Ariana is the younger sister of the twins Arthur and Alden Attaway. She was rather a tomboy when that was the only way to keep up, but about eighteen months ago she tried to defend Alden from a bully and was completely blown away when he told her, in so many words, that he didn't need her protection. She retreated into her shell, and the personality that re-emerged is a strange one. Ariana has confused her parents and brothers alike by her inconsistency, her constant championing of whatever (in the moment) is the minority view, and her willingness to switch sides in an instant if the proportions change. Her parents are often frustrated by this, but because Dad keeps claiming "It's just a phase", Mum doesn't have the support she needs to tackle the situation head-on. Ariana is not inclined to do anything she can't see the point of, and has sat in the corner through endless hours of P.E. in the local junior school, apparently to prove some kind of point. She is physically capable, tall and strong for her age, but rejects the idea of exercise for its own sake. Ariana harbours a certain immediate bitterness towards Alden in particular, but there is unquestionably a foundation of twisted love to that constant simmering ire. She believes that the twins have, between them, hogged the available range of positions in the family, and therefore the only role left is - other. Ariana feels magic is in essence the counterbalance force of nature to the Muggle population boom and science, and therefore a true wand wielder should always champion the overlooked side of the equation. She also sees no reason why being able to do magic stops you hitting someone, repeatedly if possible, with the nearest heavy object when they endanger or threaten you.

Ari made a friend at Hogwarts (just the one, no cause to go overboard), and spending time with Clara Davidson has changed her in innumerable, indescribable ways.

Ari has a room which she never shares, above all with her brothers, and sliding out through the crack to deal with - whatever it is, is her eternal MO. Her parents, fortunately, have thus far managed to keep their concerns about her post-Hogwarts "drift" to themselves.


Ariana is - unpredictable. It is her self-assigned, defining characteristic. She will on occasion be momentarily predictable, just to keep the streak intact. She needs to see a reason to be talked into doing something, and her parents have discovered 'because I say so' no longer works. Ariana feels passionately about many things, the environment, her family, the offside rule in football, but is entirely capable of taking and arguing a contrary position well, purely on principle, because the present majority favours her own intrinsic inclination. She believes that all ideas should be challenged, which when it includes, for example, gravity, makes her a considerable danger to herself and others.


Wikia DARP - Ariana at 9
Wikia DARP - Wrathful Ariana (age 9)
Wikia DARP - Ariana at 14
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