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The Moon Warrior.

Artemis Diana Olympian
Olympian Family
Fifth Year Slytherin
Blood Status
rped by Merisa

Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo Olympian. She is currently a Slytherin fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Model: Miley Cyrus

Zephrys Olympian and Harriet Foster, two seventh years at Hogwarts, and a couple, were just your ordiniary couple. Working through school and post-school stuff, they however came to the topic of engagement. Zephrys quickly proposed to Harriet after graduation and they married.

However, during her first pregnancy, Harriet and Zephrys quickly encountered a problem that would eventually prevent Harriet from anymore natural births and the young couple turned to adoption to fulfill their growing needs for children.

On June 6th, in a little town off of the east coast, a muggle couple was expecting their first child, however, much to their surprise, it wasn't one, but two! Fraternal twins, not what they were expecting. Apollo was the first one born and got his name from the gods of the sun, while his twin sister was named after the goddesses of the moon.

However, tragedy would soon strike the family. Artemis' birth was too hard on their mother and she died after Artemis emerged. This would shape the twins' first six years of life. Their father would turn to drink and abuse to cover his losses.

Of course, Apollo would throw himself in front of little Artemis to protect her. Which landed him in the hospital one day. Artemis cried during those times. Even more so when he was in the hospital. She was powerless to help him. All she could do was watch. And to her, that was the worst kind of abuse. One day, social services stopped by their house after reports of "a huge racket" and "yelling and sometimes the sound of glass shattering". They found the six-year old twins sitting by each other, Apollo heavily bruised and Artemis crying as she tried to help him. The children were whisked away and put into an orphanage.

That is how Zephrys and Harriet Olympian found them. They took them home and officially adopted them. Artemis threw herself into archery. She was never going to be defenseless again. One day, while she was practicing, she forgot to bring the arrows out of her room. They then zoomed to her side, causing her to freak out. She told Zephrys and Harriet about it. They told explained that it was magic. She was extremely proud of herself. She soon told her brother that she too would be attending Hogwarts with him.

She was soon sorted into Slytherin then she immediately spent her time studying. Maybe in her fifth year things'll be different for her?

Artemis is a headstrong, observant girl. She observes everyone and everything around her. She will not back down from her beliefs and can be considered 'stubborn'. Artemis holds grudges very easily (would you blame her?). She hates being defenseless and has dedicated her school life to learning all of the defensive and offensive spells that she can. She smart as well, which is to be expected due to her ambition. She can come off as cold when you first meet her, however, if you get to know her more, you'll find a fun personality. She loves the outdoors. A lot. Artemis would be considered as an introvert due to her spending time by herself a lot.


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