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the child prodigy.

Avalon Asteria Callaghan-Neuer
Callaghan and Neuer
Blood Status
Witch and Vampire
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Avalon Callaghan is an occasionally callous fourth year Gryffindor, living the secret life of a full witch.


Model: Nina Dobrev
She is of average height, slim with full lips and a youthful face.

Avalon is the product of a one night stand between two trained killers, one being a vampire and one being her estranged mother, Isabelle Neuer. Isabelle had struggled for quite some time with the pregnancy, as she was only seventeen years old at the time and had her whole life in ahead of her. Out of this stress to hide the chaos that ensued from being pregnant, she gave birth to Avalon in secret and then sought help in Sam Callaghan, who was more than willing to take his child from the young, rebellious teenager. Raising a half-vampire child was seemingly too difficult for the American girl. The ties between mother and daughter were cut for some years as Sam raised Avalon from infancy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Being a feisty toddler, Avalon gathered many aspects of both parents. She was young and built like a machine. Her father, proud of his only child, had begun to train her in the art of combat at very young age. Five years shy of ten, Isabelle was granted visitation and was surprised to see such a little devious child that she had originally brought into the world. Part witch, part vampire, Avalon was impulsive just like her mother and often bit her. At first, Isabelle was disgusted by her child but soon grew accustomed to the strange behavior. Avalon often grew on people despite her complications of being a half-breed.

Avalon never understood the whole parenting thing, as she was independent since a very young age. Sam and Isabelle never really enforced rules as the girl naturally listened and obeyed their commands, if there seldom was one. Avalon's first signs of magic were around the age of ten and came as a surprise to Sam, who never had to deal with a witch people. Now confused on how to look after the girl, he agreed to allow Isabelle to take her over the summers to a small hideout, away from her people. Avalon never understood why she had to be a secret. Was Isabelle not proud of her? She could end a life in a large variety of different ways... It never registered to the little girl that half-breeds were discriminated against and that Isabelle just didn't want to see harm come to her. Then again, she could have handled herself but it was likely the motherly instincts finally kicking in.

Once old enough to attend wizarding school, her father shipped her off to Hogwarts, making her promise to keep her heritage and species a secret from the rest of the children. It proved to be extremely complicated at first, but that soon became the reality of Avalon's life - pretending to be something that she was not. Now at the age of thirteen, she has been allowed to live with Isabelle and be associated with The Black Parade.

Avalon is a headstrong, stoic girl with a natural need for power and respect. She is a very idealistic leader and can prove that she can take you down without a blink of an eye. She is a visionary and is often willing to show mercy, depending on who asks for it. She has a very neutral personality and tends to be more logic-based and cynical. After her father had taught her in a very rigid way, she has deemed that love is weakness that she cannot afford. She is loyal to her people to a fault as it can result from her going against her word to benefit those around her. She is willing to do anything for the safety of those few she does care for. Surprisingly, she has a soft spot for younger children and broken things.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Isabelle Neuer
Isabelle has only recently before her everyday life, as she was raised by her vampire father for twelve years of her life. However, she does hold respect and even love for her mother.
Sam Callaghan
Sam is a very rigid man, seemingly lacking the ability to show affection like normal people. His way of loving his daughter was gifting her with weapons. She loves him to death and learned everything she knows from him.

Jack Thornburn
Jack is an interesting individual with a surprisingly kind soul and weird tolerance for how abnormal she is. He hasn't quite suspected that she is not fully a witch but seems to get a weird vibe from her. She's oddly kind to him. They met in the darkness of an empty room and they often go to the kitchens for sweets.

Millie Greene
Millie is a sweet girl and Avalon has a strange likeness to her and oddly feels protective of the younger. She's very shy and they share a lot of common interests. Avalon is very excited to get to know her better.


Avalon: From the name of the island paradise to which King Arthur was brought after his death.

Asteria is a Greek name meaning star.
She is demisexual.

Handedness Ambidextrous
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Grey-Asexual
Relationship Status Single
Pets None.
Favourite Songs Hide Away - Daya
Favourite Colours Red
Favourite Sweet Pineapples.
Most Treasured Possession Bronze Dragon Claws and Journal.
Where to Find Them Black Lake, Empty Classroom, Large Office or Disused Bathroom.


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