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name. atticus orion soongi lee
nickname(s). n/a
age. 27
birthday. april 6th
sign. aries
nationality. american/portuguese
ethnicity. korean
home. la, california, usa
status. dibbed
sexuality. bisexual
location. magical uk
year/occupation. odle noodle manager
house. n/a
species. wizard
family blood. half-blood
wand core. unicorn hair
wand wood. birch wood
wand arm. right
boggart. loosing his voice
patronus. vampire bat

model. kang younghyun (young k of day 6)
eye color. brown
hair color. black
height. 5'11"
mental state. stable
fav color. gold
fav music. anything tbh
fav food. ice cream
fav animal. dragons
fav drink. milkshakes
fav song. backburner by caspian choi
fac sweets. ice cream
quirks. eats a lot of ice cream
talents. singing
skills. songwriting/composing
languages. see trivia
mother. kingston renaldo
father. amira lee
siblings. 2 younger sisters, 1 older brother
other relatives. n/a


1) What was your first incident of magic and how old were you?

bro, you should've been there. i was eight. eight! eight-year-olds do pretty wicked things when they're waiting for their magic to kick in. now like, my older brother was banking on me being a late bloomer, but that ended up being my youngest sister so. anyway, i kind of like playing basketball right? and you know, i gotta beat all the neighborhood kids in our weekly match. i've been training for this all week, and i have to impress them with something. even if at the time, i was like... 4'11". so im about to shoot and there's this punk trying to block me. so you know, i do what any logical eight-year-old does. shoot first and ask questions later. so you know, i shoot my shot and... it went in! well... i shot up several feet in the air, and dunked it into the hoop, but i like to think it still counts. and yeah, i kind of hung off the hoop for awhile because i freaked out and didn't understand how i got up there in the first place.... but afterward! it was pretty cool.

2) How do you want to be remembered by the people around you?

i wanna be remembered by the music me and my friends make for people to listen to. i want to be the tune behind someone's love story. i want to be the thing that helps someone get into college. i want to be the motivation to keep pushing on, even when life is dogging you down. so... i guess i want to be remembered for my music? and how it inspires people? something like that. it sounded better in my head.

3) What is one activity that helps wind you down? Alternatively, what is one activity that does the opposite to you? Is there more than one, if so-what?

playing the guitar. dude, let me tell you, that is the most relaxing thing ever. actually, i can play any of our instruments. the guitar, the bass, the drums. i can also play the keyboard, and sometimes i do, but since we don't have an official keyboard player, i never play the keyboard at live concerts and stuff. anyway, playing the guitar? so relaxing. really puts me at ease. on the other hand, i just... i hate the outdoors. i love a good jog, just... not outside. it's humid than it's dry than it's cold than it's not. like, the outdoors are atrocious? why would i want to go out there?

4) Were you close with your family growing up? If not-why?

i mean... i'd like to think so. we were pretty close, you know, my parents, my older brother, my sisters and i. we're all separated by three years, except my youngest sister. she's younger than my other younger sister by five years. which is due to the fact that my parents weren't really planning to have another child... and then well, they did. but we love her all the same so, you know. we do fun things like monthly wizarding chess, and hold trading card sessions (i have like five dumbledores, three of which my older brother has practically been begging for so he can get a merlin card). so we have our traditions. we talk a lot. and i attended hogwarts with two of my siblings for like a year or two so... that's cool.

5) Where do you see yourself in ten years?

is it arrogant to say i see myself on a world tour? i don't know but like... i just have this feeling that one of these days, 3a is gonna blow up like nothing else. there goes silencio and reducto and alohomora. and here's this once nobody group who's bigger than everybody! the charm girls, insomnia, legends in their namesake... i... kind of want to beat their records. just 'cause.

6) What were you like growing up?

chill. my life hasn't been the most exciting, and i've always been the more calmer of siblings. getting worked over things is so much energy to expend. don't see the point. might as well just let it pass, right? some people might call me a pacifist, but i call it "staying-out-of-people's-business-so-i-don't-get-killed-ist". i think it sounds funnier that way. and much easier to actually do.

7) What can usually be found in your fridge?

i'm not the healthiest eater. there's usually always ice cream because i'm an ice cream for everything type of guy. if im too lazy to make dinner—ice cream. don't have time for breakfast? ice cream. i dont eat lunch sooo... still ice cream. it's delicious, crucify. cookies and cream, mint chocolate, rocky road... dude, ice cream is so good. i always have a stock of at least two cartons of ice cream.

8) How's your financial situation? What's your main income? Do you rely on anyone? Do you want to rely on them or be more independent?

i'm doing pretty well. i live in a decent apartment by myself, and i manage the odle noodle, which is good money most of the time. sometimes my parents send money if they think im a little low ~~they've always been ridiculously overbearing~~, but i can usually fend for myself pretty well.

9) If you’re not native to the UK, where were you born and how did you end up in the UK?

la. koreatown to be more specific. my parents were born there, have lived their all their lives besides you know, going to ilvermorny for schooling. it was home for a little while, before we moved to portugal to take care of my grandmother, or my dad's mom to be more specific. my dad is portuguese and my mom is korean, and i still can't put it together how my dad ended up in koreatown, but i've stopped trying to get it out of them. i attended and graduated from beauxbatons, and so did my older brother and younger sister. my youngest sister is still there actually. i moved to the uk on my own, in hopes of making it big on the music scene. also because one of my best friends, aristide, moved here too and well... hard to manage a band if the whole gang isn't in the same place, am i right?

10) When was the last time you cried?

last week actually. who knew playing in a band and running a noodle place would be so stressful? also rent was due that week and i was like... a few hundred galleons under. i cry a lot in stressful situations, even if im not like... sad or anything. it's just kind of a reflex? i haven't been able to tame it, but then again, it doesn't bother me too much so i've never tried.
  • he's part of a 3-member band called 3a with his best friends aristide myung and amadeus kocho
    • he's the main vocalist and bassist
  • plays several instruments: guitar, bass, piano, drums
  • speaks four languages: english, korean, portuguese, and french
  • he's 3 years younger than his older brother, 3 years older than his little sister, and 8 years older than his youngest sister

atticus lee
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