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basic information

Full Name ||

Bastian Gilbert Jiho Park-Zelmerlöw [Birth name]
Park Jiho | 박지호 [Korean name]

Nicknames ||

Basti, Duck

Age ||


Birthday ||

25 October 2016

Zodiac Sign ||


Assigned Sex ||


Gender Identity ||


Sexual Orientation ||


Romantic Orientation ||


Relationship Status ||

Single [Dibbed]

Species ||

Human [Wizard]

Nationality ||


Ethnicity ||

Korean [paternal]
Swedish-Norwegian [maternal]

Birthplace ||

Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Current Location ||

magical information

Blood Status ||


Magical Education ||

Durmstrang Institute of Magic [Years 1-4]
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [Years 5-7]

Year ||


Wand Wood ||


Wand Core ||

Dragon Heartstring

Wand Length ||

12 ¾ inches

Patronus ||


Boggart ||

Being Kidnapped Again

Exotic? ||


Face Claim ||

Seo Kangjoon

Hair ||

Black, fluffy

Eyes ||

Light Brown

Skin ||

Pallor Asian

Height ||

183 cm

Weight ||

60 kg

Body Frame ||

Thin, muscular. Scarred.

Tattoos ||


Piercings ||


Voice ||

Bartione [Light German Accent]

Scent ||

Wet stone, laundry detergent and lavender

Throughout his life, Bastian's personality has shifted a lot.


The fabric that holds the Park-Zelmerlöw family together is sports. Their love for them might rival their love for each other. It was the very thing that brought together Muggle sports doctor Park Yunho to his Quidditch reporter wife, Agnetha Zelmerlöw. Their love for sport had extended to their children Ilse, Bastian, and Felix - all born five and a half years apart. Each child grew up with participation in sports being as natural to them as walking. Ilse dazzled gracefully in ice skating and dominated in Quidditch. Bastian and Felix preferred to stay on the ground and engage with the worldwide phenomenon that was football.

If they were heavily influenced by their parents’ chosen expertise in sport, they let their skills speak for themselves. Ilse took home medals to hang up next to Agnetha’s childhood ones for ice skating. Her mother loved to surprise her with writing excellent reviews for her youth Quidditch games. For Basti and Felix, Borussia Dortmund was not just a club - it was a way of life. Yunho had secured a job as part of the medical staff there, and as children the brothers were instilled that Dortmund was their club. Basti’s earliest moments were looking at Marco Reus’ brilliance fieldside at Signal Iduna Park, and the way that the fans chanted throughout the stadium still rings through his head.

For Basti, football defined his childhood. He was used to being babied by the players sometimes, whenever he visited with his father. He enrolled in the youth academy as soon as he could. It seemed almost unfair to the teenagers of the world how seven-year-old Basti managed his time between school and football seamlessly. His days were spend chattering about in school and being completely focused on the ball in the field. There were talks about him moving up the ranks and eventually playing for Dortmund if he continued to be this good. No matter his performance, it seemed that the entire world spoke about Basti.

But the Wizarding world never forgot that Basti was one of theirs. Sunday nights were spent with his mother at various Quidditch league games. During visits to Norway, his cousin of a cousin Brynja kept him off the ground and on the air. And sometimes during important games, he pulled off miracles that could’ve only been explained by magic. He saw Ilse going off to Durmstrang every September, and hated hearing the way his maternal relatives would ask if he was excited to follow along soon. Basti prayed for the magic to stop, and for his dream to continue on. Maybe other people saw the shame in being a Squib, but not him. Every sign of magic was ignored away by Basti, no matter how obvious it was. The game between Dortmund and Bayern’s youth team when he was nine was seen as one that truly put him among the most highly looked at youth prospects in Europe. Talk rose excitedly - especially around the famous third goal he scored. The game was 2-2. Groans had risen over the way the ball had hit the goalpost and been on its way back out into the box - only for it to change direction and make it into the net. The muggles said it had to be wind, even when most people couldn’t remember there being a breeze at all. Basti knew better.

Naively, he thought that if he could ignore it, it would go away. Sure, it was useful when his mother moved her wand once and dinner was served just like that. Or when she would tell bedtime stories and it came alive as she spoke. Ilse studied at the dinner table sometimes during her summers, and the books were half-interesting. But for a life as a footballer, Basti was willing to give it all up. He was enamored with the way the ball felt as he kicked it, for running and looking constantly everywhere for space, with the cheers and the whole stadium singing with every goal he put in. There was nothing else that Basti wanted, nothing that a wand could give him. He knew that with magic would come trips to get his new robes measured and loads of books to stack around his room. He knew that with magic, came the end of his life's desire. And so he could only wish and wish at every shooting star that passed his window for him "not to be magic, not to be magic, not to be magic."

His wish was unfortunately not granted. Even if he could ignore the bursts of magic that came out of him, Durmstrang couldn't. They sent his letter the summer before his first year, and he was unhappy the rest of the summer. Couldn't he just not go? Basti pleaded with his parents, trying everything from throwing fits to making powerpoints. They could just homeschool him, and he could still remain playing football. It was certainly an option, but an infeasible one. Even if his mother knew how to homeschool, her work schedule just didn't allow for it. So on the 1st of September, Basti found himself at the steps of Durmstrang castle.

Despite any earlier reservations he might've had about attending, Basti found that he fit in quite easily.


Father ||

Park Yunho

Mother ||

Agnetha Zelmerlöw

Full Siblings ||

Ilse [older sister]
Felix [younger brother]

Half Siblings ||


Children ||


Other Relatives ||

Till Durm [brother-in-law]
Samuel and Tristan Durm [nephews]
Johanna Durm [niece]

Significant Other(s) ||


Best Friend(s) ||

Friends ||


Acquaintances ||


Enemies ||

Magical racists
  • Bastian loves muggle football, and is a hardcore fan of his hometown team, Borussia Dortmund. He even played for them in his youth, being triumphed as the next Cristiano Ronaldo. His preferred position was as a centre-forward, or as a left-winger.
  • He’s not as skilled at Quidditch, but if he plays, he prefers playing as a chaser.
  • In international football and quidditch, he supports the Swedish and German national teams foremost, and the Korean national team as a secondary team. (sorry, dad.)
  • If given the chance, he would still trade magic in return for a first team place at BVB.
  • Although not as invested in it as other members of his family, Bastian does hold a soft spot for Eurovision. He does sometimes brag that his cousin, Asbjørn, won it back in 2026.
  • He really loves mangoes and caramel.
    • His favorite dessert is mango bingsoo and his coffee order is a caramel macchiato with 2 extra pumps of caramel.
  • He owns at owl, Reus - named for Marco Reus.
  • Bastian is a huge letter writer. There’s a better chance of getting him to do what you want if you owl him.
  • He suffers from PTSD and anxiety due to his kidnapping experiences.
    • As a result, he can't sleep without the aid of sleeping potions.
  • He won Best Wizarding Actor for his role as Haven in Lost Data.
  • Basti likes:
    • hot showers
    • the first bite of a meal when you are really hungry
    • tight hugs
    • crawling into bed after a long day
    • forehead kisses
    • waking up in the morning and actually feeling like you had enough sleep
  • His native languages are Korean, Swedish, and German. He can also speak English and Russian fluently.
  • His blood type is B-.
  • His favorite color is grey.
  • His first crush was a girl from his street named Susanne. She moved away before he could confess.
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