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Avery Jackson - Slytherin 4th Year

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"It's my way or the highway"
Avery Jackson
Age 14
Birthday 12th April 2010
Family Michael Jackson (Father) Jennifer Jackson (Mother (dead)) Kia Jackson (stepmother) Tiana Zabini-Jackson (Stepsister)
Gender Female
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Brown
Status Alive, Pure-blood
School Hogwarts
House Slytherin
Boggart Her mother slowly dying
Patronous Tiger
Race Witch
Wand Arm Right
Wand -
Height 1.57

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Avery was born to Michael and Jennifer Jackson at St Mungos. The three of them lived near the sea. Her parents spoilt her threw out her childhood. She felt lonely though as her mum was a Hogwarts Healer so she only got to see her at holidays. Her dad was mainly away on business.  She spent her younger years playing with her nanny.

Unfornately her mum was diagnosed with cancer when Avery was 6 and died 6 months later. Avery felt broken after her mum died. Everywhere she looked reminded her of her mum. Her dad thought that if they moved Avery would maybe go back to her old self.

So that's what they did. They moved to South Africa. Avery quickly made friends and became Miss Popular at her new school. Her dad remarried a woman (Avery thinks her dad could do so much better) who had a daughter who was a year younger than Avery called Tiana when she was 8. Tiana tried to make friends with Avery but Avery just shunned Tiana. They moved back to England when she was 10. Since her dad got remarried, she had one goal: to make Tiana's life a misery.


When she got her acceptance letter to Hogwarts she was so excited. It meant that she was getting away from her stepmum and Tiana. Now she has one goal: to become queen bee!

Spell List[]

First Year


Avery likes to be the centre of attention and getting everything her way. Also she likes to control things and people. If it's not her way, she throws a massive hissy fit. However, there is another side to Avery.  Whenever her dad is around (or she wants something) she can be the sweetest girl you can ever meet. She also doesn't like getting close to anyone due to her past. She likes to mock and shun her step sister. She has learnt to be independent. She is afraid to show her true feelings. .


Avery has blond hair and brown eyes. She has a tanned skin complexation.