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Arthur Rubeus Wood
Head of International Magical Cooperation
This Character Belongs to Livi en Rose
“You're born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts.”
Arthur Wood
Arthur Wood Infobox
Vital Information
Age 37
Birthday 28th October
Race Wizard
Blood Half-Blood
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Height 6'0
Other Information
House Gryffindor
Year Graduated
Wand big if you know what i mean
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Patronus ???
Boggart Death Of His Children
Family Ada Wood (wife) †
Caroline Wood (daughter)
Christopher Wood (son)
Theodore Wood (son)
Daisy Wood (daughter)
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Arthur Rubeus Wood is an English Half-Blood wizard. He is the current Head of International Magical Cooperation.


Arthur Wood was born on October 28th in Coventry to Rebecca and Theodore Wood. The pair were Hogwarts sweethearts, having been in the same year and house. They had gotten married right after graduation, and has moved to Coventry to settle down. Arthur came the year after, and later James and Patrick would join the family. Rebecca was initially a stay-at-home mother, but soon started up a owl-order soapmaking business on the side. Theodore decided to join the Ministry, and was placed in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

Arthur's childhood was happy and comfortable. As the eldest brother, he was the leader in his, James, and Patrick's shenanigans. When he wasn't goofing around, Arthur was known to curl up with a good book or help his mother in making and preparing soap. His neighborhood was a hidden magical one, and so Arthur grew up with other magical kids of his age. He was six when he had his first sign of magic, which had his mother finding him with books floating up in the air. His magic manifested itself several times before he went to Hogwarts, signaling his great affinity for magic.

At the age of 11, Arthur received his letter to Hogwarts and subsequently began attending Hogwarts. He quickly showed a talent for both Transfiguration and for learning languages. He was a top student, and excelled in most everything magic. Arthur was a shy boy with a kind heart, and found himself easily liked by professors. He made many close friends and found himself a place in many clubs. Naturally, when the time came he was made a prefect. They were both in the same year and knew of each other but weren't close at all. By the end of the year, they had started a relationship. With Ada coming from a notorious family obsessed with blood purity, the two had to keep their relationship a secret. By the time he had graduated, Arthur had several Os in OWLs and NEWTs, was fluent in nine languages, and was generally the best student to ever grace Hogwarts.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Arthur decided to follow his father into the Ministry. At first His love and mastery of languages alongside his top-notch diplomacy skills made him an easy fit at the Department of International Magical Cooperation. He quickly began moving up the ranks. Meanwhile, Ada had broken up with him in a decision mainly influenced by wanting to please her parents. The separation did not last long, and eventually the pair eloped at the age of nineteen. Their daughter Caroline was born, and the years after came Christopher, Theodore, and Daisy.

Ada began complaining of light aches and pains soon after their youngest Daisy was born. Eventually, in 2040, Ada died. Arthur was left alone in the world to raise his children, and he took a year-long break from the ministry in order to focus on them.

By 2045, Arthur had been promoted to be the Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. His social life has mostly disappeared since, too focused on running the department and juggling his work and familial duties. He's seen off his oldest three children to Hogwarts, and . It's been a long seven years since Ada has died, and Arthur has found himself blushing at moments. With work crushes having happened here and there, and a desire to find something again, he's been planning on getting himself out there again.


Arthur presents himself as a calm, collected individual who seems rather no-nonsense. He has a tendency to conceal his emotions and prefers to stay serious while at work. Arthur has the mentality that work and home are two separate places and so, his personality reflects that. He's all work and no play, and seemingly always busy with something. Focused and direct, he's very hard-working and has natural leadership abilities. His demeanor can unintentionally make him humorous to others, and sometimes you see a rare glimpse of personality. Despite being intimidating, Arthur is quick to help, understanding when others makes mistakes, and always willing to hear someone out He can be blunt and very straightforward, but never demeaning. He's a perfectionist and has a certain philosophy, but he's not one to enforce it on others. Honestly, despite everything he can be really easy to talk to and most people get comfortable with him after awhile.

He's always been rather quiet and introverted, but this only worsened after the death of his wife. After she passed, Arthur retreated more into his shell. His children are the only people nowadays that are able to bring out his softer side. The only place he can allow himself to relax is at home. There, he's more caring and gentle. He's quick to smile and laugh, and is much more carefree than anyone at the office has ever seen. Although he doesn't really show it, Arthur has a big heart and really cares for the people around him. He has a 'dorky' side to him, and gets easily animated when talking about his interests.


Arthur's model is Thomas Gibson. He stands at six foot, has dark hair and blue eyes, and is relatively clean and put-together. He prefers to be clean-shaven as well, and dresses simply outside the business robes he wears. He still wears his wedding ring.


Mother Rebecca Fawcett
Father Theodore Wood
Siblings James & Patrick
Children Caroline, Christopher, Theodore & Daisy


Favorite Colour Navy Blue
Favorite Song Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift
Favorite Spell Summoning Charm
Hobbies Reading, Soapmaking
Immediate Goals Being A Good Father, Running His Department
Long Term Goals Raise His Children
  • Arthur is skilled at soapmaking, and to receive a handmade soap from him means that he thinks well of you. He takes the time to figure out one's preferred scent before giving one out.
  • He prefers his tea with milk and one sugar cube.