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Rebeckah "Becky" Bradbury
"I was drunk, it was Comic-Con"
Vital statistics
Title Nerd Queen
Gender Female
Age 28
Height 5'5"
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Grey
Race Witch
House Ravenclaw
Year Alumna
Wand 13", Vine, Unicorn Hair
Wand Arm Left
Family -
Affiliation(s) Hogwarts, Ravenclaw


"I have a policy, about honesty and ass-kicking, which is, if you ask for it, then I have to let you have it." - Taylor Mali

About Becky...

Rebeckah Bradbury, commonly known as Becky, was a student in Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was in Ravenclaw House.

Born to a muggle couple, Becky grew up reading muggle books and watching television and movies — she had a completely regular childhood. From a young age, her parents, two astrophysicists, knew she was a clever child — she took in and understood information quickly and efficiently, she could process information faster and present it just as quickly. However they thought nothing of it — pleased that they had an intelligent daughter. Becky took an affinity towards gaming and sci-fi/fantasy books and movies.

Becky didn't outwardly display any signs of strangeness or magic, but occasionally when she lost a game or couldn't figure something out, the laptop or console would malfunction slightly, and her parents thought that it was not her fault, but the machine. So when she received her letter to Hogwarts on her eleventh birthday, it came as a huge surprise — for everyone. Her parents were intrigued, curious as to find the ways of the wizards and so they gladly let Becky go.

Becky is quiet to people she doesn't know or has just met — but she's very bubbly and boisterous. Alongside this she is an avid reader and fangirl — she obsesses over fictional characters and lands even though they don't exist. Becky sometimes goes off on tangents and rages about the books she reads, but it's bearable. She enjoys going to conventions and LARPing.



  • Becky's Patronus is a sheep - specifically a Kashmir Merino Ram. It's interesting because British scientists and researchers stated that sheep have an incredible kind of instinctive ability and intelligence beyond your imaginations. If threatened, they make large groups and run away together from predators. (And fangirls do the same trust me)
  • Her favourite song is "Walkin' on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves, although her favourite rendition oscillates between the original and the one here.