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atlas kairos hwang
dark nymph
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Atlas WB

Birthday November 11
Age 18
Pronunciation AAT-las hWANG
Family Paris & Calypso (parents)
Daphne, Wisteria, Hera (sisters)
Gender Male
Pronouns he/him/his
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Single
Nationality Korean/English
Languages Korean, English, Nymph tongues
Residence The High Sept
Religion Atheist(?)
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Red
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Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'8"
Style Casual
Faceclaim Christian Yu

Atlas is the tallest in his family, which is unsurprising given that his father is 5'7" and his mother is 5'0" flat. He hates his genetics and gets insecure about his height often. He looks pretty typical and does not do anything to enhance his appearance or draw attention to himself. His hair is typically messy and he always looks as if he's gotten a bit too much sleep and as a result is always groggy. His most notable physical features are a nose piercing that he had gotten when he was sixteen. Another noteworthy thing about his appearance is a plethora of tattoos that cover his skin, which he started getting at fifteen as part of Asian nymph culture to signify his progress in his training. He would say only half have legitimate meaning; the rest, he got because they looked cool.

Atlas WB A

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Calypso Hwang was one of the East Asian clan representatives of the High Sept and was based in South Korea for majority of her career. Her husband, Paris was incredibly supportive of his wife’s political ambitions. The two of them were childhood friends, having both come from influential political families, and eventually started dating and got married simply because it felt like the correct thing to do. A year after they were married, they had their first of four children, Daphne. Three years after came Atlas, and two years after him, twins Wisteria and Hera.

At the age of ten, like all other young nymphs, Atlas was made to choose which talent he wanted to specialize in. He chose to be a dark nymph purely because he was fascinated with their ability to make shadows materialize, and while this was a first for both sides of the family (which were primarily composed of fire, light, and air nymphs), his parents were incredibly supportive. His sisters, on the other hand, followed family tradition: Daphne chose to become an air nymph while the twins chose fire. As a result, the three are receving training from their parents and other family members directly whereas Atlas grew up under the instruction of a variety of mentors. While on conscious effort was made to ostracize him, it is only natural that everyone else, who spent much more time together, got close without him. Nevertheless, Paris was incredibly close with his son and Atlas could always find time to bond with his father.

Shortly after Atlas turned thirteen, Calypso was chosen to be a clan councilmember. This required her to relocate to the High Sept of Alseids, and the family moved with her. It was pretty difficult for atlas to fit in with a community full of children who already knew each other, but luckily he found friendship with Josephine Vu and her sister, Capriana. There, he continued his training and as part of a mandate, also began training to be a candidate for one of the hierei.

Eventually, Paris was appointed as a clan representative as well and because of this, he chose to return to South Korea for his work. Atlas’ parents definitely made the long-distance situation work and neither wanted the marriage to be cause for holding one back in their career. The kids go home to South Korea for most holidays and even travel there for a couple days a month, and the dad typically visits once a month as well.

This set-up is working fine and Atlas enjoys the company of his new friends, but he doesn’t exactly like the High Sept mostly because he feels like there is really no point in him being there when girls are obviously so much more favored for the big positions that he is supposedly training for. Not to mention, he he has no real ambitions for any of these positions. He’s closer to his dad, too, and at the time just wanted to go home to South Korea and stay there. Atlas reached an agreement with both his parents about this when he's sixteen and just when he is set to leave the Sept for home, his father dies.

Atlas is obviously very upset by this given how close he was with his dad. To add to that, Calypso insisted that now more than ever, the family should stay together, so his return to South Korea was effectively cancelled. He and Josephine end up becoming so much closer because she is attracted to tragedy and "broken" people and on her seventeenth birthday, he ends up confessing to her and they start dating. A couple weeks into their relationship, he opens up to her about all these negative emotions, and she offers to quite literally take the pain away using her spirit nymph abilities. She was a bit of a martyr so she didn’t let it show that it's draining her, and while Atlas knows enough about nymphs to know that it should be, he rationalizes with himself that she is probably just exceedingly powerful and that it does not take a toll on her.

This became a routine occurrence for four months until it reached a point that Jo was very much drained by it, and was urged to break up with him by her sister. She broke up with him very, very suddenly because she didn’t know how to handle such a heavy confrontation and he didn’t take quitting cold turkey very well. As a result, they had a horrible fight, which led to her telling the Sept elders about it. He was eventually taken into their care (away from his family, as his powers started manifesting in dangerous ways because of his anger), and they helped him reocver over the course of two months. After two months of “rehabilitation”, he was able to return to his regular day-to-day life.

However, Jo was ecstatic to have one of her closest friends back. After his relief, she got overexcited and jumped right back into that friendship as if nothing had ever happened. At first, Atlas insisted there was nothing wrong about the arrangement, but when he expressed his sadness to her again, she pities him too much and uses her healing touch again. She chickened out halfway through the process os she terminated the effects as they began to settle in. The two of them have a very big and very public fight as a result and he ends up needing to take time away again.

It was at some point during his second bout of “therapy” that Jo and Capri started muggle schooling. While he was grateful that she was no longer around the Sept as often, the damage had been done and at that point, there was too much gossip surrounding Atlas and their relationship. He was not very well-liked to begin with and everyone liked Jo so much better, so it was very easy for spectators to assign blame. Wanting to get away from pointed looks and pitying stares, he asked his mom if he can also take time away from the Sept and she agreed mostly to appease him and hopefully help him find peace.

Now, he is at Hogwarts and while he knows he has barely enough time left in the school year to become fully acquainted with the castle and its residents, Atlas is grateful, more than anything, for all the unfamiliar faces.

Atlas WB B

(+): devoted, realistic, independent
(-): holds grudges, short-tempered, lacks self-awareness

Atlas often muses that perhaps his parents doomed him to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders by virtue of his name. While he has no pressing or heavy responsibilities that fall on him, he certainly acts as if he is always melancholy and under great distress.

Before his father died, Atlas was generally very nice. His only flaw, if it can even be called that, was a crippling shyness that he passed off as a cold and callous persona instead to seem less weak. People who find Atlas intimidating, though, would not be wholly wrong in their assumptions. Like most other dark nymphs, however, he has a bit of a temper and it can really rear its ugly head when provoked. He is often too proud to apologize for his actions when he is mad, and he knows that can be detrimental to most of his friendships so he chooses instead to self-isolate and be angry with himself. He is a grudge-holder and it is very difficult for him to get over things when he feels as if he has been wronged, but he claims that he acts like this out of self-preservation and knowing his own self-worth. However, it is a bit of a double-edged sword as he has immense trouble forgiving himself for even the smallest of infractions.

More than just holding grudges, Atlas just does not know how to let go in general. He very easily falls back into old habits firstly, because of how devoted and loyal he can get, but also because he lacks the self-awareness to recognize when something is bad for him. He often needs to be told when things are getting out of hand, and even then, he will deny and deny until the situation has become exceedingly apparent.

After a total of four months of rehab with the Sept elders, Atlas has grown to be very conscious of how he handles his anger and negative feelings. He writes often in a journal, he plays the piano, and he exercises daily – these are all habits he only recently picked up as outlets for his more intense emotions.

He prefers the term 'independent' to 'lonely', and that is actually the correct way to describe how he deals with his isolation. He likes keeping to himself and is used to being on his own because ever since he was younger, he always felt as if there was some invisible barrier keeping him from fully immersing himself in most social circles, including his own family. As a result, he is incredibly self-reliant and this has made him too proud to ask for help.

As much as he prides himself on being independent, Atlas is concerned with how other people perceive him and what his role in his life supposedly is. He believes love is acceptance and the atmosphere in the Sept has not been very welcoming as of late, which led him to try escaping and going to Hogwarts for a change in scenery.


Interests Playing the piano, exercise and fitness, poetry
Habits Smoking
Pet Peeves Flakiness and inconsistency, gossip
Goals Get space from Jo, leave the Sept forever
Enneagram 5w4
Star Sign Sagittarius
Alignment True Neutral
Love Language Acts of Service

Magical Characteristics

Wand N/A
Amortentia Petrichor
Patronus N/A
Patronus Memory N/A
Boggart His own corpse
Blood Status Full nymph
Peculiar Dark nymph


Song Migraine - Twenty One Pilots
TV Show Good Omens
Book On the Road - Jack Kerouac
Movie The Host (2006)
Color Yellow

*Atlas has been an atheist most of his life but recently started praying again at the urging of his ex-girlfriend, who was highly spiritual. He's been turning to the gods more often ever since his father died, but still struggles with whether or not he can accept that such beings exist.
*Atlas enjoys playing the piano but he is no master at it. It is a hobby he picked up while undergoing rehabilitation and as a result, is still learning. He doesn't see any need to be good at it; it mostly just calms him down.
*He quit smoking after entering his first relationship in an effort to appease his ex, but has recently picked it up again.
*He does not have a Witchagram account because his parents (along with most other Sept elders in that age group) seem to believe that Wizco is tracking its users and stealing information.
*He is exceptionally good with children and animals, though he claims to despise them.
*As a full dark nymph, he did not take any classes that require a wand.
*He is a big fan of handwritten letters.
*He often oversleeps and sleeps too much; he is, for some reason, always tired and does not want to take any potions or substances to remedy this.
*Despite his tendency to oversleep, he forces himself to wake up at 5AM for a daily run, then goes back to sleep.
*He is vegan.

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atlas kairos hwang
dark nymph
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