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Aurea Auchter


4th year

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Aurea Auchter
Important Facts
Gender Female
Age 14
Family Auchter
Status Alive
Eye Colour Green/Gray
Hair Colour Brown
Height Here
Affiliation Here
Wand Here
Home Here
Wand Arm Right



19 years ago, Adain (Aurea's mother) was on a trip to Germany with some of her friends. The first night they went on a restaurent to eat a fancy dinner. The waiter flirted very much with Adain and they decided to go on a date the next evening.

On the date, Adain got the waiters name. Audrick. He lived in Germany and have planned to stay there his whole life. The next week they was together all the time and Adain decided to stay in Germany with Audrick. They got married and she became pregnant. (And they found out that they were wizards)

14 years ago she gave birth to a little girl and they decided to give her the name Aurea. Aurea grew up in a save home in Germany, with a lot of friends and two loving parents. When she was 5 years old, the whole family moved to England where Aurea started in a new school, where she got some new friends. Aurea's parents told her that she was a wizard, when she was 9 years old, because she started to show some signs of beeing a wizard. They told her that she would go in a school with other wizards too, where they would learn to use magic. 

Aurea's letter from Hogwarts arrived on her 11th birthday. She couldnt wait to get started.


Aurea is an ambitious young girl, who wants to get a really good job when she gets older. She is nice to people she knows, but she is very shy with people she doesn't know yet. She is always thinking of something which make her very distant to other people. She loves her friends and she hates to be alone for too long. She is very hard working and she is very perfectionistic, and she always make her homework. 


Aurea has green/gray eyes and brown hair. She's tall and slim. Look at the picture.


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