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Asher Ryan Fielding

1st Year - Gryffindor
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Asher Ryan Fielding was born October 30 to his mother, Annabelle, in Hogsmeade. Ash has never known his father and has always wanted to meet him although he believes he never will. He grew up in Hogsmeade with his mother and dear friend (squib) Alex. Together they shared adventures and learned new things. Ash is currently attending Hogwarts in Gryffindor house of his first year.


Asher (Ash) Fielding was born in Hogsmeade on October 30. Asher was raised by his mother, Annabelle, his father was not in the picture. Whenever Ash would ask what happened to him, where he went, why he'd never seen him, his mother always told him it was not important or that he just wasn't ready for a child. Ash has always wanted to know what his father was like, but never has.

Asher's mother was a half-blood, and was a waitress at The Three Broomsticks. Ash spent a lot of time there with his mum. He played cards with some other customer's that came in daily. Many of them liked Ash, he was a funny little kid. He also got to play with other children that lived in Hogsmeade. There weren't many, but he had one friend who lived next door. His name was Alex.

Alex was a squib, as Ash's mom explained to him. He couldn't do magic, and he wouldn't get to go to Hogwarts someday like Ash would. This didn't stop Ash from playing with Alex. They'd swing on the swings in Alex's backyard, pretend one of them was a dementor and chase after the other, and when the boys were seven, Alex's father bought the two boys broomsticks. They were small models, made for children like them. Soon, they learned how to fly, and chased eacother around Hogsmeade. They had plenty of fun.

When it was time for Ash to go to Hogwarts, they were both disappointed. Ash wanted Alex to be able to go to Hogwarts with him, but he knew that he couldn't. Ash told Alex he'd write to him, and tell him all about it. Asher is currently at Hogwarts in Gryffindor house.


Asher likes to have fun and go on adventures. He is easily sidetracked and very energetic. He's very caring and kind-hearted. His mother always taught him to be respectful of other people's qualities. Ash is a good friend who hates to let people down. He's brave and helpful. Despite his friendliness and care, Ash does have a temper to him. If he gets angry enough, he'll snap, and turn into a rage monster. He also lies frequently to try and get things to go his way. He loves spending time with friends and having fun.

Basic Info

Full Name Asher Ryan Fielding
Born October 30
Age 12
Gender Male
Species Wizard
Current Location Hogwarts
Schooling Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Current Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Nationality UK (Scotland)
Sexuality Female
Accent Scottish


Vices Lying
Bad Habits Staying up late
Quirks N/A
Attitude Happy - Optimistic
Special Talents Skilled on a broom
Social Skills Very social - Funny

Personal Info

Most at Ease When? Riding his broom
Main Priorities Have fun!
Personal Motto "'"There's no time like the present"'"
Past Failures N/A
Biggest Accomplishment N/A
Darkest Secret? N/A
Secret Known by Anyone? N/A
Personal Tragedy He's never met his father
One Wish Know who his father is

Other Info

Nicknames Ash - Ashy
Boggart Snakes
Hobbies Flying
Most Admires Albus Dumbledore
Most Influenced by Friends
Faces their Problems Split decisions
Reacts to Change Easily
Dream Job Undecided
Current Job N/A




Model Aramis Knight [1]
Gender Male
Hair Type Short - Wavy
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Ethnicity Scottish - Italian
Skin Complexion Lightly Dark
Height 5 feet
Weight 93 lbs
Body Shape Thin - Tall - Bold
Voice Average
Distinguishing Marks A scar line going from the center of his neck to his left collar bone