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The symptoms are beginning to manifest now. Ariella Ingolfsson is suffering from your typical flu feelings - a few coughs and sniffles, and generally feeling under the weather. Although, there are some more serious ones appearing: dizziness, fainting, an almost constant sore throat, and just what is this rash around their neck?

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Aríella Ragnheiður Ingolfsson

Full Name Aríella Ragnheiður Ingolfsson
Nickname Aríella
Basic Info
Birthday December 11th, 2011
Nationality Icelandic
Home Albertson House
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Demi-Heterosexual/Aromantic
Best Friend None
Pets None
Family On The Wiki Hazel Albertson, Priscilla Albertson, Kerri Albertson, Christine Albertson

School/Career Info
House Ravenclaw
Year/Occupation Fifth Year
Titles Ms. Ingolfsson
Optional Classes Taken Healing?
Magical Info
Species Human
Blood Status Pure-blood
Wand Core Phoenix Tail Feather
Wand Wood Apple
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Patronus (will be) Polar Bear

Model Hanna Koczewska
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Length/Style Long and wavy
Eye Colour Blue
Skin Colour Light
Clothing Style Stylish
Other Info About Looks
Aríella secretly enjoys looking good, for her own pleasure. She is tall, 5'7, for her age.

Colour Light Blue
Music Icelandic Folk Music
Food Þorramatur
Sweets Skittles
Animal Polar Bears
Class History of Magic
Season/Weather Winter
Dream Job Doesn't know
Happiest When...
She's with her cousins, or alone in her room.

The Beautiful Icelander

“Language is present in a piece of writing like the sea in a single drop.”

Aríella doesn't think she can be defined, she thinks she's too unique, but that's totally not true. She is very similar to her cousins Priscilla and Alex, being a bit cold and distant. She's not shy, she just prefers being alone and not talking to people. Which is why she just doesn't have a lot of friends. She tries to work as hard as possible, but it gets boring at would rather read in her room or learn a new language. She is quite clever, and multilingual (speaking Icelandic, English, French, Spanish, Latin, Serbian and Russian), which are some of her good qualities. She does have a soft spot for her cousins, and looks up to Priscilla.



Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)

When Aríella was sorted into Ravenclaw, she was pleased. This was where Hazel went, and Alex was in. She knew Alex would help her get used to her new surroundings.


Aríella Ragnheiður Ingolfsson was born on a cold winter day, December 11th, 2011, to Sigríður and Vilhjálmur Ingolfsson, in the Icelandic town of Njarðvík. Her family was financially unstable, but her father made a good amount of money, and that was enough for them. Aríella is an only child, but didn't mind, as an introvert, she found comfort in being in her room alone. She did have a lot of cousins on her mother's side, the Albertsons, who lived in Reykjavík. She doesn't remember much about them, because they moved to England when she was only three years old. She didn't get the chance to meet Christine and Toby, because they weren't born in Iceland, but England. She remembers a few things, though: Hazel was extremely kind, Priscilla was a bit distant, but seemed to like Aríella. Alex was... the same as Priscilla. Jubilee was also really young, so Aríella couldn't really define her.

Aríella liked going to the city Reykjavík, but enjoyed the quietness of her own home. When it was. Her parents often argued, though. More than often. A few times a day. Which is basically how Aríella got her independence. She went to school, but didn't really have that many friends, because she enjoyed spending her time alone. Back to her home life. Her parents finally realized they barely had anything in common, and they ended up divorcing when Aríella was eight years old. Which was not the best idea in the world. Because Aríella's family was stable, but that was only because her father made enough money. So Aríella was left with low income.

She was later accepted into the Icelandic School of Magic. She was miserable, and didn't have a lot of friends. Her first year was really bad. She went home for Christmas, and didn't like coming back. Her second year was just as bad. Her third year was a bit better, because she had one friend, and by the time it was her fourth year, she had three friends. She came back home in the summer to some fairly decent news: her mother's sister, Danielle, offered to have them live in her home. That meant Aríella would see her cousins after about thirteen years. She wasn't sure how that was going to be, especially when she knew she'd go to a new magic school, Hogwarts.

Aríella started Hogwarts at 15, at her fifth year.



Aríella is multilingual, which is a very good skill. She speaks Icelandic, English, French, Spanish, Latin, Serbian and Russian. She wants to learn more, but she doesn't have all that independence anymore...

She is quite smart, and is above average.


Aríella is an only child, and it remain like that forever.

Hazel (Cousin)


Priscilla (Cousin)


Kerri (Cousin)


Alex (Cousin)


Jubilee (Cousin)


Christine (Cousin)


Toby (Cousin)


Aríella is demi-heterosexual/aromantic, and single.


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