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Tutsville Tornadoes Manager.

Arthur E. Schmidt
39 (Born February 20th, 1998)
Blood Status
Human Wizard
This Character is Role-played by Lissyboo

Arthur Schmidt is the patriarch of the Schmidt family. A famous Quidditch Player, now a manager for the Tutshill Tornadoes. He is getting his life together. For his family.



Arthur Euan Schmidt was born eight minutes before his twin brother, Aeron Schmidt, on February 20. Both boys were born into a well-known family. His father was the ex-keeper of the Heidelberg Harriers, meanwhile his mum was an ex-beater of the Holyhead Harpies. They'd met before a match between the Harpies and the Harriers. An attraction had grown between them, and eventually, that attraction led to something stronger. His father, Derrick, asked Ansel's mum, Emily, out. The pair went on a few dates during their time off, and slowly, that strong feeling was decoded as love. After two years of dating, the pair broke it off. It had been Derrick's fault, really. After winning one of the most important matches he'd ever played, Derrick had gotten heavily drunk. It was somewhat odd, since he hadn't gotten that drunk since before he met Emily, as she didn't like it when he got drunk. One of the team's supposedly biggest fans noticed this, and approached the drunk quidditch player. She'd seduced him, and thinking it was Emily, Derrick took her to his place, where Emily had been waiting for him. Emily was basically destroyed to the point where she didn't let him explain and simply left. After that, she became much colder and released every single one of her emotions out in her matches.

She wasn't the only one suffering. Derrick could barely even focus during his matches and that almost cost him his career. His career did continue to live on thanks to his teammates. They knew he had the potential to lead them to the World Cup (which, as much as Derrick tried, he couldn't do it). Anyways, they banded up with the Holyhead Harpies (excluding Emily), and made a plan. They'd make him say the truth, and secretly record him. They'd pass the video on to the Harpies, and they'd make sure she saw it. Fortunately, the plan worked.

Derrick and Emily had a long conversation about what had truly happened, and Emily eventually forgave him, though he'd have to earn her trust again. Derrick didn't give it another thought and accepted. After a long year and a half of trying, Derrick finally got back together with Emily. After three more years, the pair got engaged. One more passed before they'd gotten married.

Their first child was Arthur Schmidt, quickly followed by Aeron. A year later, their next child was born as Lena Schmidt. Her birth was in Wales, unlike her siblings, as that's where Derrick and Emily had been living at the time. Another year passed, and Derrick and Emily were back in Germany. That year Ansel was born. After Ansel, Derrick and Emily had Boyce and Edmund. Boyce and Edmund were the two other kids born in Wales, during one of the many trips the family held. No, they weren't twins, but they were both born during trips to Wales. It wasn't long after when they had their last kids, Blake and Sadie. Growing up, Arther was closes to his brother Aeron, though he hung out with Ansel a lot when Arthur was busy.plea for an absence of the heat. Scared, confused, and angry that his brother had to suffer, Aeron made it start snowing in Arthur's room, eventually creating Arthur knew of Magic before he had shown his first sign of magic- Because Aeron had told him. Though he had thought Aeron was spewing out his imagination, he asked his parents, who confirmed it. He showed his magic a year later, when he was eight, and he was setting up a prank with his brothers, Aeron and Ansel, and it didn't set off- And then after a small bit of complaining, he slammed his fist down, and the prank went off-- Covering their younger sister in paint. He was pleasantly surprised- So was Aeron and Ansel.

Not even a full year had passed when Derrick thought it was time to teach them how to play Quidditch, as he wanted them to follow his path. Derrick couldn't be happier when he saw his four oldest kids could play it pretty well for their age. Aeron and Arthur often took the positions of beaters whenever they played, Lena and Emily were the chasers, Derrick played as keeper, and Ansel as seeker. They would all practice together, until Arthur and Aeron left for EESM, and then were followed by the rest of their siblings when they were old enough. Arthur was sorted into Vorobyov upon his arrival at EESM. Arthur and Aeron both made it into the quidditch team for their house as beaters in their second year. Throughout Aeron's time at EESM, he prospered as Quidditch player, Though not as well as his Brother, as Aeron split his attention between his studies and his hobby. Unlike his brother, at his last year, knowing agents for certain quidditch teams would be there, he focused a little more on his athletics. Combined with his dedication and his grades, the Tutshill tornadoes took interest in him, and he was offered to be on their team. Arthur accepted happily, and had been playing with them for a couple of years, then the Magpies. then his father died, and his mother killed herself... Their entire family was torn apart. So, Arthur escaped. He married someone, and had continued his career in a much less spotlight-way. He now manages the Tutshill Tornadoes.

Not long after, he reconnected with an old Quidditch mate, Daria Chakarova. The two went on a date and soon married. The two had then gotten pregnant, first with Adrian, then with Mila. After the rest of his family began popping up around England, Arthur decided to move them back.

Organized as a person, he's a reliable person, very responsible, and very friendly. He's also very determined, and will give everything his best. He's seen as the "Mature" twin brother between him and Aeron, but he doesn't see either of them as mature nor immature. He has a fun side, and if he decides to indulge that side, he can really have some fun. He's usually the one in the team who plays the pranks, and offers to pay for the drinks after they win a game. He's a team player, and loyal to his friends, though he's more loyal to his family. Unless they're on the opposing team. He can be shy in front of a camera, so to speak. He doesn't like publicity, and prefers to let others have the glory so they can be the ones to embarrass them in front of the camera. Though, when with his team or family, he's more comfortable.


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