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AJ Cook Main 1


Birthday 15 October 2017
Age 28
Status Alive
Pronunciation a-spn thawhn
Family Kingston and Duke Thorne (sons)
Eliana and Jack Thorne (sisters)
Handedness Ambidextrous
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality British
Speaks English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish (fluent)
Dutch, Danish, German, Russian (learning)
Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic (conversational)
Species Witch
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'7
Model AJ Cook

Her FC is AJ Cook.
AJ Cook Main 2
TW: Pregnancy loss, emotional abuse

If you ask any of the Thorne sisters, they’ll tell you generally the same thing: their parents were caring and attentive, their sisters are infuriating, and they couldn’t be any more different from each other. All of that is true. Huntley and Dakota were, and continue to be, the kind of parents their kids’ friends adore. They had the fairytale romance; two challenged students at Hogwarts who bonded during their Saturday detentions over all the escape routes the castle had, who fell in love in their seventh year and turned their lives around for the sake of each other, and who do all it takes to keep their love feeling young. Huntley and Dakota are like yin and yang. They’re each other’s balance, and without one, the other ceases to exist.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, they eloped when they were just nineteen at a 24/7 chapel with ring pops. Even though everyone knew how much they cared for each other — especially the professors — they didn’t think their marriage would last. Faced with startling negativity from everyone they were close to, they made the decision to skip town and settle down in the countryside. They didn’t need much and wanted even less, so long as they had each other. So of course, they ended up settling in a farm with an abundance of animals and plants to take care of, and produce to supply to nearby markets.

Aspen Juniper Thorne is the first of four children they were blessed with. There would soon come a point when they’d realize Aspen is the perfect combination of all their best traits. She really was an easy child, even in the dubious “terrible twos”; she loved socializing with their closest neighbors, helping with the farm animals and, when Jack and Eliana were born, helping her mum with the girls. A few years after Eliana’s birth, Huntley and Dakota found out they were expecting a fourth child. Considering they were getting up there in terms of age and fertility, it was quite the surprise, and even more so when they found out they were expecting their dream boy, who they named Oleander.

Sadly, about a month before his due date, Dakota suffered a miscarriage. One moment everything was okay, and the next, the doctors were telling her there was no fetal heartbeat. Labor had to be induced and hours later, her and Huntley’s boy was born. He was beautiful; everything they wanted. But it wasn’t meant to be. This horrible experience was, in part, what pushed the family closer together. The weeks after were horrible; Dakota sank into a depression that not even her husband could pull her out of, and the girls quickly learned to rely on one another to help their mum in the way she deserved.

There on out, Eliana, Jack and Aspen’s relationship was really cemented as a closely-knit one. There weren’t a lot of moments of discord between them, and even when there were, they were quickly resolved, largely due to well-practiced communication skills [that sadly deteriorated over the years, but we digress]. Take for example when Aspen was 11 and received her Hogwarts letter [after dying Jack's hair electric blue at age 10]; Jack was petty and envious, and it resulted in her own magic manifesting, but because their parents were too busy celebrating Aspen’s achievement, they didn’t talk for the next week and a half. There was a bit of a feud until Jack got her own letter, and when it came to light Aspen had been sorted into Ravenclaw, Jack became adamant she didn’t want to be a Ravenclaw.

There was a time where Eliana and Aspen’s relationship was much stronger. Even at Hogwarts, when Eliana was a first year and Aspen was in her fifth, they gravitated towards each other a lot for support. It wasn’t really the same with Jack and Aspen for the first year or so, at which point Aspen, already incredibly sore about her deteriorating relationship with her sister, very publicly yelled at her to give her some love. It was embarrassing, definitely, but she persisted so much that for the simple sake of shutting her up, Jack was readily inclined towards going on the mend with her. After that, the three were as close as they were as kids again.

Then came Vlatko. Honestly, out of all of Aspen’s regrets, Vlatko isn’t one of them, as much as he hurt her between her seventh year and when she was nineteen. Their relationship was very twisted, and he manipulated her into becoming someone she wasn’t. This was the only period of time when Aspen lost herself to the point she resorted to unsavory methods to even feel alive. Petty theft, lying, skipping classes; it was all at the behest of her older, veela boyfriend, and even though Jack and Eliana could see their sister spiraling and tried to help, she refused to listen to reason. As a consequence, she was suspended twice from Hogwarts, both times for two weeks. (Hogwarts really doesn’t like it when you punch the class slut for hitting on your boyfriend, apparently.)

There came a point where Aspen was becoming dangerously unhinged. She performed horribly on her NEWTs and her ambitions of becoming a healer went down the drain as she fell in line with Vlatko’s veela clan. They weren’t the kind of people to live on the right side of the law, and even though Aspen never hurt anyone like they did, refusing to kill or even draw a bit of blood from anyone, she did let them warp her sense of nationalism and manipulate her against everything she once believed in. If you think Eliana and her vampire hunting was bad, you should’ve heard the things Aspen said about most other species.

It didn’t look like things were getting better, either; she got pregnant at nineteen, and it was almost enough to draw her to Russia, where Vlatko’s clan lived. She was so sure it was the right move… until Vlatko up and disappeared. It wouldn’t be until years later that she found out Eliana had killed him. Either way, for the first few months, she lived in denial that he would leave her behind. It was like her world had come crashing down. The effects of his manipulation burned strong, but her developing hate for him eventually won it all out. She returned to her parent’s farm, where she got her life back together as best as she could. She retook her NEWTs thanks to a very understanding Headmaster Chevalier, but the damage had been very lasting and she wasn’t able to secure an internship at St. Mungo’s like she had always dreamt of.

Even though her dreams had basically come crashing because of a teenage mistake, someone that did see something in her and gave her the opportunity she needed was Sarah Grey. A mentor-esque relationship formed between them and, having seen firsthand the things Sarah did for the community as an auror, Aspen felt encouraged to apply for the Auror Department. Being a single, working mum wasn’t easy, but with her parents watching over Kingston and Duke, and with the help of her sisters, Aspen quickly worked her way into the Intelligence Department at half the time it usually took. Here, she really evolved, making a name for herself within the intelligence community as a behavioral analyst. Her success in the Intelligence Department eventually got her promoted into the Hit Wix Division, where she still works today, trying to prove herself as an important asset to the department.

Moving on from the trauma of her youth was difficult. Dating seemed out of the books until the twins were six, but even today, she doesn’t feel like she’s comfortable letting anyone else into her life as quickly as she did Vlatko, if at all. Her priority then is the same as it is now: her sons. They’ve been a guiding star in her life that she’s very thankful for, which is exclusively the only reason she herself hasn’t expressed regret for all the things she did and endured. It was all worth it, if it meant giving her her greatest joys in life.
AJ is smart in the infuriating kind of way. She’s always quite enjoyed puzzles, so it should come to the surprise of exactly nobody that she’s a clever thinker and is quick on her feet. To be fair, it’s what makes her such a good auror. She’s devoted to all she does and, although she once might’ve been one of the most stubborn people out there, has become a lot more receptive of her surroundings. She knows how to adapt when she has to, and by consequence, she’s a lot more laidback than she might originally seem. She isn’t the kind of person to get hung up on smaller details so long as she’s willing to see and fill in the bigger picture.

The only times she really tends to get wound up is when she’s feeling especially protective, which ironically enough tends to manifest as passive aggressiveness… or outright aggressiveness, depending what’s going on. She can be judgmental, too, but listen — she’s trying her best, here. She isn’t good at this whole “relationships” thing, regardless of whether it’s platonic or not. You’re going to have to excuse her deteriorated people skills a little bit.
AJ Cook Main 3
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Boggart Kingston & Duke being abducted
Amortentia Kingston & Duke's body wash, Pine, Roasting chestnuts
Patronus Adder
Wand Black Walnut, Hippogriff Feather, 9"
Interests Quidditch, Animal care, Puzzles, Wine tasting, Trashy romcoms
Pet Peeve Smokers, Lies, Backhanded Compliments
Habits Jumping to conclusions
Star Sign Libra
Dreams/Goals Becoming Head Hit Witch
Color Pastel yellow
Song She, by Harry Styles
Show Unsolved Mysteries
Movie Legally Blonde
Book Murder on the Orient Express
Food Apple pies, Carrot cakes
Drink White wines

she goes by AJ, as she associates Aspen with her ex.
her boggart comes from solving a six year old boy's abduction. the father had him.
her biggest ambition is to make head of law enforcement.
she frequently has nightmares associating her cases to her family.
she's the only thorne sister who isn't a criminal.
her patronus memory is cuddling with her kids while watching tangled with her sisters.
she's a vegetarian!
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