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Aven Main 1


Birthday 12 March 2040
Age 16 y/o
Status Alive
Pronunciation /a.vɛn/
Family Mom, Brother, Sister 1, Sister 2
Aunts Malia, Natessa, Atalanta, Leda, and Apollo
Uncle Percy
Cousins Zoë, Zilya, Iliana, Valeriya, & Zenia
Handedness Right
Gender Female (cis)
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Single
Nationality Greek
Speaks English, Greek
Species Witch [ seer ]
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'2
Model Zoey Deutch

Aven thinks she looks the least like her siblings, sans Mel. Even though she dyes her hair a lighter color by adding honey highlights and sunny undertones, her hair is naturally a chocolate brown that stands out. Apparently that's a common Sakellarios trait. She stands out fashion-wise, too; she really prefers knitted cardigans and white rompers rather than the vintage, artsy lesbian aesthetic Mel has, or even the more demure, hiding-away style Kian has. She's perfectly content with that difference, though; being a twin, it's not like Aven has the opportunity to express much individuality beyond how she carries herself. It isn't something that bothers her, honestly; she loves being a twin, and she loves Demi, but she really appreciates having her own 'thing', too. Redeeming things. She has to make up for being 5'2 on good days. Seriously, what kind of person is 5'2 in a family of giants? She's always grinning, though, and that's arguably her best feature, even if she's always hiding it behind the palm of her hand or burying her face in her hands. She snorts when she laughs, and if she can muffle it? Even better. Her FC is Zoey Deutch.
Aven Main 2
When Celaena Sakellarios met Trenton Macmillan, she was in a good place. She had secured a position as assistant professor at the Greek Academy for Advanced Witchcraft, enabling her as she endeavored to pursue a career in education. Trenton was interning at the British Embassy based out of Athens at the time, and the pair met by chance at an England v. Greece quidditch game Cel had been taking her younger sister Malia to. They hit it off and the night withered away as they spent most of the match engaging in light banter over which of the playing teams was better. The final push was delivered by Malia, though, while Cel was in the bathroom. She likes playing hard to get, she’d said, So you’re gonna have to put in all the hard work. When Cel found out a few months later, all she had to say was that Malia was lucky he pulled through, because otherwise, she might’ve found herself suddenly started in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. They became official three months later.

What she didn’t expect — or any of her immediate family — was to get pregnant so soon. She was on the pill and he’d worn a condom, so what happened? On one hand, Celaena didn’t feel ready at all. This would infringe on her ambitions and put a halt to her plans for her career. Trenton was just as nervous, if not more. They were barely making any money, and they’d just gotten together. Cel was still living with her parents, for Christ’s sake. They didn’t have their lives together at all, and they both knew they couldn’t provide for that child. Terminating the pregnancy was out of the question for Cel, because even though she believes in the right to choose, it wasn’t something she wanted to put her body through. So they ended up deciding on adoption. In early 2023, Phoebe Cassiopeia Primrose Sakellarios Macmillan was born. Or at least that’s who she would’ve been, but some things weren’t meant to be. She was handed off to a nice, barren dhampir couple who desperately wanted children, never to be heard of again — kidding. Give it a few years, and Cassie would wind up returning to their lives in the way they expected least.

Nonetheless, even though Celaena and Trenton were understandably upset about losing the baby they’d learned to love over nine months, the decision they took proved to be the best one, because a few months later, tragedy struck the Sakellarios family. What was supposed to be a fun family vacation turned tragic when the plane they were on crashed. Though the why remained a mystery for years, it was eventually concluded that one of the passengers’ magic had acted up, causing the plane to malfunction and crash over the bermuda triangle. For years, it was believed only two passengers were rescued: Malia and her then girlfriend, Valentina Willow. They were moved back to Scotland in due time, and the rest of the passengers were declared dead even though no bodies were ever recovered. From there on, the Sakellarios were divided into three: Celaena, who was never told there were any survivors, Malia, who didn’t have the courage to face her sister because of her cushing survivor’s guilt, and the handful of children that narrowly survived the crash; that is, Natessa, Perseus, Atalanta, Leda, and Apollonas Sakellarios. All led vastly different lives there on out.

For her part, Celaena was never given any reason to believe any of her siblings had survived, and for some time, it ruined her. Between that and her firstborn’s adoption, she was a wreck mentally and emotionally. Her job became her lifeline, and she poured every bit of her into her work. Very little time did she devote to her personal relationship with Trenton, and while it definitely took its toll on their relationship, he was nothing if not patient. He’d endured similar losses, having been orphaned and sent to live with his uncle at a young age, so he at least could provide the support he once received himself. Still, though, Celaena became emotionally unavailable, and it took nearly two years of therapy for her to accept that her family had died. Survivor’s guilt can be a horrible thing. Thankfully, with her then-boyfriend’s unwavering support, she got better over time. And as she improved, she continued to go up the hierarchy at the Academy, becoming History of Magic Professor and eventually becoming Chair of the History Department at the Academy and Deputy Headmistress.

The decade that followed did bring a lot of change to Trenton and Celaena’s lives. In 2026, she was offered a promotion to Headmistress of the Academy following the retirement of her would-be predecessor, and for the 14 years that followed, she was an exemplary Headmistress. She brought change to the Academy. For his part, Trenton wound up in charge of the Embassy. While it wasn’t as “good” of a job as Cel’s, it did allow him a better schedule for when they started having kids in 2030, less than a year after getting married. First came twin girls Aven and Demi, followed under a year later by twins Kian and Delphine-Mellis. Yes, multiples have been in every Sakellarios generation for centuries — it’s basically in their genes. They didn’t mean to have a big family. The second pregnancy was an accident, and the first time they didn’t even account for twins. But there they were, a family of six. Both parents had a big presence in their children’s lives growing up.

Cel’s job was very demanding as Headmistress, and it didn’t get any better in 2040, when she left her post to become Minister of Education in the government. It certainly didn’t get better in 2042, when she spearheaded a progressive movement that let her run and eventually be chosen as Prime Minister. This did take a toll on her marriage, and this time, there was no saving it. She made time for the kids, but she’d be lying if she said she was really as “into” her marriage anymore. More often than not, she avoided her husband. Their relationship deteriorated pretty quickly after she joined the government, you see; it had always been Trenton’s “area”, and her joining made him feel emasculated to a certain extent. Like she’d gotten into his territory and managed to progress faster than he had. Their compatibility fell apart, and by 2043, they were getting divorced. He returned to his home country of England, but still kept as close of a relationship with his kids as he could. In 2046, Celaena abruptly announced her retirement and intent to move. Although officially, she cited her want for her kids to be closer to their father, rumor has it there’s more to the woman than was meeting the eye.

Aven has always been closer to her dad than her mum, and that's probably why she didn't take the announcement of the move so hard. Even as a little girl, she always strived to be more like her dad and follow his rules to a T. Celaena might've been in charge of discipline, but Aven wasn't really a difficult kid to deal with — if Trenton said "jump", she asked "how high?". It did present problems when Aven had to go off to muggle primary, and that's probably the root of her neediness and clinginess with her siblings. They were all she really had in school — especially her twin, Demi — and being at a distance from her parents (Trenton especially) meant she was constantly doing things to get her siblings' approval and validation. A deep protectiveness also festered early on because of how close she got to them, and it's admittedly something that carried over following her transfer into Hogwarts. She thanks the lucky stars every day that she has the relationship she has with them; she doesn't really know what she'd do if she didn't.

Like Mel and Kian, Aven has known she was special for as long as she can remember. It wasn't just in a witchy way, either. Every night, at 2:07AM precisely, she'd wake up, blubbering about one dream or another where the events that had transpired would coincidentally happen the next day. As you can imagine, she saved her parents' behinds more times than any of them could count. Throughout the years, these powers understandably grew and evolved, but never spun out of control like her parents might fear. Tutoring with local seers was the norm in her childhood, making her more fortunate than many others. At least she never suffered from the really bad headaches, and those that she did get, she could quell with some pills and interpretation of fire omens. It helps get all that energy out, she thinks. But point is: knowing these little tidbits, and being privy to the wonders of magic growing up, Aven wasn't surprised at all when, at the age of seven, she levitated right off her bed mid-prophetic dream. The confirmation of the small manifestation arrived when she was eleven and joining the Greek Institute for Advanced Sorcery as a student from the House of Apollo.

Aven wasn't really surprised by her parents' eventual divorce. Her mother's career was stressful for everyone, and the constant fights meant Aven had to find comfort from another source when things got hard academically. She didn't want to bother Demi too much, and Kian and Mel still weren't at the Institute. So she turned to music. House of Apollo was full of musicians, so finding something she felt she had an affinity for wasn't really hard. The trumpet was the fourth instrument she ever laid her hands on, and boy did it stick. Note after note, song after song, Aven took it all in greedily, and from there, her love for the arts was born. It was her little pocket reality, where the crafts and knitting were normal, and the trumpet mimicked the sound of Apollo's lyre. It did create some distance between her and her siblings as she developed all these skills, but by fifth year, she felt comfortable enough in what she could do that she was hopeful she could spread the same kind of love she had with her siblings. Unfortunately, she didn't get the chance.

Crebrumous spattergroit. Normally, it'd be an easy fix, but Aven suffered from an especially virulent strain that left her incapacitated for the first half of fifth year. She almost died. It got that bad. She eventually made it out of the hospital, though, and she definitely came out seeing life in a different light. It's like it reinvigorated her and reminded her that there was a whole cosmos out there she still had to explore. It's hard to argue against it having changed her life for the better, because she took the divorce in stride, the move, and now sixth year — she just wants to take it, and Hogwarts, by storm. What right would she have to this second chance if she didn't make the most of it, y'know?
Aven is really creative and artistic! She loves channeling all her energy into colorful and cheerful things. She is really outgoing, too. She tries to put herself out there as much as she can, and maybe it does seem a little forceful sometimes, but she has the best intentions at heart when she does it. She's very much so still in the mindset that she needs to make the most of every day, because even though she knows what'll happen in the near-future, it's fluid and always changing — so even to her, it isn't a guarantee. She's someone who strives to be reliable and trustworthy — best seen by her self-appointed secret keeping job at Hogwarts — and typically goes out of her way to be the best person she can be for others. Helping in any way she can is just something that comes naturally to her, and that's why she's always trying to get involved with others.

Unfortunately, Aven does have the tendency to be really nosy. She wants to be involved with everything mostly because she's petrified her powers will fail her and she won't expect any curveball thrown her way. The idea that another life-changing event might catch her by surprise is pretty unsettling, so she's always trying to know everything. She's also very overprotective - sometimes even unhealthily so - but it's another 'side effect' of her life-threatening run-in with spattergroit. She means well! It just doesn't make it any fair on others to have to put up with her questioning everything. Especially when people are bound to get irritated, and she's so easily sent to tears. In her defense, she's a very emotional person.
Aven Main 3

Twin Sister


Sister #1

Sister #2

Boggart Spiders
Amortentia Kian's cologne
Patronus Brown Bear
Interests Knitting, Stargazing, Choir, Crafting
Pet Peeve
Star Sign Pisces
Dreams/Goals Figure out her goals for life
Color Burgundy and Gray
Song Achilles Come Down, by Gang of Youths
The Untold, by Secession Studios
Show Ratched
Movie Red Notice
Book History Is All You Left Me, by Adam Silvera
Food Baklava
Drink Soumada

knitting: she loves it and she's really good at it! all her christmas and birthday gifts are homemade things she's knitted, like teddies, sweaters, and even little pillow covers.
sewing: she isn't good at it, but she is going to master it even if she loses half her blood volume while she's at it.
trumpet: she can play the trumpet! only in private, though, because she thinks people will say it's a useless instrument to master; she's really good at it, though, and mastering new songs comes easy to her.
secret keeper: she owns a box called 'the box of secrets' that she decorated on her own. it's under lock and key, and anyone can come up to her and anonymously pass a sealed note with secrets they need to get off their chest. it can be really liberating. she never reads them, and every sunday, she sets the notes on fire as 'symbolism'.
astronomy tower: she'll spend hours up on the astronomy tower and not get tired. even if she has to bundle up in several layers, she loves going up there, and was actually one of the main advocates for setting up the so-called swing of death up there. finding the constellations is always a fun game.
she runs the advice column for the hogwarts paper.
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