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Audrey Elswood

Full Name Audrey Elswood
Nickname Audrey
Basic Info
Birthday Feb 12
Nationality British
Home London, England
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Pansexual
Best Friend uh
Pets Ethan Crowther
Family On The Wiki uh

School/Career Info
House uh
Year/Occupation Ethan Crowther's nanny
Titles Bad Nanny
Optional Classes Taken ~
Magical Info
Species Squib
Blood Status pure-blood
Wand Core uh >.>
Wand Wood uh >.>
Wand Arm well she is ambidextrous if thats what ya mean
Boggart uh >.>
Patronus uh >.>

Model Chloe Nørgaard
Gender Female
Hair Colour Right now, green
Hair Length/Style Long, wavy, wild
Eye Colour b-blue
Skin Colour tanish
Clothing Style idek man
Other Info About Looks

Colour blue
Music Alternative
Food starbucks
Sweets starbucks
Animal .....sloth?
Season/Weather naturally summer
Dream Job certaintly not being a nanny
Happiest When...
She's high?



She is easy going, carefree, and very self centered. Anything she does will generally be for her, and she puts her own priorities above those of others. Audrey easily gets bored with conversations unless they involve her. She loves gum, smoking, and flirting. Her upbringing has made her somewhat snobbish, despite later in life being snubbed by the same people who taught her to be snobby. Audrey finds her family irritable at best, and generally tries to avoid them and the embarrassment of being the family squib.



Audrey was born into a rich, pure-blooded family. She was raised lavishly, although as the years progressed, her family grew more and more disdain for her. See, Audrey had produced no magical results. After a while, the family assumed the worst; she was a squib. In order to get rid of this disgrace, they sent her away, leaving her to live with another squib they knew, offering the squib lots of money to raise her and take care of her. The squib, Angela Reese, had been in a financial situation, so gladly took the money and the child. Audrey, about ten at the time, grew to abhor her family and Angela. At her ordinary secondary school, she started off stuck up, making few friends. Later, she met the right kind of people, and slowly she became less of a former-rich-stuck-up, to a bit of a hipster, joining more of the alternative crowd. By then, she'd become much more comfortable with muggles. Around this time, she found some happiness, despite beginning to fail in school.

When Audrey was 17, she dropped out of school and moved in with her friends Rick, Taylor, and Yasmine. She started working at the grocery store nearby. For a time they were all right, until Yasmine and Rick started dating. Before this, Audrey and Rick had been romantically involved, so it was no surprise when a few months into the relationship, Rick and Audrey became romantically involved again. When Yasmine found out, she threw a fit, and she and Rick nearly split. At the end of the day, everything was patched up by making Audrey the scapegoat, and kicking her out of the home. At only 21, she had nowhere to go. Her income wasn't enough to own a place. Angela, having been an older lady, had died a few months back. As a last resort, she contacted her original family for help. Even if they were disgusted by her, there was more disgust to having someone who bears their name live on the street. Her father, having contacts in the ministry, knew of a boy with magic capability living in with a rich muggle family. He gave Audrey a letter of recommendation, giving her a good chance of getting in as a nanny there. Despite her outlandish looks, her pedigree allowed for her to become the nanny of the boy. When the family found out he was a wizard, it was a double win for them since she knew of the wizarding world despite not really being a part of it. She is now 22.


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uhm......she really can't change diapers, but she is good at, uh, saying hello

well, she might be good if she tried?



No thanks

Ethan Crowther is just a kid she babysits

Ethan Crowther is her pet heh



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