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Apenimon Locklear
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Apenimon is a sweet guy who has a big heart that he wears on his sleeve, he believes the best in people and always makes sure to give people a second chance. He knows that everyone has their weaknesses and that it takes a bigger person to not call them out on it, only to help them overcome those weaknesses and become better.

Apenimon himself isn't without those weaknesses, and he is a very closed of individual despite his big heart. He is always giving to others but never wants anyone to give anything to him, and always expects himself to serve others but never wants others to serve him. He doesn't expect anything from anyone, and just hopes that he himself can make the world a better place even if he doesn't stop for himself.

His siblings always get mad at him when he says he forgot to sleep because he was helping a friend, or didn't eat because he was working on a project for someone. But he can't help it, it's in his nature and something his parents taught him. Although, he does have his limits like every person and can't just go-go-go all the time. He does take breaks when he remembers, even if it's 10 minutes to sit and drink some coffee.

Because of his straight forward and go-go-go attitude, Apenimon makes mistakes a lot and sometimes hurts people when he doesn't mean to. He really hates it when people don't come to him with their problems, because it'd be so much easier to fix it if they came to him instead of spouting off to everyone else. It's one of his biggest pet peeves, as communication is very big to him.

All in all, Apenimon is a sweet soul who just wants to make the world a better place. And he's getting to the point where he understands that he can't do it all by himself even though he wants too. He has a hard time giving up responsibility or dishing out the workload, but he's working on that as well.


Apenimon's parents weren't the greatest of human beings, they were lovebirds who had no room for children in their lives when Apenimon came along. They were young and had their whole lives ahead of them, and when Apenimon came along he was just a problem and issue. They only kept Apenimon for one week before they couldn't handle him anymore, the only reason they didn't get rid of him sooner was because of people telling them they should give the baby a chance. Sadly, that didn't last long and Apenimon was literally thrown away in a trash can wrapped up in a blanket.

The trash can he was thrown away in was in front of a simple Native American family's home, and when Hula was taking the trash out in the morning and lifted up the trash can lid he saw baby Apenimon laying on top of the garbage not making any noise. He thought the baby was dead and rushed him inside the home, after a few minutes of discussing what to do they rushed him to the hospital. Thankfully there wasn't anything too wrong with him, just a minor cold from being left in the garbage overnight. They tested him and since he was so little they were able to catch anything that needed attention and let the parents know how old Apenimon was.

The parents ended up adopting Apenimon despite having four children of their own who were all older then Apenimon, but they didn't want to leave the baby to be adopted by a family who wouldn't love him. The Locklear's weren't the richest of families, but they were good people who made ends meet and had big hearts. They named the baby Apenimon and made sure that he would be raised in a safe, loving environment.

Apenimon's childhood was nothing short of happy and fun, being raised in the Locklear family was the best thing that could have happened to him. He never had a single thought that he was adopted, since some of his siblings were light skinned like him and he resembled his adopted father a little bit. The only issue was that Apenimon was a wizard and the Locklear's were pure 100% muggles with no clue about the wizarding world. When Apenimon was 7 he was playing out on the playground at school with his siblings when one of them climbed too high on the jungle gym and lost their grip and fell, causing Apenimon's magic to manifest and he stopped his sibling from crashing into the ground below and possibly breaking something. Only, this caused an uproar as the children were panicking and calling Apenimon a monster while his siblings were terrified of what he did.

Apenimon was confused and scared of himself after and thought his parents wouldn't want him anymore. When they heard what happened, they were just confused and tried to understand what was going on. Thankfully, the Aurors in America were there within the next 24 hours after hearing what happened and how big of an uproar it caused. There was a lot of trouble they had to clean up, but they were able to sit down with Apenimon's parents and talk with them about what Apenimon was and the world they would be exposing themselves to.

Apenimon's parents had a bit of adjustment to the news, but they were able to calm themselves enough to talk with Apenimon and their kids and explain that this would be their life now and that they would support Apenimon as much as they could. Thankfully they also had contact with Aurors and any help they'd need from The Magical Congress of the United States of America. Although, Apenimon's parents didn't tell Apenimon that he was adopted just yet since he was so young and Apenimon didn't have any thought since the Aurors told them that things like this happen all the time.

Apenimon's life was pretty simple and normal from then on until he turned 11 and got a letter for Ilvermorny. This was met with more confusion and his parents once again contacted the MACUSA who were able to help them get Apenimon situated and ready for Ilvermorny. When he left to go to boarding school it was a difficult time for him and his family, and that was the start of his parents debating if they should tell him he was adopted. Apenimon, on the other hand, thrived at Ilvermorny and was able to grow during his first year and loved everything about it, despite having a hard time being away from his family.

At the end of his second year, Apenimon's parents decided to tell Apenimon that he was adopted and everything they knew about his parents which was hardly anything. It was really hard for Apenimon to accept his adoption and that his family wasn't his own, and for two years after that he become depressed and lashed out and couldn't handle it very well. His parents were getting anxious and worried, but something happened during Apenimon's 6th year at Ilvermorny that made him calm down. Even he himself doesn't know what it was, but he was able to come to terms and accept being adopted and that everything would be okay. He chose that the Locklear's were his family, that they were the ones who loved him and the only thing he shared with his biological parents was blood.

Apenimon graduated Ilvermorny with flying colors after that, thriving and growing into a wonderful young adult. He worked with his father as a contractor after graduation before he was hired on for an internship to work with the Aurors, he grew to love the job and wanted to become an Auror badly when he felt he was ready. It wasn't until he turned 22 that he had the urge to move to England to be in the heart of the wizarding community and see what he could do.

Despite it being hard to move to a new country and culture, Apenimon is adjusting better then he thought he would. He hopes to be able to find something he loves, while at the same time maybe trying to find that special someone to love as well.

"Die with memories, not dreams."
"Be selective with your battles, sometimes peace is better than being right."


Apenimon 9
Basic Info
Full Name Apenimon Locklear
Nickname Penny, Mon
Birthday August 17th
Age 23
Nationality American
Home New York City, New York
Status Single
Sexuality Heteroflexible
Location London's Wizarding Quarter
Gender Male
Year Graduated
House Thunderbird Alumni
Species Wizard
Family Blood Pure-Blood
Wand Core Phoenix Tail Feather
Wand Wood Black Walnut
Wand Arm Left
Boggart Biological Parents
Patronus Crow
Model Brock O Hurn
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'6"
Voice Bass with slight Tenor
Body Style Muscular
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders Anxiety, abandonment issues
Physical Disorders N/A
Ethnicity Caucasian
"Wherever you are, be all there."
Fam & Gen
Mother Makya Locklear
Father Hula Locklear
Brother(s) Ahanu, Hiawatha
Sister(s) Mansi, Tala
Cousin(s) Too many to count
Aunt(s) Too many to count
Uncle(s) Too many to count
Niece(s) Peta Williams
Nephew(s) Dakota Black
Character Flaw Anxiety issues and self-confidence
Fear/Phobias Abandonment, needles, spiders
Personal Motto "Be the type of person you want to meet."
First Reaction to Crisis Shuts up and has to think before acting
Faces Their Problems Slow and cautious
React to Change Welcoming
Native Language English, Mohawk
Hobbies Watching TV, running, sewing, baking, gardening, making organic things
"When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine."


TV, swimming, running, animals, nature, hiking, junk food, singing loudly, showers


Spiders, needles, bullies, wrinkled clothes, stink, sticky things

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