Taught by Professor Ignatius Lémieux.

Please attend class here.

List of Textbooks

Summary of Astronomy and Course Expectations (First Year)

Guide to the Solar System (First Year)

History of Astronomy (Second Year)

Planetary Science (Third Year)

Astronomy: Where Heaven and Earth Connect (Fourth Year)

Divination: The Connection Divinified (Fifth Year)

A Mythological Copernican Study (Sixth Year)

Note: Seventh year students will use all six listed texts (aside from the course expectations) as this year is an overview of the entire subject in preparation of the N.E.W.T.S.

Submitted Homework

Submitted Homework - Currently None.

Graded Homework

Graded Homework - Currently None.

Class Schedule

Each class will meet once a week for 2 hours and will be held here unless otherwise instructed.

First Year - Monday - 4pm-6pm
Second Year - Tuesday - 4pm-6pm
Third Year - Wednesday - 4pm-6pm
Fourth Year - Thursday - 4pm-6pm
Fifth Year - Friday - 4pm-6pm
Sixth Year - Saturday - 4pm-6pm

Seventh Year - Sunday - 4pm-6pm
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