Birthday 28th November
Age 11
Status Alive
Pronunciation ah‧fee‧nah mi‧yawn tay‧joe
Family Cordelia Taejo, Aurora Taejo, Valentino Taejo
Handedness Right
Gender Female
Orientation ?
Relationship Single
Nationality South Korean
Speaks Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, French, English
Species Witch, Human
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Dark
Hair Color Dark
Height 5'1
Model Jang Wonyoung

Time for a quick history lesson: visualise with me. The year is sometime in the late 14th century, place: Korea. Or, as it's known at the time, Goryeo. Korea's been under the occupation of the disintegrating Mongol Empire for some years, and at war for much longer. The ruling dynasty of Goryeo is losing its credibility - the royal family keep intermarrying with the Mongol Yuan dynasty imperial family, and are genuinely poor rulers. If you were a citizen of Goryeo at this time wouldn't you agree it's time for a change?

Well, that's exactly what happened. General Yi Seong-Gye had gained power and respect during the late 1370s and early 1380s by generally just being a great military mind, and in the wake of the rise of the Ming Dynasty in what is now China the court of Goryeo splits into two factions, one of which was led by General Yi and one led by a rival general. To put things simply, General Yi supported the Ming Dynasty but was chosen to lead an attack against them - he said no thanks and turned on his King, carrying out a coup d'etat that ended in the deaths of the king and his son and with Yi in control of the throne, at first through a puppet king and then with his own coronation. And that, in 1392, marked the end of Goryeo and the rise of Joseon, ruled by the newly-christened Taejo. Highest ancestor.

Now fast forward a few centuries, to the late 1800s, when Emperor Gojong of Korea rules. Yi Deok-Mi is born, a daughter of Gojong and princess of Korea. With controversy surrounding her birth (rumours that she was born to a Japanese woman seemed a popular theory), Deok-Mi was hidden away from all eyes; muggle and magic alike. Although she was still styled as Princess Deok-Mi for a large portion of her childhood, as soon as she reached the age to attend Mahoutokoro, her name was promptly changed to Taejo Deok-Mi after her distant ancestor in order to avoid all connections between her and the imperial family. After choosing to live in seclusion in Seoul, Deok-Mi now serves as the link between the current Taejo Family and the royal house of Yi - enabling her descendants to have claims to royal titles.

Fast forward again to Deok-Mi's six-times great granddaughter, Taejo Ha-Neul. One of the main pretenders to the magical Korean throne, Ha-Neul grew up in Seoul in the same palace that her six-times great grandmother had lived in in seclusion, and eventually attended Mahoutokoro. It is here that she met the muggle-born wizard Hwang Yoon-Chul, who wooed her. Though against Ha-Neul's wishes, he was more than happy to take on the surname of Taejo - the two reached a compromise with having their children take on her surname instead of his, rather than he himself. Ha-Neul is too fond of tradition.

The couple had two children in quick succession: Mi-Kyung and Hae-Won, before Ha-Neul's career took a different direction. She joined the ministry, and embarked on a political journey with the end goal being President of Magic. Of course, she took some time out to give birth to her next three children: Iseul, Mi-Ah and finally, Mi-Yeon. Around a year later, Yoon-Chul took the children to Britain so that they could attend Hogwarts, and a year later Ha-Neul was elected as President of Magic of South Korea.

Now, this particular story centres around the youngest, Mi-Yeon - or Athena, as she is called in England. She and her siblings and father moved into a large country manor in Hertfordshire, where they remain to this day, and to be frank, Athena's childhood was happy. I know, it doesn't make for a particularly good story, does it? Most of Athena's time was spent in lessons - reading, writing, mathematics, muggle sciences, music (we'll get into this later) and particularly languages. Dancing and fencing and all sorts of refined ~princessy~ pastimes were her absolute favourites.

Athena was born with a condition called Chromaesthesia - a type of Synaesthesia that causes someone to see colours to match sound. Honestly, she loves it. It's probably one of the major reasons she's so passionate about her music now, aside from her brother Valentino's signing with the Hex Boys, as it just makes music so pretty. She can paint with her violin - how cool is that? One time she literally did paint, with her piano, as her first sign of magic aged seven was to charm the walls the colours of greensleeves.

All little girls like princess stories and fairy tales, right? Well, Athena was always a precocious child, becoming a diehard Jane Austen and Shakespeare fan at a young age, but she still had the usual obsession with fairy tales - except hers was a little more in depth. She could tell you about 400,000 tales or myths, as well as where they originated, and who first recorded them. Anyway, off topic: when Athena was eight years old, she was bored during her siblings' summer break from school, so she bullied Cordelia and Valentino into taking her to a field so she could recreate part of one of her favourite tales: Princess Vasilisa and the Firebird. In the story, the Prince spreads corn in a field in order to capture the firebird (basically the slavic version of a phoenix), and Athena wanted to see if it worked. So they spread the corn, and much to their shock, a phoenix actually turned up. It seemed to decide it wanted to stick with them too, so Athena named it Hestia and developed an obsession with birds. It's still going on. She joined the RSPB recently.

Athena is now getting ready to begin her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, joining her older siblings there. Her mother has just moved to Britain, too, after two terms as President of Magic in South Korea, and Athena is ready to begin a new chapter, with her best friend Venus Gyeong (who she met aged six).
When Athena sees a problem, she fixes it. It doesn't particularly matter if the problem in question is material (she once fixed her Barbie princess carriage with a piece of string, some tape and a rubber band) or emotional, because she'll find a way to make anything work. This same sentiment is carried over into her day-to-day aura: she's always impeccably dressed, neatly (unless she wants to look like she just rolled out of bed) and on trend. She'd never be caught dead with a hair out of place, and she discovered the wonders of CC cream from her sisters a while ago. In her thrifted fjällräven kånken, you'll find a dragons' hoard of pretty but functional Japanese stationary to match her art hoe-inspired bullet journal. Athena is the embodiment of put together.

Growing up, the most common word applied to Athena was magnetic - just like her mother. She's always had a tendency to draw people to her like moths to a flame, likely due to her idolisation of her mother as she grew up. Taejo Haneul is a hero to a lot of little girls, but none come close to imitating her as well as her youngest daughter. Athena is a born politician. One thing Athena's always excelled at is reading people. She's difficult to lie to for one, and good at getting people to tell her things. Oh, and she's also slightly nosy, but not in an I-want-to-spread-gossip way (though she will, to Venus). More of an I-want-to-know-everything way.

One of Athena's defining factors is her boundless enthusiasm for everything. A friend expresses a vague interest in the MCU? She'll buy them every single movie and become an expert in every part of the world in one evening. Next History of Magic topic is the Goblin Rebellion of 1612? She'll go talk to real-life goblins to get their side of the story, because history is written by the winners and honestly, if you want to understand something you really have to look at it from all angles. She can't stand not knowing absolutely everything about a topic, no matter how small. Maybe it's her perfectionism shining through, but Athena has to be the most competent person in the room at all times. Outside of her elders, of course. There's time enough to catch up to them.

Athena's ambition has no limits to it whatever. This is a girl whose mother was a President, who grew up with magic and who knows she's a princess. There was no glass ceiling for her growing up, and she sure as hell isn't going to let that impede her now. Just try arguing with her - she'll fight you, she'll fight your mum, she'll fight your pet lizard to get where she wants to be. She studies more than almost anyone she knows, both out of curiosity and out of sheer desire to be on top - to win. Competition is Athena's lifeblood. Don't challenge her.

Boggart failure
Amortentia parchment, the sea, burning
Patronus phoenix
Wand sycamore, phoenix feather, 9"
Interests success.
Pet Peeve know-it-alls who don't actually know it all. step up ur game jesus christ.
Habits biting her pens. yes, she's ashamed of herself too.
Star Sign sagittarius
Dreams/Goals world domination
Color yellow
Song work bitch
Show game of thrones
Movie legally blonde
Book pride and prejudice
Food oranges
Drink green tea

she has chromaesthesia
she plays violin and piano primarily, but she's trying to learn the organ because she heard that if you're good enough you can get into oxford super easily on an organ scholarship
her chromaesthesia gives her perfect pitch
she owns is landlady for a pet wild phoenix called hestia
she stans jane austen, william shakespeare, and pyotr tchaikovsky

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