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Ayake Jae-hyuk

Careful Gryffindor • Courageous Spirit • Fifth Year

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Basic Information
AGE 16
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
MODEL Irene (Red Velvet)


“Stay. Please, don't leave!"

This was what Seo Woo yelled at the night when her to-be fiancé, Jin Jae-hyun, had a fight with Seo, and it ended up in a disaster. Seo's heart was broken, and it didn't help when she realized she was pregnant and eating for two. Suicide seemed like the best option. However, Seo's mother talked her out of it. Since she was a witch, and Jin was a wizard, Seo was pretty sure the unborn baby was going to be a wizard as well. Then for Seo's 27th birthday, Jin appeared at her doorstep with a bunch of flowers and a sorry heart. Noticing Seo's round state, he questioned her, and when Seo said, "No thanks to you, bitch" Jin's heart shattered. He desperately needed Seo back in his life, or his sanity would be gone. He flung himself to Seo's feet and begged her to take him back; he was really sorry, blah blah blah. Thankfully, Seo was soft-hearted, and she couldn't bear the idea herself not living with him. Seo agreed, and they married. Not too long after that, Ayake was brought into existence by a Hufflepuff and a Gryffindor.

Ayake was taught the proper ways of being a Korean girl. She loved it sometimes, but she hated it as well. She wanted to go out and play; what was the matter? Nevertheless, Ayake later grew into her mother's and father's expectations. Her mother and father was so proud of her she would have almost new dresses every week, which almost spoiled her, but she could be quite embarrassed by the gifts, so she didn't bring herself to that. She then went in kindergarten, or as the Romans called it, the mouth of the wolf. She then realized kindergarten was a nightmare. When she had to do a project, her best friend at that time was a Muggle called Anna. Anna really wanted to do the project with her, but she didn't see the format layouts or ideas like Ayake did. She saw the playing signs and a chance to invite Ayake to her home. As a result, Anne didn't do ONE. SINGLE. THING. in the project and Anne even blamed Ayake for not letting her do anything! The nerve. This led to Ayake being really, really cautious about choosing her partners.

Ayake had some I-don't-care-I-hate-you-you-bitch moments with her father or mother, but they mostly made up. Ayake loved her parents; even though they had some arguments now and then, Ayake still heard them say sorry every time. She heard all about the amazing stories of Qudditch, the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor house, and they all seemed like legends. They eventually moved to England, where Hogwarts was set, because Seo's mother lived there and Seo wanted some help to raise Ayake. Ayake’s first magical moment was when she was six, and she happened to see her father’s old broomstick for Qudditch. She was told it could fly, so she muttered “Fly!” and up it went. When she told her parents what happened, they couldn’t be anymore prouder. Up until the day Ayake's Hogwarts letter came. Ayake would never forget her parent's crying faces, yet they were not crying with sadness, they were crying with joy, hoping their child would come home, sweeter and better than ever (*scoff scoff* yeah right *scoff*). Ayake picked up the materials she needed and went off to Hogwarts.

She's hoping for a warm welcome.




Ayake is a girl whose loyalties are always questioned. She has a lot of responsibility, due to some incidents that happened before she went to Hogwarts. She believes people can get second chances, as long as they don't fuck up the second time. She's used to people saying, "Oh, poor you! Did you grow up in a sewer?" because she dresses weird. She doesn't care. She shakes off people's comments, but when it comes from somebody she's grown to admire, love or be friends with, she can't help it but drop everything she's doing and cry on a shoulder. Ayake had a bad history with an irreponsible classmate during kindergarten, and now she hates every single person who's a free rider, meaning that they don't do anything in a project, but still get part of the credit.

Being born in a Korean household makes it hard for her to grow up with Americans. Like, pizza? You eat pizza, on a plate? With iced Coca Cola? Whaaaat?!? Ayake is always curious about new things she'd never experience before, so if you take her to a theme park, she would be totally over the moon. She wasn't allowed to stay up late, or drink soda or, even worse, turn on the television. She was expected to be a student with straight As, and if she didn't achieve them, she would die be locked in her room with only bathroom breaks and eating time for a whole week. She didn't like to study, though. She only does her stuff because she's not a fan of a teacher ranting at her. Inside she holds a great deal of pain, but she covers it up with jokes and fake smiles. She can be easily scared by something ugly and gross, but she normally doesn't show it. She can be described as "courageous" by her parents' friends, but deep down, Ayake knows she actually isn't.



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Other Information
FATHER Jin Jae-hyun
HOMETOWN South Korea
CURRENT LOCATION Gryffindor Dormitories
BODY TYPE Athletic sort of

Magical Information
BOGGART Any kind of insect “They’re revolting!”
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Gryffindor

NICKNAMES Aya, Keke (Pronounced Kiki), Jae
FAVE CLASS Transfiguration
FAVE FOOD Squid c:
FAVE DRINK Apple juice 🍎



Seo Woo-Mother
Jin Jae-hyun-Father




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