my name is
arlo ontario park.
i am
in love.
so, to write his personality, i found a sims 4 traits generator, and i generated traits. here are the results.
  • creative
  • childish
  • goofball
that would never meet any type of requirements ever. unless we're playing the sims, so i'll elaborate.
  • creative
    • always imagining
    • wants to do just about everything under the sun
    • gets inspired super easily
    • becomes upset when he can't correctly portray his ideas
    • naturally he gets upset a lot
    • see, he kind of sucks at everything he does
    • gives up easily
    • doesn't know what he wants to do, he really just seems to want to do everything he can
    • pretty noncommittal as a result
    • he'll jump from one thing to the next
    • isn't really a following plans type of a person
    • he's very good at improvising though
    • you can throw just about anything at him and he'll roll with it
    • makes it almost impossible to stress him out
  • childish
    • considering the type of characters i write, this is probably an act
    • but for the sake of the integrity of arlo who literally only belongs in hufflepuff because all the other houses would crush his soul, we'll pretend it isn't
    • he's not childish in the petty, tantrum type of the way
    • it's just everything he does is filled with like child-like wonder because the world of magic is so new to him, even after five years of going to hogwarts
    • like everytime he comes back to hogwarts, he's just so excited because he gets to be apart of this world
    • is always paying attention in class and is fascinated by literally the dumbest of things
    • i guarantee you he is the only person not napping in history of magic
    • when he got his wand, he used to carry it around in a protective case (kind of like an instrument case) because he was so scared he'd break it and wouldn't be able to do magic anymore
    • magic is probably the only thing he's legitimately good at
    • like for all the things he sucks at, he's a natural at magic, it's ridiculous
    • always the first to grasp a spell or a concept
    • so very naive
    • honestly, you could tell him that wizards control the moon and the sun and he'd believe you
    • his common sense = nonexistent
    • context clues? where? this stranger is obviously just trying to give me candy :)
  • goofball
    • he got jokes, bois
    • always laughing at something, half the sounds that come out of his mouth are highkey just laughter
    • makes terrible puns oml
    • likes making other people laugh and smile
    • soft little sunshine child, all he wants is to make you laugh
    • laugh for him you coward
    • if he wasn't so focused in class all the time, could probably contest for class clown
    • tbh he's the type of person to tell a joke without knowing the context
    • yeah he just told you a dirty joke but it's not because he's flirting with you, it's because he thinks it'll make you laugh
    • remember, he's naive, he doesn't really comprehend that stuff
    • the only thing he's good for is cheering people up and doing your charms homework for you
sksksk, not as tragic as usual but still tragic.
  • arlo was living the dream for about five years
  • he and his parents lived out in the english countryside where it was nice and peaceful and the days where they actually got sunlight, it was wonderful outside
  • honestly, all a five year old could ask for
  • he was and definitely still is an outdoors type of person
  • anyway life is going great and all and—
  • did i mention the parents are muggles? the parents are muggles
  • so they have no idea about wizarding stuff
  • like werewolves
  • werewolves exist
  • and sometimes they loose control and they wander and you know, maul people
  • bet you can guess what happened to arlo's parents :)
  • so arlo's an orphan now
  • the old days are over, and arlo has been yeeted to a foster care center in muggle london
  • naturally you can assume he's not loving it when he's been yeeted from everything he's ever loved and known
  • so naturally, it takes a few years to settle in
  • montage time
  • you know, up until this point, as far as anyone else was concerned, arlo was a normal seven-year-old boy who lived in foster care and went to primary school and did normal seven-year-old kid stuff
  • which is cool and all except that he's not
  • and his first sign of magic is here to let him know it
  • at the birthday party of one of the other kids, they're all gathering around the cake to sing so the kid can blow out his candles
  • arlo is prone to... nightmares and has a extreme fear of the dark
  • even dim lights can trigger his panic
  • so naturally you can imagine how much he freaked out when they turned off the lights for the kid to blow out his candles
  • up until that point, arlo always slept with the lights on, and the staff at the foster care let him, knowing his condition
  • but i guess whoever was working there lowkey forgot arlo is deathly afraid of the dark
  • the candles go out before the kid can even take a breath and the lights start flickering like rapidly
  • and at this point, the staff are super freaked out bc wth that's not supposed to happen, pennywise is that you
  • it's over like like 5 seconds
  • but after that, the staff make sure to check the light bulbs at every birthday party they have
  • honestly at some point, they just stopped turning off the lights to sing
  • good idea
  • arlo, who had no idea that he was doing it, was still freaked out, but he eventually mellowed out, and learned to avoid the blowing out candles portion of the birthday party for his own good
  • but you know, something special happens
  • arlo gets his letter to hogwarts!!!
  • there's only one problem
  • arlo has no idea what hogwarts is
  • and all the staff at the foster care are a bunch of muggles who can't know anything about this
  • long story short, some fancy schmancy people, come in, transfer him to lil bundles, all is good, all is well and he goes to hogwarts
  • i mean yeah he lives in lil bundles now
  • but he highkey still does not comprehend he is wizard
  • 10/10
  • that's the end
his model is lee seoho
his birthday is april 20th
he's in sixth year.
arlo is bi.
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