Birthday July 25th
Age 15
Status Alive
Pronunciation aw‧ree‧lee‧ah mahl‧foy
Family Gabriel Malfoy, Alexandria Malfoy, Damocles Malfoy, Héloise Malfoy
Handedness Right
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality British
Speaks English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Russian
Species Witch
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'7"
Model Josefine Frida Pettersen

Aurelia Malfoy
Nicholas Malfoy had always fit the Malfoy family image perfectly, believing to outshine the members who did not. A cunning and ambitious man who - of course - was apart of the Slytherin house. He was not one to be ashamed of his magical ability, and was actually quite proud of his skill. Though, his intelligence shouldn't be forgotten. Overall, Nicholas stood well to his family's name, and planned to stay that way when he began to date the wealthy pure-blood witch, Ophelia MacMillan.

The two had a decently healthy relationship and overtime, Nicholas even set a date on when he would propose. Though, a problem would arise when Ophelia revealed she was pregnant - with his baby, of course - a month before Nicholas planned to propose. So, to avoid any family scandals, they didn't get engaged a month later. They got married. They did love each other, so a quick marriage didn't affect the relationship in a bad way. Though, the birth of Sebastian some months later was not when they imagined they would have kids. So, there was a decent age gap before the next one was born.

Out of all his children, it was clear that Nicholas favored Sebastian. The oldest son that was practically a spitting image of his father, inside and out. So, it always seemed that the eldest' achievements were celebrated much more than some of the kid's. (Even when Nicholas's daughter, Theodora, married into the royal family... Although, after that, the two didn't keep much ties with each other.) Though, even with favoritism, Nicholas and Ophelia made it their duty to try and teach their children one thing. The belief in blood supremacy and to never marry below a half-blood. Whether or not they would like to be an embarrassment to family name, that was up to them.

With being put in the spotlight all the time, Sebastian made sure to make his family look just as good as when Nicholas had done it. He did well in school, his father's magical skill and intelligence being passed down. And, of course he was a Slytherin. Some may even say Sebastian made a bigger impact on Hogwarts than Nicholas, being that he was a prefect for his sixth year. (Ha, beat that dad.)

Also like Nicholas, Sebastian would marry a wealthy pure-blood witch, Elizabeth Yaxley. The relationship had moved more slow and steady than his parents, the two beginning to date in seventh year but marrying at twenty-five. It wasn't long after that that more that before children were born, leaving for them to help keep the Malfoy legacy the way it is. If not? They would be as much of an embarrassment as any aunt or uncle who had done the same.

Aurelia was the fourth of Sebastian and Elizabeth's children, twin to Damocles. Growing up, the two of them were unstoppable, on top of the world. They didn't know the meaning of the word 'no' - probably because they were relentlessly spoiled - and as far as they were aware, anything was possible. From birth until Aurelia's first sign of magic aged 6 (she managed to literally attach herself to Damocles at the hip) until even the present day, the twins were inseparable.

Now, being the Malfoy family, they were more than rich enough to afford magical tutors to teach the children the theory they'd need to know pre-Hogwarts, so that's exactly what they did. The tutor in question, Quirinus Rowle, was from another of the Sacred Twenty Eight families, and therefore judged to be suitable to teach the next generation. He taught all the Malfoy children, but out of all of them he took a special interest in Aurelia. She still wonders why her.

Aged 7, Rowle told her parents that Aurelia was unintelligent by nature and needed extra tutoring, which he was "happy to provide for free" as he "would not like to see the next generation of purebloods start school at a less than adequate level." Her parents disregarded the fact that Aurelia had up until that point proved herself more than capable of keeping up with her siblings academically, and agreed. And that's when it started.

For the next two years, Aurelia was forced into daily sessions with her tutor. Of course, these never involved any actual tutoring, beyond perhaps teaching her that no adult can ever be trusted, ever. She tried desperately to get her parents to make him stop, but they took her complaints as just trying to get out of extra lessons. After all, she was very spoiled, and children generally dislike school. So Aurelia's nightmare continued until she was nine, and by that point she'd become nearly impossible to control. She'd refuse to do anything her parents told her, and in fact would often do the precise opposite.

When she was nine, though, she broke. Rowle had been particularly rough the day before, and when her Aunt Iseult noticed the bruises she ended up telling her everything. Suffice to say, when Iseult confronted Sebastian about it Rowle found himself on the streets, with a reputation shredded to ribbons (though of course, Aurelia's ordeal was kept firmly out of the press. Couldn't have her reputation marred by this too) and sans a very important part of his genitalia. Nobody batted an eyelid a few weeks later when Rowle no longer had a head (Aurelia suspects this was Iseult, but she can't be certain.)

The end of her abuser wasn't the end of Aurelia's hatred of authority figures, however, and aged eleven her desperate parents sent her to Durmstrang in the hope that it would be able to manage a child as volatile as her. It was, after all, famous for its duels and its focus on the dark arts, both of which required the kind of fire that Aurelia had been tending for years. As soon as she started, her behaviour did actually get better, though this may have been down to her attendance at the Duelling Club, where she was able to let out all of her anger. Safely enough.

Good things never last in Aurelia's life, however. After her fourth year exams at Durmstrang she was in her final detention of the year - on the very last day - and managed to get into an argument with the professor. Aurelia had never gotten over her hatred of authority, and instead of dealing with the situation diplomatically she attempted to storm out. The teacher, of course, didn't want that and caught her risk to stop her - that was his mistake. Aurelia hates being touched without permission. So she cast sectumsempra on him. Honestly, she's lucky only she and the professor were there.

Of course, Aurelia was expelled. It was a miracle worked by her family's political clout and willingness to pay off everyone with knowledge of the incident that saved her from a criminal investigation. Frankly, she couldn't have cared less if she went to Azkaban, but her parents had other ideas. Having succeeded in keeping the specifics of the incident quiet, however, the Malfoys couldn't manage to keep her enrolled at Durmstrang. So, after an assurance that she had passed the year, they transferred her to Hogwarts for this year. She's not sure how she feels about it.
If you were to look at Aurelia's aura, it would have a multitude of different colours. Red, for one: she's always ready for a fight, and she's not known as the most ferocious duellist of her generation for nothing. Next, blue: underneath all her bravado Aurelia is not in a good place. And finally purple: Aurelia is proud. The most important thing to her is her reputation and her dignity, and she won't have either tarnished again.

One thing you have to know about Aurelia is that she does what she wants, when she wants. Damn the consequences. She has a problem with authority figures in particular - not even her parents can stop her when she's on the war path. And boy, is Aurelia on the war path often, whether it's a crusade against her parents or an argument with one of her siblings. The only person who can consistently calm her down is Damocles. He's her anchor, and without him she probably would have done a lot more stupid shit.

People's first impression of Aurelia is usually that she's a whirlwind. Her mind is always working, judging people and making split-second decisions that any sane person would regret later. When you meet Aurelia you have about five minutes to make a good impression, and if you don't then it's near impossible to get back into her good books. However, although she's a lot to handle, she's still friendly at least. She could probably talk the back legs off a horse.

Growing up with parents like hers, Aurelia used to be the epitome of a spoilt rich girl, blood supremacy and all. However, after her ordeal she began to distance herself from her parents, and that meant acting as differently to them as possible. So she cut off her old prejudices and worked as hard as she could to change her habits.

She's confident now on the outside, but she hates herself for the little things: how she still inwardly scoffs when he's told someone's muggle-born, how the word mudblood still springs to her lips in casual conversation. She wishes she could cut out the part of her brain that almost, barely resonates with blood supremacist teachings, but that's not going to work. But she knows that's not going to work, so she's resolved herself to a steep learning curve. She's determined, though, so she'll get to where she wants eventually.

Boggart Her old tutor
Amortentia Paint, juniper smoke, cinnamon
Wand Elder, Dragon Heartstring, 9 1/2"
Interests Duelling, art
Pet Peeve People invading her personal space
Habits Biting her nails
Star Sign Leo
Dreams/Goals Leave.
Color Blue
Song Survivor (2WEI)
Show Skam
Movie Pulp Fiction
Book Throne of Glass
Food Cinnamon & sugar crêpes
Drink Lemonade

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