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Ashlie Tinker
Ash-lie Tin-ker
Vital statistics
Title Cursed Soul
Gender Female
Age Unkown
Height 5.4
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Brown
Race Witch, Vampire
House Slytherin
Year N/A
Wand A hybrid of Oak and Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 11' inch
Wand Arm Left
Family Unknown
Affiliation(s) Self

About Ashlie...

Ashlie came from a hard family. No one help eachother and everyone kept to them selves. So Ashlie had to grow up on her own because no one would assist her through life. But at a young age she was left to fend for herself as her parents left her.

After her abondonment Ashlie felt insecure about trusting other people. She was forced to make her home in a old damp orphanage with all the other ditry muggle children. One of Ashlies parents was a Vampire and not knowing any of her family she is unsure who. She solemnly makes friends and prefers to keep to her self. She also has a negative perspective on life and keeps her 'affliction' a secret.

She joined Hogwarts some time ago and was sorted into Slytherin. While in the school she kept her 'condition' a secret as she didn't want to be an outcast. Here she was bullied for acting differently and early into the 4th year she dropped out. Since when she's being doing small jobs for money for example she's done some spying work Black Parade.

Since the breaking up of this group she's been leaving mostly off her wits in an abandoned appartment just above Knockturn Alley. It's not much of a place; one bedroom with only a couch and peeling walls but she likes it as it's her own place. She's been stealing food from places close by using her sneeking skills and hasn't gone hungry yet.


She hates's living like this but here she doesn't get any hate or harrasment. She's thinking of maybe joining a pack of vampires in North England or even moving back to South Europ where the numbers of vampires are higher than in the UK. Ashlie is a cunning and sneaky person. This may be because of her rough childhood or the fact that she didn't really have someone to look out for her.


  • Not much is known about Ashlie's family and early life.
  • Ashlie's mother was most likely the Vampire.
  • Ashlie's wand is a rare hybrid.



This character has been requested to be preserved by LeGruff.