow on their footsteps, they do love him more and decided to support him, encouraging him to follow his dream.

Antonin showed a natural affinity in designing and sewing. Sketching? Not so much. So his parents supported him by letting him take art classes. His parents still took him when they had catering services. When the place they're catering at is also holding a fashion show, well, that's an added bonus. Things were as normal as ever. Well, except for the occasional magical outbursts.

Ever since Antonin turned 5, he'd been able to do... pretty strange things. It's not your usual kind of strange, it's way past a Muggle's usual definition of strange. Whenever he was experiencing a strong emotion, such as panic, things would either float, repair themselves, or go ka-boom. The first of these strange incidents happened when Antonin accidentally dropped a glass of water.

In the midst of his panic, the glass didn't finish its descent onto the ground. Instead, it did the complete opposite. It floated calmly back on the counter, even doing a little twirl before settling itself down. Surprisingly, and luckily, Antonin didn't scream bloody murder. Sometime, in the far future, Antonin would remember this incident and he would give himself a pat on the back for being a calm toddler during that time.

Unfortunately, his parents saw and were equally as confused as he is. They eventually chalked it up to hallucinations due to sleepless nights. What puzzled them even more was the fact that this kind of incidents continued to happen whenever Antonin was feeling particularly strong emotions. There was that one time when he accidentally destroyed every single window in his bedroom because that one design wasn't. working. right.

Eventually, they got used to these unusual outbursts, often having emergency supplies for whenever Antonin would destroy furniture or windows or doors. They kept it between the three of them since any other person who'd know would have an aneurysm or something. They tried to find out just why these outbursts are happening to no such luck.

Turns out, the magical outburst can become pretty useful at random times. For example, it made Antonin's sketchbook fly from the other side of the room towards him, but it did hit him square in the face. It once fixed a ripped part of the outfit Antonin was making and it also changed the color of another outfit. There was also another time when it made all of Antonin's sketches float around him as he worked, but they quickly dropped once he noticed.

Everything was finally explained when a man with the most horrifying fashion taste appeared on their doorstep on Antonin's 11th birthday. The budding fashion designer felt personally attacked and insulted at the old-fashioned robes but didn't say anything because it would be as rude as the man's fashion taste and because it might drive him away. The man explained to the family how Antonin was a Muggleborn and that he is supposed to go to a school called Hogwarts to learn how to control his magic.

He was even more horrified at how the rest of the wizards and witches dress. His first week in his first year was spent mentally roasting the rest of the wizarding community's underdeveloped fashion. He vows that by the time he graduates, he is high-tailing the heck out of the Wizarding World, no matter how amazing magic may be.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Clever, creative, ambitious
Worst Qualities
Clumsy, awkward, stubborn
Most Influenced By
His parents
Antonin is a young aspiring fashion designer who was raised around pastries and gourmet food all his life. It's evident in his scent, he literally smells like pastries. He can ice cakes like it's no one's business and he actually carries around a tin of macaroons everyday either to eat for himself or to give to people he meets. Besides that, he's A+ when it comes to baking pastries and the like. You need someone to bake you 10 batches of chocolate chip cookies with extra chips? He's your man.

He has an incredible amount of talent in the field of fashion designing and has been recognized by a few designers in contests he had participated in. Most of the time, he gets ideas from his surroundings so he always carries around a sketchbook and a pencil. He can fill up an 80-leaves sketchbook in a span of one good week. With enough materials, time, and patience, he can make some of his designs real. His hands are filled with needle injuries as a testimony.

Antonin is incredibly focused on his dream of becoming a fashion designer. He treasures every constructive criticism thrown at his way in every design contest he enters. He works everyday and looks for different ways to improve his skills. If you see him reading a book, it's most probably a book on fashion design.

His designs are also eye-catching and amazing, backed by the numerous junior deign contests he had won over the years. A clever thing about his designs is that he marks them with anything from an indistinguishable squiggles that reveal his signature to a distinct pattern to his initials (AAD) being embroidered on them.

Outside of that, Antonin is incredibly clumsy, being able to trip over thin air, stumble over stairs, knock over things on tables, accidentally break things, and so on and so forth. It's a surprise how he was able to navigate the Hogwarts Castle and staying alive in the meanwhile. Because of this, he also carries around a first aid kit in case he hurts himself again. He's working on his clumsiness though so there's that.

This kid is incredibly fond of cute animals, believe it or not, especially puppies and kittens. Unfortunately, animals seem to dislike him because every time he goes near one, they either back away or look like they're going to attack him. Add the fact that he is terribly allergic to animal fur.

talk bubble


skills and magical abilities




*Even though he's part-French and part-Chinese, he cannot speak French or Mandarin Chinese to save his life, except for the basic greetings.
*He can read a bit of Mandarin Chinese, however.
*He will destroy you when it comes to video games, just watch him
*Animals don't like him that much, whoops, and he doesn't know why. Although he's a sucker for cute kitties and puppies
*He's also allergic to animal fur poor boy
*Needs glasses bc nearsighted but is ok with no glasses tbh bc his nearsightedness isnt that severe but he wears a pair in the privacy of his dorm
*Actually tried to keep a ladybug as a pet when he was young bc no animal in the pet shop would like to go near him
*Nobody knows but he has an amazing singing voice
*He's also adept at the violin but keep this child away from any other instrument

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Bi the way
Relationship Status
Not being able to reach his dream and disappointing his parents
Black cat
Favorite Drink
Lemon nectar
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Song
Juliet by LMNT
Water by Pentatonix
On Top of The World by Imagine Dragons
Rose Gold by Pentatonix
Gold by Britt Nicole


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