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Used to be scared of dying alone

Now I know there's nothing to be afraid of
I don't wanna waste life waiting around
For weddings and funerals

Despite her young age, Astrid Grindelwald is a talented witch with a nstural skill in a wide variety of subjects. While attending Durmstrang, she excelled in the Dark Arts which led to a fear that subconsciously rooted into her mind that she would turn out to mimick her ancestors before her and somehow fill in the expectation that Gellert had instilled in the populace. So in order to not get branded the wrong way, she often turned her back on her studies and tried to appear less smart than she actually was. That only worked for some long as not being herself only caused mental torment until she fled from that school in order to start at Hogwarts, where the tolerance of the Dark Arts was low and people didn't really know her well. For a spell, she wasn't sure whether she would end up in Slytherin or Ravenclaw as she often fitted the mold for both but ultimately convinced the Sorting Hat into considering Ravenclaw in hopes to eliminate any extra stress when merging into the new school. Based purely on logic and scientific fact, there was times that Astrid tried to avoid tapping into her full power out of fear that the greed to gain more would corrupt her from the inside and fester like a disease. Due to her family name, Astrid had learned to walk on eggshells in life so she grew dangerously close to developing a parasitic magical force known as being an obsurical, simply by trying to repress herself as a witch. Her only saving grace was the love that her family provided throughout her life. While it wasn't always peachy growing up with the constant moving, Astrid still struggles with interpersonal relationships to this day due to her tendency to push people away and isolate herself so that when she had to say goodbye eventually, it would hurt less. The truth is that the pain didn't get any easier, she just got lonelier. Now that she's at Hogwarts and surprised herself by making some friends over the summer before fourth year, she has hope that life is looking up and will become a little less bleak and dull.
During a time before Tom Riddle became the infamously known Dark Lord, another powerful and dangerous dark wizard began a revolution that bloomed under a blood-pact friendship with Albus Dumbledore. The pair fully intended to rid of the International Statute of Secrecy by crafting a hierarchy that subjected muggles to domination and submission through any means necessary. Gellert Grindelwald was an exceptionally bright student at Durmstrang before his expulsion from the school for practicing cruel and unethical experiments and attacks on fellow students, which said a lot considering the school's quite high tolerance of the Dark Arts. Upon meeting Dumbledore in his younger years, their friendship blossomed and together they had started the hunt for all three Deathly Hollows in hopes that it would be the spark to their dreams of a revolution. Sadly at seventeen years of age, Dumbledore and Grindelwald went their separate ways after the tragic death of Albus' sister, Ariana during a vengeful three-way duel with Albus, his brother Aberforth and Gellert. He fled Britain in search of Mykew Gregorovitch, having heard that the wand-maker possessed the Elder Wand and hoped to duplicate its properties and stole it from him before that could be achieved. It was Gellert Grindelwald that discovered that you did not need to murder the host of the wand in order to attain ownership and used the unconventional method of stunning his opponent and thus he became the new wielder of the Elder Wand.

It was during his series of devastating attacks all over Europe that he had an affair with an unknown witch and bore a child in secret. After his arrest, the mother died during child birth and the baby and was given to the next of Grindelwald kin to pass on the family name until eventually they grew and had their own children. A few generations down the line, Maximilian was an intelligent man and the last surviving heir of the Grindelwald fortune. With no other family to call his own, he often secluded himself in a fortress in Austria that had been passed down through the family and had once been Gellert Grindelwald's prison and the place he had died at the hands of Voldemort. During his years of solitude, he found himself infatuated by the servant who had been hired by his father before he had passed. Sophia Lovegood was a striking young woman with light blonde hair and large doe-like brown eyes and Max couldn't help but grow fond of her over the years. In turn, Sophia found herself quite smitten by the Grindelwald heir despite her own father's distaste for him. Gellert had tarnished the once good family name and now all Max was associated with was the stain that his ancestor had left on his surname. The only person in his life who had never turned his nose up at him was Sophia and the two found themselves knee-deep in love for one another.

Ostracized from society and shadowed by a destroyed legacy, the couple did their best to prepare for their child to arrive. Sure enough, Sophie gave birth to a healthy little girl a little bit earlier than excepted and together the pair named her Astrid Grindelwald after thinking long and hard about the future issues that could arise by simply sharing the last name. It all came down to the sacrifice that Astrid had to carry on the Grindelwald name. A lovely child from the beginning, it was only when she was six years old that Max chose to sell their countryside chateau in favor of seeking land somewhere else. For the most of her life after that point, her family often hopped around from country to country in attempt to settle down. When she was merely seven years old, Astrid showed her first signs of magic in a very powerful surge of energy that shook an entire novelty store in France, alarming the muggles into thinking that an earthquake had just occured. Moving on to Italy, Astrid grew increasingly uneasy with all the moving around and started to struggle with making friends out of fear she would have to say goodbye one day.

Eventually, she was enrolled into Durmstrang by the age of eleven just like her father had and many generations before. The high tolerance of the dark arts never sat well with the intelligent blonde haired spitfire and she found herself unsatisfied with her educational arrangements. For nearly three and a half years she had to fight with Max and Sophia for them to even consider transferring her to another school and eventually the option of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry arose, since her mother har once attended there before moving to Austria and meeting her father. For the last half a year at Durmstrang, Astrid really tuned out of her surroundings and socially withdrew from the crowds. She knew full and well that Hogwarts wasn't guaranteed a permanent situation but she hoped for the best from a school she now desired to be in. So when she turned fourteen and the third year officially ended, Astrid was allowed to visit London frequently over the summer in order to get familiar with the area until her parents moved into a mansion in Coral Gates of Lincliff City with the funds made by selling the old chateau in Austria. During this time, she made friends with a few individuals she discovered were also going to be in her year at Hogwarts. The move was delayed a smidgen so Astrid only missed the first couple weeks of fourth year in order to get situated. Now that her family has settled into England and closer to Hogwarts than she could ever imagine, Astrid finally went off to enjoy her first year at a new school.

Basic Trivia
Name astrid mazikeen grindelwald Favorite Color black
Nickname n/a Favorite Music Genre grunge
Age sixteeb Favorite Food french pastries
Birthday may 19th Favorite Animal fairies
Sign taurus Favorite Book dante's inferno
Nationality austrian Favorite Drink earl grey tea
Ethnicity caucasian Favorite Song a little wicked - valerie broussard
Home nurmengard castle, austria Favorite Movie the breakfast club
Status alive Favorite Sweets popping pixie wing dust
Sexuality heterosexual Quirks
Location hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardey Talents magic
Year/Occupation sixth year Skills dark arts magic
House ravenclaw Languages english and austrian
Species wizard Etymology god, beloved dear
Family Blood pure blood Handedness right
Wand Core snakewood Boggart burning alive
Wand Wood basilisk horn Patronus swedish short snout dragon
Physical Relationships
Model emma roberts Mother sophia lovegood
Eye Color green Father maximilian grindelwald
Hair Color blonde Full Siblings n/a
Height 5'5" Half Siblings n/a
Distinguishing Marks n/a Other lovegood lineage
Disorders n/a Children n/a
Mental State stable

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