Bast Nimr
Uagadou Alumni • Black Panther of Cairo
Owned by: Soc

Full Name: Bastian Horus Nimr
Born: August 29
Age: 22
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: Egyptian
Ethnicity: African

Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Egyptian
Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt
Native Language: Arabic
Languages Spoken: English, Arabic
Current Location: London
Affiliation(s): Uagadou, Nimr Family

Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand Wood: Rosewood
Wand Core: Unicorn Hair
Wand Length: 10 Inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Black Panther
Boggart: Being cast out
Exotic?: No

Schooling: Uagadou School of Magic
House: NA
Year: Alumni
Year Joined: First

Bastian is a hard-working, kind-hearted guy who tries his hardest in whatever he does. Whatever he sets his mind to, he gives it his all and usually becomes pretty good at it. He picks things up really easily and is a quick thinker. Bast will lend a helping hand to everyone anytime they need him even if it isn't convenient and doesn't discriminate against anyone. He is also a great peace-maker who tries to find solutions that please everyone. 

On the flip side of his dedication and helpfulness is his tendency to overwork and exhaust himself. While trying to please everyone, Bastian will often tire himself out. This doesn't stop him though. He won't quit until everyone is content. He also works way too hard in general. He can't sit still when there's work to be done. And there's always work to be done.

Despite the amazing soul he is, Bastian has low self esteem that probably originates from his family's lack of acceptance. This is also probably why he always wants to please everyone. It's as if he has to prove something to the world. He has been getting better about it the more he develops his acting abilities, however. Well, that, or he has just learned to cover it up well.

In general, Bast is a kind man that would never deny anyone of help. He tries his hardest to please those around him, despite feeling like he always lets them down anyway. He will overexert himself in order to get his work done and skip out on breaks even though he really should take one. He really just wants acceptance and will try his hardest to get there.

Bastian Horus Nimr was born on August 29 in Cairo, Egypt to Abasi and Chione Nimr. He was the last of their children, making him the baby, and he was treated as such. Not by his parents, however, but by his siblings and nannies. His parents were always away for work purposes, leaving him and his siblings behind at their home. Throughout his childhood, Bast never really desired anything. Because his family was wealthy, he never went without food, clothing, or toys, and his siblings gave him all the love he needed to suffice. Really, he had a happy childhood in his opinion even though his parents weren't really in it.

His first sign of magic came when he was 7. One of Bast's sisters (most likely Cleo) had gotten a cookie from the jar and instead of getting one for Montu or sharing, she stuck the jar up on the highest shelf so Montu couldn't reach. This had caused Montu to go into a fit of rage, and Bastian hated when his siblings fought. Even at that young age, he was still considered the peace-maker of the family. In a matter of seconds, Bast had caused the cookie jar to come crashing down on the kitchen floor. He proceeded to hand his brother a cookie and clean up the mess. Of course he got fussed at for breaking the dish, but again, it wasn't by his parents, but rather a maid or nanny.

When Bast was of age, he went off to Uagadou, just like his older siblings. He was thrilled to be going off to school with his sisters and brother. In all honesty, he'd gotten very lonely when they had all left him to attend the school of magic. At Uagadou, Bastian thrived, making friends and developing his personality and character. In his fourth year, Bastian realized he was crushing on a boy named Taavetti. It was then when he determined his sexual orientation. Although he hoped his family wouldn't mind which sex he preferred, he was still terrified to tell them. 

After his final year at school, Bastian decided to come out to his family. He had never been so happy to get something off his chest. But that happiness only lasted a few seconds before his parents disowned him in disgust. With nowhere else to turn to, his older sister Tris happily welcomed him to live with her. Bast was more than content to live with his sister. Out of all his siblings, he happened to get along with her the best. Not to mention, she never shamed him for who he was. 

Right before Tris was to be made Head Auror, she had an accident in which she fell into a coma for six whole months. In that time, Bastian picked up a couple of jobs that would pay the bills and take care of any medical expenses. When his sister finally awoke, the healers demanded she be sent to London for rehabilitation. Bastian was more than on board with this decision. He'd go anywhere as long as it meant his sister could get the medical treatment she needed.

In moving to London, Bastian also had better opportunity to pursue his dream of being a famous actor. It was there where he landed his first gig as an extra in an insignificant TV show. That was more than enough to encourage him to continue with his dream. He had a couple more minor successes, but nothing too major. The best thing he has gotten so far is an interview with one of the most famous Wizarding World TV Networks - he's banking on a job with that company. Hopefully all his hard work will have paid off.

Model: Chadwick Boseman
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 6'0
Weight: 193 lbs
Voice Type: Baritone
Distinguishing Marks: None



Father: Abasi Nimr
Mother: Chione Nimr
Full Siblings: Iris, Cleo, Tris, and Montu Nimr
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: None

Abasi and Chione Nimr Parents "I still love them even if they don't love me anymore. The truth is - nothing has really changed. They weren't a constant before in my life, and they aren't a constant now."
Tris Nimr Sister "She is the only thing keeping me sane. I honestly don't know where I would be without her. She accepted me without question and continues to support me in every sense of the word. I love her."
Iris, Cleo, and Montu Nimr Other Siblings "I still love them as well. They hurt a lot worse than my parents. I really thought they would accept me no matter what. I was wrong."

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