Birthday 3rd september
Age 14
Status alive
Pronunciation AW-thur Sh-mit
Family father; mother; aunt; the schmidts
Handedness right
Gender male
Orientation straight
Relationship single
Nationality english-german
Speaks english; german
Species human; wizard
Blood Status pureblood
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 5'10"
Model naleye dolmans

It's quite striking just how perfectly alike Arthur looks like both of his parents; whilst most people favour one, he is an exact fifty-fifty mix, as if made in a lab. The slenderness and quickness and curly auburn hair he owes to his mother, whilst the dark eyes and tall frame and smattering of freckles across his nose are taken straight from his dad. Despite being a typical rich kid, his fashion doesn't stray into anything particularly pretentious - just jeans, a baggy shirt and more often than not a bandana across his forehead, to pull his hair from his eyes.
Life can be difficult for a kid when they're born straight into the limelight. Wish the same could be said for Arthur. The son of one of the most famous Quidditch players in the world (whether his fame is actually from Quidditch or, y'know, faking his death), Arthur was immediately thrust into the spotlight of pretty much every magazine the wizarding press had to offer - until his mother stepped in and quite rightly said that so much attention and fame as a child would ruin him for life. Whether she stepped in early enough... well, that's another question.

Arthur doesn't remember the vast majority of his childhood as it was such a whirlwind. Between the camera flashes and the planes and the odd super-fan breaking into the house at night, nothing was ever boring, nor was Arthur particularly shielded from it all. Rhian, his mother, tried her best; however, his father saw the good side of acclimatising his son to public attention, as he would likely face it his entire life, and thus Arthur grew up forever learning how to put on a show. He was nowhere near as famous as the original Schmidt family, and maybe that was a blessing - it gave him more time to practice what was destined to become his calling in life: Quidditch. It's in his blood. His father's natural talent was in no way lost on his son; quite the opposite, as Arthur knew how to fly a broom long before he could ride a bike or pop a skateboard. He's not quite as good as his dad yet, but give him time. He'll get there. In fact, Quidditch was so important to Aeron (and thus, by proxy, Arthur) that magic barely registered in Arthur's life. That is, until, he was six years old and having a bit of a strop and managed to crack one of the windows in his bedroom just by clenching his fist. It disturbed him a little (and his mother moreso), but mostly it was just cool.

One thing his father didn't want for him was to endure Durmstrang, as even as a young boy Arthur's softness was apparent, and so at ten years old he was sent to live over with his Aunt Lena in England and enroll into Hogwarts. He loved his aunt - she was more like a cool older sister than anything, and although he missed his parents (they had to stay in Germany for Aeron's career), growing up in London wasn't too bad. There was a thriving Quidditch community, and there's always something to do. He goes back to Germany in the holidays, and receives letters from his parents every week, but it still sometimes feels just a little bit empty.
Arthur is pretty much the definition of laid-back. Some would even call him careless. He's a young kid, he's not prepared to have any responsibilities that aren't his family or Quidditch, and that manifests itself as a wild streak and a thirst for adventure and adrenaline, so don't be surprised when you find him miles into the Forbidden Forest or doing backflips on the ledge of the Astronomy Tower. Years of being forced to conform in front of cameras and act like a perfect child to protect the family name (not that there's much left) means his true childhood starts now, left alone in a huge castle with secret doors. His mischief alone is enough to make both his and your life extremely more interesting, so if when Arthur sits next to you with no invitation and starts telling you his life story, just know he's doing you a favour. He's much more interesting than you.

Naturally, he's a rich kid with an attitude problem. His ego is big and his desire for attention is bigger. But alongside that, he just genuinely wants to have friends, and be cared about. He might be laid-back but he is nothing if not reliable; when he's earned somebody's trust he doesn't break it easily. His immaturity is merely what he wants to be - care-free, wild, not tied down - but his heart is truly good. It just takes a bit of digging to see.

He's also, quite shamelessly, a walking pick-up line. Naturally charismatic, Arthur can talk his way out of a locked room and always has to have the last word in a conversation. He'll shower you in compliments to stop you from leaving, regardless of whether or not he means them, and it's rare to hear him be truly genuine unless he knows you well enough. Sucking up to people is the easy way to get through life, he's learned, and so that's the way he intends to go. God forbid he meets someone who makes him get in touch with some real feelings for once.
Arthur loves his dad but also somewhat resents him, for how often Aeron puts his career before his child. At least, that's how it feels to Arthur. So much of his personality is what he's learned from Aeron, from the charisma to the talent to the non-stop energy, and he is forever trying to make him proud with his Quidditch skills. But with his mum? He's a complete mummy's boy. He knows he can rely on his mother for genuine support. She's not the most emotionally-open, but every time he's disappointed his dad, he knows he can go to her for a hug.
Oh, Agatha's awesome. A fellow Flootuber, Arthur was subscribed to her long before they met, and she's just as awesome in person. She matches his hyper, crackhead energy, so they were destined to become friends in Arthur's opinion. It's fate.
He's not quite sure what happened with Felton, but it wasn't great. Maybe the kid's just shy.
Bexley is so cool! And smart! And they summoned a demon together in the Shrieking Shack, which is like, nuts. They haven't seen much of each other since, but it's not something Arthur will forget anytime soon.
They only met briefly, in which Arthur nearly got flattened by the Whomping Willow, but Kendrick seems nice!

Boggart dying
Amortentia strawberry milkshake; freshly-cut grass; baking brownies
Patronus owl
Interests potions; quidditch; muggle music
Pet Peeve stupid people
Habits biting his nails; forgetting where he left things
Star Sign virgo
Dreams/Goals play in the quidditch world cup
Color red
Song watermelon sugar
Show daredevil
Movie the dark knight
Book lol what's a book
Food brownie batter
Drink milk

he's named after his uncle, his father's twin
he's a shameless harry styles stan
he's a witchagram celebrity, of course
his german is terrible but it doesn't stop him speaking it everywhere he goes
he has a soft spot for rom-coms but he'll never admit it
he really really wants a pet cat but he's ridiculously allergic
he owns this jumper
his most proudest moment is eating an entire jar of peanut butter by himself with a spoon
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