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Even with all the humor in the world on your side, Bai Kali Wu isn't keen on being less marmoreal anytime soon. It's going to take more than sticking around for her to remember your name, but that can be excused since she's too focused on trying not to be too anxious about her next shoot. By no means should you pick on her for being busty and ditzy; she's got a voice and she's willing to use it in more ways than one.

Full Name Bai Kali Wu
Hae Ga-Yi/해가이
Wu Bai/吳白
Zhang Li/张黎
Born 29 February 2020
Age 20
Status Alive | Single
Gender Female
Species Human | Witch
Nationality Chinese
Ethnicity Korean-Japanese
Blood Status Muggle-born
Orientations "they're good friends" "THEY'RE LESBIANS HOWARD"
Father Hae Ga-Yong
Wu Zedong
Mother Seong Ha-Yeon
Siblings Blake Wu (adoptive brother)
Hae Wushu (older brother)
Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Other Relatives ...
Ancestral Home Shenzhen, China
Most Important People Blake Wu, Romano family

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School Mahoutokoro School of Magic (former)
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House Slytherin
Electives COMC, Muggle Studies, Arithmancy, Muggle Music, Frog Choir
Average Grade A
Year Alumna (repeater)
Wand Kaya body, cedar handle, unicorn hair core, 9 inches, rigid
Animagus/Patronus Can only produce a shield
Boggart Petrificus Totalus
Amortentia Blake's laundry detergent, Erxi's perfume, onigiri
Mirror of Erised the Wus standing together alive and happy with her
Exotic? No
Occupation Model
Loyalty Wu family
Organizations Slytherin

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Physical Information
Model Park Soo-Young [Joy, Red Velvet]
Hair Colour Varies
Eye Colour Amber
Handedness Right
Voice Type Soprano [Dramatic Coloratura]
Eyesight Mild trauma (right eye); 20/30
Health Status Stable
Most Notable Accessories Always in flats
Distinguishing Marks Birthmark on her hairline, scars on both ankles, lacks her left pinky knuckle

If someone's being affectionate, Bai considers it a murder plot.

Bai dislikes nicknames, perfume, and the concept of holding hands. She believes kissing in the rain romanticizes hypothermia and other diseases. Although she sympathizes with her brother on his views, she doesn't categorize romcoms and K-Dramas as horror and a mistake that should've been put down by copyrights. That judgment is reserved for harem animes. Going out of her way to push Blake into unnecessary situations gives her a front row seat to an adlibbed thriller. It's only thriller because she can't predict what new silly stunt he's going to do next. She doesn't understand how this makes her a below average sister. It's not like it's her fault Blake tried scrubbing a stain off his last crush's crotch. it is her fault. blake's too soft to blame her. Her logic's sensible as it comes but isn't coordinated with human expectations. Over time, it's become clear that this is more unfortunate for the other party.

Her favorite way of communication is not talking. She can be infuriating because she'll always leave you on Read and think it's fair to bring up a conversation two years later. If you can't remember what you said, that's okay, she remembers it word for word. Peer pressure only gets her nose when it's extreme. Group meetups for assignments could go smoothly if it's a one-time thing. Don't be put off by the amount of facial expressions she uses; the faster she goes through them, the more she likes you. If you tell her you like someone, she'll leave the room immediately. No, she isn't going to tell them. She's probably just really hungry and will return with a four course meal. If she feels like you need a pick-me-up, she'll give you her dessert. Her advice might take the flavor out of it, but she tries. Without anyone to tell her, she's decided that it's okay to try and fail and keep trying at the things she's horrible at, like social interaction and computer games. She may not have the ability to brush your tears away and tell you you're going to be okay, but what she does have is presence. It's hard to get rid of someone who's never known anything else but stay.

Culture shock wasn't too kind to Bai at first. She's adjusted, kind of, but she'll still ask if you've eaten when you speak to her. The Hogwarts feasts work well with her (it feels like family) and remind her of hot pots. Considering the mistreatment she's faced, it's a miracle she functions in social situations and God forbid, is even cordial. Everyone can thank the Wus and her therapist for that. Contrariwise, the overgrown Chuzzle won't meddle in affairs that have a chance of going sour. One day, she could stop shunning her Japanese roots and being an uncaring bystander. That could be milking hope for more than it's worth. Fear is a factor in how people shape their lives, and Bai is no exception. It would be going too far to accuse her of cowardice when she's bitten down on the yaoguai breeding inside her. She's obligated to tuck promises near her heart, but the only follow-ups she's seen from others end in gaping wounds that don't heal. Even if her blinding smile is escorted by a blind eye, she's still a human with a conscience that can be troubled. You can't rattle bones with nerves tailored from fear, and some people forget to ask. You only need to ask once.

Don't beg me. Never beg me.
Let’s run run run again! It’s OK to fall down
Let’s run run run again! It’s OK to be injured

Beauty is death, death is mercy.

So how come Seong Hayeon spared none for her only daughter? She ignored the other child — that was for her husband to take care of — and focused all her obsessive energy on Gayi. Nobody could have realized that Hayeon wasn't any less of a perfect mother. She was beautiful, crazy beautiful. Hae Gayong, with his glower and foreigner status, was fortunate to have her as a wife, they said. They were an unapproachable family in Shenzhen, respected but suspected. How can you trust someone who chose to not be ashamed of being different? The Hae household held three distinct whispers within its walls: Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin. Eavesdropping was virtually impossible. People fear what they can't understand. It was best that they shied away. There were few to witness the twisted life the family led.

Servants had their lips sealed, often with a ribbon of regret and fear cut into their bones. The first child's birth owed no celebration, for Hae Gayi was conceived through hatred and abuse. She remembers little of the times when Hayeon was a mother, but does it fondly. They banded together against her father's insolent yelling and the fear he struck into them. Hayeon's transition is spotted with black in Gayi's memories. It was slow, that she knows, yet when exactly her only ally was lost to her escapes her. The distance between them grew too much especially after Gayi's sickly younger brother was born. He was a priority to Gayong as the heir, and Hayeon fell upon the opportunity to gain more favor. Gayi left the house when she could and as far as her legs could go. Away from the loneliness, away from a place that could never be called a home.

Among these excursions, one stands out as her first vivid memory. Wu Erxi was the most beautiful thing Gayi had laid her eyes on in her six years on earth, and anyone who disagreed was blind. Despite the meager light the stars gave and how Gayi was far too young to understand why the other girl had a deadly object against her own temple, she knew enough to stop it. Gayong owned one too, and Gayi had seen the reaction its appearance induced from her mother. Even if she had never known kindness, the child unearthed something deep inside her and screamed with it when Erxi pulled the trigger. The muffled blast stopped both of them short. Confusion overtook the older girl when she remained alive. Gayi had stopped the bullet without lifting a finger — an act that could be perceived as either a miracle or magic. Her appearance reminded Erxi of her younger brother waiting for her at home, worried for her, and Erxi's pain stopped for one vital second. Hanging on for some time longer didn't seem like such a bad idea now.

Saying Gayi was Erxi's saviour felt unnatural to Gayi. If she saved Erxi, Erxi saved her. There were no good influences in Gayi's life before the Wus steamrolled into the scene. It was okay for the time being that she was still in custody of Hayeon and Gayong. Hayeon's treatment of her worsened, a fact that became obvious to the Wus as well. Days passed where Gayi visited with fever raging in her blood and weakness coloring her irises. No complaints reached her tongue as she bore it all. As long as she had the Wus, she refused to break down. It seemed as if she would make it to her first year at Mahoutokoro without anything else happening. She was wrong. Blood spilled and so did she to the Wus and the authorities that came.

The hole Erxi left in her life was bearable, barely. Shaoxiang leaned on her and she did likewise to him, because being together would have been what Erxi wanted and eased the numbness. The last straw was watching her father discover Hayeon's deceit and seeing her half-brother being dragged outside to be killed. His decision to resolve the issue with a gunshot brought about what came next. Gayi's testament, and the truth of it all, was witnessed by many. Hayeon and Gayong were incarcerated and Gayi was free. Her actions drew no favor from distant relatives, since she had sent the family's reputation to the grave. Wu Zedong won custody of her, and she started her new life with a new name — Wu Bai. How she wished it was a happy ending once and for all, but life had other plans. Her experiences at Mahoutokoro are left unspoken for a good reason.

China no longer offered anything to make them stay. Wisely, Zedong relocated them to Britain for a fresh start after consulting with his deceased wife's family. Under the condition that they keep in touch, they were supportive and even gave him the English branch of their animal sanctuary as a parting gift. The family arrived in England with Zedong and Shaoxiang undergoing name changes to Carlisle and Blake. Bai settled for simply romanizing her Chinese and Korean names. The two were soon enrolled in Hogwarts and began to slowly integrate themselves to a new home.

English Name:

Bai (白) -> white | Kali -> romanization of her given name; means black in Hindi

Current Surname:

Wu (吳) -> From Chinese 吴 (wú) which refers to the ancient state of Wu

Given Name:

Ga-Yi (가이) | Ga [伽] -> nursing, attending, entertainer; in Chinese, this character is not used alone | Yi [怡] -> harmony; pleasure, joy

Birth Surname:

Hae (해) -> sea mist; vapor [瀣]

Birth Chinese Name:

Li (黎) -> black; dawn

Birth Chinese Surname:

Zhang (张) -> stretch, extend
Frequented Places Slytherin common room, St. Mungo's, Vestibule of Mischief
First Love Wu Erxi
First Kiss n/a
First Time ...
Any illnesses? PTSD, anxiety
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Miscellaneous Trivia

  • She isn't sure what her first language is. Her thinking voice is comprised of Korean, but she swears in Japanese and slips into Mandarin when agitated.
  • Her English is, like her grades, passable. Due to her Korean and Japanese background, she's specifically prone to reversing subject/verb positions.
  • She and Blake celebrate her birthday three times a year because she's a leap year baby: February 2, 9, and 18.
  • Her height is no joke - she could probably pass as male if it weren't for her figure.
  • Her biological father is half-Japanese, and her mother is a Chaoxianzu.
  • Petrificus Totalus renders people immobile and helpless. It's how Bai has felt for most of her life: as if her struggles accounted to nothing. The spell was frequently used on her when she was at Mahoutokoro, and was also used when she was assaulted.
  • She got street scouted for modeling a lot when she was younger, and she finally gave in. Blake finds this stressful.
  • In one hanja, her Korean name originates from "coffee."

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