Astrid Lillian Larsen
Sour Candy
Kell Larson (twin)
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Astrid is a Fifth Year Gryffindor. She hails from Norway and suffers from Depression and Onset Insomnia.

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Clothing Style
Louisa Rose Allen
Astrid likes wearing black. She'd probably say something edgy like "It matched [her] soul", but really, she just doesn't like bright colors. She also enjoys wearing hats, and sweaters even during the summer. Her style isn't goth, or anything. She just likes dark colors.

Native Language
Earliest Memory
Kell. He was always the favorite.
Type of Childhood
Sweet. Like a cnady shop.

The Larsen family were a long line of Norwegian pure-bloods, one of the typical anti-muggle pro-purity lines who looked down on those lacking in magic. They had a son, Kristoffer, who happened to be a squib. So, at the age of ten, when they'd lost all hope of him showing magical ability, they sent him off to an orphanage and told everyone outside the family he'd caught dragon pox and perished.

In reality, the boy thrived, adopted by a well-to-do couple in England at age twelve - one of whom was a squib herself - and receiving high-calibre education in Eton and Oxford. Eventually he met the very pretty, very magically adept Viola Macmillan, a recent Hufflepuff alumna.

They married the next year, a few months before Viola inherited ownership of her parents' popular sweetshop, and eventually went on to have three children. The second eldest, Astrid Lillian Larsen, was born only minutes after her twin brother Kell. He was always the more preferred of the two, but she was a daddy's girl through and through. While Kell was always the one being focused on, she was always a background person

Her first sign of magic came when she was eight in her parent's sweet shop. Nowadays, Astrid hates sweets, but then, she could't get enough of it. Her parents had banned her from eating chocolate, and she had snuck some. When she was about to get caught, the candy suddenly disappeared - She could later find it under her bed. She was caught the next day. That was also the week she was signed up for kid gymnastics.

Her parents were always obsessed with keeping their children healthy. While they were allowed as many sweets as they wanted, to their parent's discretion, they were not to eat enough to negatively affect them. Eventually, with candy being related to working out, Astrid stopped eating candy all together. She likes sports, now, but she hates candy. they leave a disgusting flavor in her mouth.

When it was time, the twins were sent to Durmstrang, for the chance to connect with their heritage, or whatever. Astrid would have preferred Beauxbatons if anything. Her time at Durmstrang was anything but pleasant. People teased her for being a Jock, and not all that good with school work. They either did that, or never paid mind to her, which only annoyed her more than being picked on.

It was around 14 when she started to feel the affects of the bullying, and the negligence from her parents. That was when she having her first few episodes of depression - Purely, it was her finding the inability to do anything she used to do interesting. She could barely find the motivation to get out of bed. Astrid had started missing class and her grades plummeted. Then she'd get a poush to do something productive, and slowly everything would start up again. Slowly. Then they'd fall off another cliff. It was a vicious cycle.

Now that a new year is starting, the Norwegian teens find their way to Hogwarts, where they continue their education... And maybe where Astrid can get a fresh start.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Calm, Tough, Flirty
Worst Qualities
Attention-seeking, mean, Aloof.
Most Influenced By
Astrid is known to be a bit on the flirtatious side. That's not necessarily a bad thing, she supposes. It's more like it's her way of getting attention, which, for her, is normal. To a point. Astrid will do a lot to get attention. She'll usually start trouble one way or another, and then treat authority like crap. She's not very good with authority figures. It's not like they've helped her much in the past, after all. Rebellious in nature, she'll usually go for the worst person in existence for her, and make friends with them.

Even with that, she'll keep calm in the worst of settings. Her mind never races, and she never freaks out about things. Everything about her is, well, calm. But she's never collected. She's a hurricane, in her own mind. Usually spieling the first thing that comes to mind. That gets her in trouble more often than not, but it's not like she can't handle it. She's tough, and can handle a lot of things.

Her Insomnia sometimes gets the best of her. She drinks a lot of coffee and anything that will keep her up when she has to. The inability for her to sleep also pores through to her being mean to anything that's moving. She snaps, more often than not. Some can see that as contradicting with the calmness of her demeanor, but she's an enigma when it comes to that. Astrid will say the meanest things, with naught even a smile on her face, and then go right back to what she was doing without giving it a second thought.

Astrid suffers from many problems as a result of depression. This includes insomnia and slowness in her activity, as well as anxiety. She doesn't talk to many people, but she really can't stand being around them for too long without getting uncomfortable. Her depression is also a factor in her anti-socialness. Sometimes she'll just lay in bed, not wanting to do a single thing. She would try to sleep, but since she can't, she just sits and stares at the ceiling most of the time.

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Astrid half-waves at you, though it seems like she's barely paying attention.

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Norwegian, German, English
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