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Aubree Dane
Hufflepuff Alumni


Searching for A Future
Owned by: Lyss

Full Name: Aubree Elizabeth Dane
Born: January 17
Age: 31
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: European

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: English
Birthplace: Newcastle
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English

Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand Wood: Hawthorn
Wand Core: Phoenix Feather
Wand Length: 11 inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Tree Frog
Boggart: Unknown

Schooling: Hogwarts
House: Hufflepuff
Year: Graduated
Year Joined: First

Aubree Elizabeth Dane was born on January 17, 2007, to Rebecca and Ian Dane. She was the second of four children, following her brother Kade, and preceding her sister Elle, and brother Aydan. The four siblings has a relatively average childhood, growing up in a happy family. Of course, they fought constantly, but what else is expected with four kids. But, other than the typical fights, the Dane children were always happy to spend time together.

Once Aubree turned 11, she finally received her Hogwarts letter. This had been the day she was dreaming of, ever since Kade got his letter. She always looked up to him, and the day he left for Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff, she wanted to do the same. When she finally got to Hogwarts, she did just that. She proudly joined the house of Hufflepuff.

Her first few years at Hogwarts were relatively uneventful. She joined the Quidditch team during her third year as a chaser, but had a pretty rough season, coming in last place. Also during her third year, Elle joined her, both at Hogwarts and in Hufflepuff. She was beyond excited to have her little sister around, especially since it seemed like Kade had started to get sick of her. The spent a lot of time together, and even more when Elle decided to join the Quidditch team too.

In her fifth year, Aydan finally made an appearance at Hogwarts, but was the only one of the Dane children not to be put in Hufflepuff. It upset Aubree that he wouldn't be joining the rest of them, but at least he would still be around the school for her to see. Also during this year, Aubree had applied to be a prefect, but was unfortunately rejected. She was heartbroken, but chose to focus more on Quidditch, and was surprisingly made the Quidditch Captain for the year. She worked as hard as she could and somehow lead the team to the championship match against Gryffindor. The match had stayed relatively close the entire time, but it ended with Gryffindor catching the snitch, and a second place for Hufflepuff. She couldn't have been more proud of her team, but still held herself responsible for the loss.

Her sixth year was by far the hardest for her, both emotionally and academically. It started out with her being rejected for prefect, again, as well as being replaced as Quidditch captain. Aubree couldn't help but to think it was because the team had only come in second last year.Though Professor Antoinette said otherwise, she couldn't let it go. She refused to try out for the team, thinking she would only let them down again. It threw her into a funk, unable to get her head out of it. Eventually, with the help of Elle and her friend Charity, she was finally able to see that her life was over just because she wasn't selected as captain. She started to focus harder on her school work and practicing off the pitch in order to get better for the next year.

Finally, in her seventh year, Aubree was, to her surprise, made Head Girl. She couldn't believe it, especially after being rejected as a prefect for two years. She wore her badge with pride, and used this happiness as a springboard to re-tryout for the Quidditch team. Though the team didn't win the championship, again, she was happy to be back out there and playing again.

After graduating, all of Aubree's hard work practicing for Quidditch paid of. She was offered a position as a chaser for Puddlemere United, which she gladly accepted. She stayed with the team for several years, winning a few championships and playing in the world cup for the Irish National Team. Eventually, she decided that she no longer wanted her body to take a beating from the sport, leading her to retire from it. Now, she's trying to find something she can do for the rest of her life that she loved as much as Quidditch, and maybe even find someone to start a family with.


Model: Caterina Scorsone
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130 lbs


Father: Ian Dane
Mother: Rebecca Dane
Full Siblings: Kade Dane, Eleanore Dane, Aydan Dane
Spouse: None
Children: Callum Dane

Ian Dane Father
Rebecca Dane Mother
Kade Dane Brother
Eleanore Dane Sister
Aydan Dane Brother
Felix Dane Nephew
Charity Prince Best Friend