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Aurora Oleastro
Slytherin 3rd Year• Half-Metal Nymph

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Personal Information

Full NameAurora Oleastro
BirthdayAugust 17th
Age14 y/o
Zodiac SignLeo
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationUnknown
Romantic OrientationUnknown
Relationship StatusSingle
Living SituationHogwarts
Languages SpokenEnglish,

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-Breed
Wand WoodYew
Wand CoreUnicorn Hair
Wand Length7"


Aurora to outsiders is considered to be reserved and an introvert. When people see her they don't talk to her because she intimidates them. Though, that's not completely true on Aurora's part. She actually would like to make friends and have relationships, but it's too emotionally exhausting for her and so she doesnt put forth the effort. Having an abusive dad will definitely do that to you.

Aurora does stick to herself and her siblings since it's easy, safe and familiar. She doesn't venture out or change things as it gives her anxiety, and God knows she doesn't need more of that. Aurora tries to be a good student but not good enough to be known. She does thinks on the sidelines and in the shadows, avoiding attention from others as much as possible.

If given the chance Aurora would love to make friends, but they'd definitely have to put forth most of the effort and keep at her until she can see that they won't just leave her out to dry. Aurora though is a bit snappy and has an attitude because of her upbringing. She cant exactly control what comes out of her mouth sometimes and doesn't even realize that what she's saying is mean or can be taken the wrong way.

When it comes down to it Aurora is just emotionally exhausted and is trying her best to get through school. If she makes a friend or two along the way thats great, but she isn't going to search for them. She wants to be accepted and noticed, but doesn't have the confidence to do it herself. If someone truly genuine comes along, she might give them a chance.


  1. What was your first incident of magic and how old were you?

"Well, I don't get why I have to tell you this, but I guess it was when I was 10. Yeah I know, I'm a 'late bloomer'. It was the year before I started Hogwarts and I was getting nervous. There was no sign of magic yet and not even a sign of my nymph abilities. I kept trying to make my magic appear, but didn't work out. When it finally came, I wasn't expecting it. My father made me start cooking dinner, without any help from him or my siblings. I was taking a pot full of water over to the stove, when I dropped it. Instead of the water going everywhere, it actually froze. At first I thought it was Alba, but she wasn't around so it was me.

  1. Were you close with your family growing up? If not-why?

I was really close with my siblings, well expect for Alba, but I tried to be. My father, I lived with him and he raised me but I was never close to that asshat, and I never knew my mum. It didn't bother me that much since she was never in my life, I had my siblings. If my mum cared she wouldn't have let me with my dad, end of story

  1. What were you like growing up?

When I was really little, I would always watch Disney movies and dress up as Disney princesses. That was until my dad got sick of it and basically destroyed everything related to Disney. After that, I got a little edgy, but still had my soft side. Finding out my nymph heritage changed me growing up big time. That was when I started playing with knives.

  1. Who/what was your biggest influence growing up? Why?

My siblings were of course. They were just amazing, dealing with our father and still getting through the other side. It gave me a lot of inspiration and drive to make it through. If they could do it then so could I.

  1. If you weren’t raised by your parents, do you ever wish to meet your birth parents? Why/Why not?

I have always wished to meet my mother, to find out more about our nymph history but to find out why she left me with a psychopath. Maybe sometime in the future I'll find out about her. I really wonder what kind of a person she was and if she knew my dad was insane. But, who knows.

  1. If you’re not native to the UK, where were you born and how did you end up in the UK?

I was born in Australia, because that's where my mum was from, but I've lived all my life in the UK because she paid off my dad to take me. I wish I would have stayed in Australia, even if it sounds weird I feel like I fit in more down there than in England.

  1. When was the last time you cried?

Last time I lived with my dad. He knew he couldn't hurt me with the knife but he still tried to. I was so scared and honestly couldn't believe that my own father would try to hurt me. I got so overwhelmed that I just couldn't stop crying.

  1. Do you believe technology and magic can coexist together?

Defiantly. Ever since learning my powers, I've been making the two coexist all the time. It boggles my mind that people believe the two can't coexist. Especially the world wizards. Technology is just so amazing and it has advanced us so much. How could you hate it?

  1. What is your perception of family? Do you think they’re overrated or a necessary feature in your life?

Family, that's a tough one for me. Sometimes they can be overrated, but they can be the best thing, if you decided who you count as family and who you don't. I know a lot of people count their friends as family, but I dont know if I could ever do that.

  1. What was your greatest achievement and why?

I've got some knives I made myself and I'm so proud how they turned out. They are my greatest achievement because my father could never touch them, or was to scared to.

  1. When were you last crushed with disappointment?

When I realized that my father never cared about me and that I was just a source of money for him. Some part of me wanted to believe that he had some good in his heart, but that day I realized he was nothing but a greedy old man.


Face ClaimJoey King
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Weight122 lbs.
Voice TypeSoft
Blood TypeA-
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleThin

Family Information

FatherGregory Oleastro
Full SiblingsAlba Oleastro, Adonis Oleastro, Athaliah Oleastro
Half SiblingsN/A
Guardian(s)Gregory Oleastro
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Aurora ]Ray of Light
Middle [ N/A ]N/A
Surname [ Oleastro ]Wild Olive Tree


Favourite ColourN/A
Favourite MovieN/A
Favourite SongN/A
Favourite FoodN/A
Favourite DrinkN/A
First KissTBA
First CrushTBA
First LoveTBA
First TimeTBA
Sports Played
Instruments PlayedN/A
Biggest Hope
Biggest Regret
Best Memories
Worst Memories
Mental Illnesses
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

Custom Trivia

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