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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.

Astrid Himmelreich-Sørensen

Wanderlust Incarnate

Astrid Himmelreich-Sørensen is a fifth year Slytherin and metamorphmagus, currently living with her half-sister Alexandrine Himmelreich, and (unfortunately) the majority of the time, Alexandrine's boyfriend Harold Colombo. She's definitely a Durmstrang girl, and she's willing to prove that to the father that ditched her in England with possibly the worst. guardians. ever. (In her opinion.)

Basic Info

Full Name: Astrid Himmelreich-Sørensen
Born: December 24
Age: 15
Status: Alive/Single
Gender: Female
Species: Witch/Metamorphmagus
Nationality: Norwegian/German
Ethnicity: Norwegian
Accent: Norwegian and a slight hint of German
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Orientations: Pansexual, Panromantic
Signature: N/A

Father: Lukas Rybak Sørensen
Mother: Marina Himmelreich
Siblings: "Who the hell knows?"
Relatives: Alexandrine Himmelreich (half-sister, guardian)
Kjetil Rybak (uncle), Emmelie Rybak (cousin)
Family Line of Work: Marina was a model, and Alexandrine is an assassin.
Family Background: The Himmelreich family are pureblood and hailing from Germany.
Most Important Person Before: Herself
Most Important Person Now: Herself

School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Best Core Class: Potions
Worst Core Class: Transfiguration
Electives: Care of Magical Creatures
Quidditch: Beater

Wand Wood: Maple
Wand Core: Phoenix Feather
Wand Length: 10 inches
Pets: She couldn't bring the dog back from Norway, unfortunately.
Animagus/Patronus: None/None
Boggart: Amelia's and Emmelie's death probably, although she'll never admit it.
Amortentia: Pine, wood polish, lapskaus, rain

Occupation: Student
Loyalty: Slytherin
Organizations: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Vices: Competitive
Bad Habits: Risk-taking
Quirks: Sleep-talking
Attitude: Complete and utter adrenaline junkie. She doesn't know how she's not a Gryffindor.
Special Talents: "...Does risking my life count?"
Social Skills: Good

Most At Ease When?: Doing something that gives her a thrill.
Main Priorities: Herself, Amelia
Past Failures: Allowing Lukas to make her leave Durmstrang and Norway.
Darkest Secret: Probably her father's real identity - she lies about him a lot.
Known by Anyone?: No, she'd never tell anyone her darkest secret.



Astrid's faceclaim is Dakota Fanning - she is often told by people who know her sister that they look alike. She takes far more after Marina than Lukas in looks, and she half-believes that's why he sent her to England.

Astrid is a yin-yang of two sides; Marina Himmelreich wasn't exactly the purest heart, and Lukas Rybak Sørensen certainly wasn't. Part of her carries a certain wanderlust to do certain things in life, figure out every single mystery, make sure she's lived and crossed out everything to do on her bucket list. It wouldn't be wrong to call her an adrenaline junkie; she's into living life on the balance, do things she's not meant to do. Yeah, she's not your typical student, and she'd really love to figure out how to get away with murder. One day she'll manage it, she swears. It's not hard to see her sister Alexandrine in Astrid; Astrid thinks she's God's gift to humanity, has a certain wit, and hates almost everyone although she pretends not to. She wouldn't call herself yin or yang, just a little chaotic, and neutral.

Astrid likes to cause a ruckus, and if she doesn't use what her father gave her, what use is it? She likes to think she has a certain affinity for lying and getting people to do what she wants, and it's often she'll do that for enjoyment rather than for her own ends. Her mother was pretty, she got that, and she'll use that as well as her father's intelligence. Sometimes she'll get herself into stickier messes than she started in with her smart mouth, but that's a part of life, and she'll deal with the consequences - if detention is the worst they can do, what's the deterrent? She'll put herself before anyone else, but if you've earned her trust and loyalty, she'll hex someone to high heaven before she lets them touch a hair on your head. It's hard for her to trust you like this, but some of them she'll treat like a sister when she brings you along for the ride, if you can deal with her snarky comments about everything.

Individuality is an important factor in her life, and that's part of how she uses her metamorphmagus abilities. (I use my hair to express myself.) She's a pro at being a teenager (hormones, and all) and she'll be getting out of those robes and into band tees the moment she's allowed. England is warm at most times of year compared to Norway, so she's glad that she can finally do this without freezing her arms off. This also means that it really annoys her when people are complaining that it's cold - it's not, it's mild weather and perhaps a bit of rain. Try living in Scandinavia. Astrid is adamant that she won't change herself, her small circle of friends can deal with her as she is. She can't draw, or write, nor does she have many artistic talents, and she hates academics, but that doesn't make her any less valuable.

She won't work hard, she needs something that engages her. Outside of class, work is a no-no, they've had her for six hours already. One of her pet peeves is being late, and the best part of after class is you don't have to worry about that. She'll repetitively tell you that her favourite class is dinner, her favourite hangout is the bowling alley, and the reason she's flying is to see how close the bludger can get before she hits it without breaking an arm. Part of her wants to venture to the dark side of life, and that's Lukas and her new life with two assassins talking, but she doubts she'll do it. She just wants to live life well and dangerously, and if that involves hiding a body or getting drunk til she hits the floor, so be it.


What you need to know and what you want to know are two separate things.

He was the same as every other popular boy at school, leaning towards the dark side, slept with lots of people, everyone's date to the Yule Ball until he stood them all up and didn't go at all. This habit didn't wean in adulthood, when you were a metamorphmagus you could do so many things. Lukas, who thought the world owed him a living, was simply never going to settle down - so perhaps he should have been a little more careful before passing down his narcissism and his abilities to a child. He'd changed his name and ditched his old family, his brother, all of them.

Waltzing into an Oslo nightclub in another one of his disguises, he sought to satiate his desires, or many of them. Lukas Rybak Sørensen was an arrogant man, who enjoyed manipulating people to fulfil what he needed in the moment - but even for a man like Lukas some things occasionally didn’t go to plan. What exactly didn’t go to plan for the trickster? Running into Marina Himmelreich - he didn’t know she had one child, six year old Alexandrine, being looked after by a cousin at home in Munich. He didn’t know that he’d have to take the child, because she’d be the first to vanish without a trace.

He was not father material, he knew that without doubt, but if she wouldn’t take the girl he could “adopt” her into his “family” and raise her in the ways he had been taught - at least until she was more trouble than she was worth. Unfortunately this never seemed to come to fruition, and all she really did was idolise him out of all of his goals, and she went from person to person in his circle whenever he did something out of place.

His lust was proved by that one night with the German model, Marina. He never did find her, not that he cared, he just wanted to remove that one mark on his record - mostly because she died quite young. Who he did find was the girl’s young daughter prior to Marina’s death, but she seemed all too indifferent and already experienced in the subject, nor did she seem ready to reveal much. However, somehow he did manage to leave Astrid behind in England with her - by some miracle he'd managed to coerce her into taking Astrid, maybe because Alexandrine herself had had quite the deadbeat dad.

Arriving in England was not as pleasurable as Astrid had hoped, although her sister was tolerable (and quite pretty). Hogwarts is something she's yet to get used to after so long in Norway and in Durmstrang.


Alexandrine Himmelreich - Alexandrine is the only tolerable family member she knows ever since Lukas ditched her. (That, and she's really pretty. Astrid is a little jealous.)

Emmelie Rybak - Her saving grace. Seriously. Emmelie makes an effort to come over all the time to save her from Alexandrine and Harold.

Amelia Ainsworth - Her closest friend from her Durmstrang days. She's grateful that Amelia's moving to England, too. She loves that volleydork, even if it means that she needs to play the odd game of volleyball or find the forks from where she's made fork mountains.

Harold Colombo - Her sister's boyfriend. Even though they've not known each other long, Astrid is already of the 'my sister's too good for him' opinion.



Wand -

Astrid - modern form of a name meaning 'god,' and 'beautiful, beloved'
Himmelreich - Surname literally meaning 'heaven's ruler'. •Sørensen - Danish and Norwegian surname meaning 'Son of Soren'