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April Lash
1st Year

(This Character Belongs to TemptingTemptress)

Other names
Important facts
Gender Female
Age 11
Family Family of Lash---
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Height 5 ft 11
Blood Pure-Blood
Wand Cherry, Phoenix Tail Feather, 12 1/2 inches
Home Hogwarts
Wand Arm Right

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About April Lash


April was given birth to by Purebloods Jane Lash and John Lash who treated her like any child but normally ignored her because of business. One day John was in an accident and had to stay in St Mungo's because of his critical injuries so April's father was gone for most of her childhood and so she grew up mostly without a father figure in her life.

April is a studious girl who tends to give in homework really early and has an attitude towards people who stop her from getting a good mark.