Avery Rivers is the second child of Olivia and Richard Rivers. Her birth occurred while they were on a caravan trip somewhere north of London, because Olivia and Richard preferred not to use their magic outside of their own home - the drive home was very difficult because Olivia was the designated driver, but a little reluctant magic on Richard's part while he was driving got the pair home safely. Avery, as an only child, was spoiled, and her interest in music was indulged by her parents.

Avery also had magical blood, and from a young age that magic at least slightly improved the quality of her singing, and she learned to sing at this quality even without those effects as the years went by. By the time she left for Hogwarts at the age of eleven she was pretty good, and considered a bit of a maestro by her parents. On the journey to Hogwarts she made many a friend attracted by the sound of her voice. She had grown up with the sassy and sarcastic nature of her mother, and the blunt, ambitious nature of her father, but her kind nature earned her a rare Hufflepuff/Slytherin hatstall, of which she chose Slytherin.

A competent Quidditch player and flier she proved to be, the position of Beater proving to quickly be her forte. She joined the team in first year, a rare feat for her time, winning the first two years, then losing to Ravenclaw although not for her lack of trying, winning the next year and spending her next two years in frustrating losses to Gryffindor before leaving on a high. She went into a career as a beater for Puddlemere upon graduation, which she is still in. Her brother was a little annoyed she didn't play for the Bats, his side of the time, but Avery didn't particularly care about that.
After retirement, Avery's taken the job as Holyhead Harpies manager.


Avery is quite sassy, she is not afraid to be a little sarcastic. She loves to have a little fun, and the work doesn't necessarily need to be done either. She can sometimes rush into hitting people, and she may seem short but she definitely packs a punch; swearing like a sailor, too, is a habit. A slight flirt by nature and with a slight accent, she can sometimes develop affections too quickly. Easily extroverted, it doesn't take too much to get her excited, hyperactive, or drunk. A decent singer, she bonds well and is a very close friend when befriended, with anyone who can bear her nature and sometimes spontaneous singing.









"live, love, kick butt."

Avery Amelia Rivers-Scott
RPer Lilly Mara
Age 29
Birthday September 2
Nationality English
Ethnicity English
Species Witch
Blood Pure-Blood
Orientations Homosexual/Homomantic
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Faceclaim Anna Kendrick
Height 5'1
Schooling Hogwarts, Slytherin
Year Alumna
Occupation Holyhead Harpies Manager
Wand {{{wand}}}
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Patronus Cat
Boggart Death
Affiliation(s) Rivers-Scott Family, Puddlemere United
Location Home; Ilkley Moor
Most influenced by Booker Mulder
Languages English, French


Model: Anna Kendrick

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