Anzhela Naryshkina
5th Year Slytherin • Grand Duchess
Age 15
Birthday -
Nationality Russian
Ethnicity Unknown
Accent Russian
Blood Status Pure-Blooded
Sexuality -
Roleplayer Elsa

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Anzhela Naryshkina
5th Year Slytherin • Grand Duchess
Species Human; Witch
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Model Keira Knightley
Height 5'6"
Weight Unknown

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Anzhela Naryshkina
5th Year Slytherin • Grand Duchess
House Slytherin
Year/Occupation Sixth
Wand Fir, Phoenix Feather, 10"
Wand Arm Right
Patronus -
Boggart -
Affiliation Russia; Naryshkin Family; Slytherin

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Anzhela Anatoliyevna Naryshkina is a fifth year Slytherin and a Царевна and Великая Княжна of the Magical Russian Federation.

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Anzhela is the Russian female form of Angelus, meaning Angel.

Anatoliyevna is a Russian patronymic meaning daughter of Anatoliy.

The Naryshkin family was a high-ranking noble house during the Romanov dynasty.


The noble house of Naryshkin has always been a magical one, and though it's made a lot of alliances with muggle houses in the past, a great effort was made to keep the main line pure. They became Tsars in 1672, the year after the great beauty Natalya Naryshkina married Alexei Mikhailovich of house Romanov, the reigning muggle Tsar. Natalya showed favour to her family by persuading her husband to relinquish power over magical Russia, which he didn't understand, and thus her brother Feodor Naryshkin became the first magical Tsar.

Almost four hundred years later, Anatoliy Naryshkin came into power, bringing with him his wife Natalya and one-year-old twin children, now Tsarevich Nikolai Anatoliyevich and Tsarevna Anzhela Anatoliyevna. In the next five years came by Tsarevna Irina Anatoliyevna, Tsarevich Alexei Anatoliyevich and Tsarevich Pyotr Anatoliyevich.

Anzhela's childhood was spent being turned away from her busy father's study door, learning the proper ways of court from her mother, and lording over her younger brothers - after all, if Nikolai was busy learning how to be Tsar, someone had to take charge. A few minutes had taken the throne from her, but she told herself that she'd much rather be the beautiful princess than the ever-occupied queen. Her first sign of magic occurred at the age of seven, when her dance instructor kept nagging at her to glide. She didn't glide, but the minor floating she did achieve overruled that.

Anzhela and Nikolai were enrolled in Koldovstvorets, and practically waltzed their way through the first four years there. Both were "worthy", and used their natural charm to make a lot of friends. At the end of their third year, however, their parents decided to split them up - Nikolai was sent to Durmstrang, and Anzhela to Beauxbatons. Anzhela disliked it there, to say the least, and so transferred to Hogwarts for her fifth year.


I'm a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm.

Anzhela is a very adept actress, and she and Hazelle agree that this must be a princess trait. She acts professional and aloof, as taught by her mother, and has long since perfected the "ice princess" demeanour. She'd be the typical princess-who-tries-to-act-like-a-queen, if she hadn't actually managed to pull it off.

She's an expert at using charm and at manipulation, and finds it very easy to make friends, especially with adults. She knows exactly the societal expectations for a princess, and she follows these to the letter in public and with her friends. She's highly intelligent, another trait inherited from her mother, though most people believe she's her parents' well-trained pet. Including her parents. She finds ways to undermine their authority and twist things in her favour without them noticing, however, and it always works.

Anzhela is a professional when it comes to teasing and using sarcasm on her siblings, who are the only people in the world who can get her to let her hair down for even a second, and that doesn't happen very often. She's great with small children, due to having younger cousins and siblings, and her mother often comments on how she'll be a great mother herself. This makes her uncomfortable, to say the least, but she's learnt to confirm these observations.



Model: Keira Knightley


Царь Anatoliy Naryshkin - father (отец)
Царица Natalya Naryshkina - mother (мать)
Великий Герцог Nikolai Naryshkin - twin brother (брат)
Великая Княжна Irina Naryshkina - younger sister (сестра)
Великий Герцог Alexei Naryshkin - younger brother (брат)
Великий Герцог Pyotr Naryshkin - younger brother (брат)



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