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Benjamin Stuart

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AGE 22
SEXUALITY Demisexual
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Honoring his ancestors' previous position of power, Émeric strived to become the next Minister. While wholly unsuccessful in his endeavors, achieving Head of Magical Law Enforcement ushered in a new era for the House of Stuart. Generation after generation, the family became renowned for its ambitious members, who, despite not receiving Lordship, have still managed to rise to power over and over, conceiving great warlocks. From Head Aurors to Undersecretaries to Department Heads, there has never come a point in time wherein the Stuart lineage has failed to make itself publicized and praised for its successful exploits in the Ministry. They were among the first to invest their wealth in the magical populace, funding the creation (and eventual revitalization) of landmarks such as Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and are rumored to be partof the reason why Hogwarts grew so much in the 19th century). Nevertheless, over and over they've proven themselves to be an iconic House whose goals are to support its Monarchy (and population) in every way possible.

Approaching more recent times, Renaud Stuart was no exception to the family's proclivity for positions of power. He rose through the ranks, achieving the position of Hit Wizard, Head Auror, Head of Law Enforcement, and ultimately staying as Senior Undersecretary until his eventual retirement. He contributed immensely during the World Wars, and the Wizarding Wars were no exception despite his advanced age. Like him, his firstborn James was successful in his mission to become an auror. Furthermore, it wasn't the kind of job he desired to have. Thus, he opened his own law firm, but was known mostly for pro bono cases that helped the less fortunate, regardless of the usual 'limitations' lawyers at the time imposed on their potential clientele (read: things they couldn't help). Being firm believers in equity, no Stuart ever treated everyone the same, but rather sought justice for all.

His eldest son was also named James, but unlike his father, he didn't strive for greatness. He wanted to honor his family, like every other Stuart, but he wanted to do it in a less extraordinary way. He, to an extent, wanted to live an idyllic life - or at least as close as he could get, being the member of such a powerful family. Having been a particularly... odd Gryffindor, many were surprised to hear he ended up marrying Frances Grey; an intense woman who carried a fiery passion for politics. Her, marrying the Charms professor? It was virtually impossible to believe, and the idea of them leading a successful marriage was almost worth laughing at, but to the surprise of many, they've been together for several decades now, conceiving several beautiful children along the way.

Benjamin was a little oddball from the moment he was born, despite having an older brother that didn't stop him from wanting to be the center of attention. He was quite the loud and charismatic little baby and kid, always dressing up in costumes from books that he read and wanting to act things out and put on plays. His parents thought he would become an actor, but in reality this was leading towards Benjamin's love for history.

Despite the rest of his family being huge into politics and positions of power, Benjamin loved to read books and make stories up in his mind, trying to drag his siblings into his little world by putting on plays for their parents or house guests. Although, after awhile his parents started to get irritated by this and made sure to nip it in the bud. After a small accident during one of his little shows that resulted in his brother breaking his wrist, Benjamin's parents made it clear that he was to stop with this foolishness.

Little Benjamin on the other hand would have none of it, and put up such a fuss and fight with his parents that after a good year of dealing with it they finally just bought him a stage to put in the attic and told him he could put on shows for the maids and butlers, but no one else. Benjamin was a sneaky and cunning little child though, bringing it everyone he could slip under his parents noses to his little plays, and surprisingly the staff and others highly enjoyed it.

When Benjamin was 7 his first sign of magic appeared while he was doing one of his plays. His parents heard the commotion and what sounded like too many people laughing, bursting in on the play and scaring Benjamin. But to their surprise only the maids and butlers were there, despite there being the gardners and chefs and various other staff present. When they left Benjamin realized that he made all those people invisible, and was ecstatic because that meant he could do more with his plays.

He used everything he read from his books to try and make his plays as interesting as possible, reading was such a huge passion for him that he wanted to bring it to life for everyone around him. He didn't want to be a politican or the head of some department, he wanted to travel and do plays and read books to kids and make peoples imaginations go wild with the stories of old.

When he was sent off to Hogwarts and sorted into Slytherin he was mildy confused. Sure, most of his family were Slytherin, but he didn't feel like he belonged. He did his best though to live up to the name, only not in ways one would think. He was cunning in sneaking things into class like food or making sure if he did someone else's homework that his handwriting wouldn't be recognizable by anyone. He did small things to stay out of trouble, instead of usual things people would think a Slytherin would do.

Graduation opened up so many doors for him, and he immediately set off traveling the world. He went to Africa first and read to the children there, going to the magical school and then traveling on to Asia, South America, and Australia. He loved it, and especially seeing so many places he read about in his books.

He returned to England to pursue a teaching job at a tutoring center, missing home while also thinking he should do some good in his community now that he's fulfilled in his travels. He hopes to settle down someday soon, but for now is content with the children he teaches.



Benjamin is a very interesting person. His personality seems to be all over the place, but he's quite a down to earth guy with just a little bit of a quirky attitude. He loves history and all things that has to do with it, and even goes as far as dressing up sometimes when he teaches.

He's very sweet and open to different people and backgrounds, and from traveling so much he's really become less judgmental of people and thinks everyone is just trying to get through life the best way that they can. He rarely judges people unless they deserve it, and will stand up to bullies and rude people. He really dislikes mean people, or people that try to do anything to get above others.

Of course he loves his family, but he also doesn't like politics and tries to stay away from it as much as he can. He doesn't talk about it and if someone brings it up he simply won't respond or tell them to change the subject, he hates it and thinks it brings nothing but bad feelings and arguements.

He's a kind heart and does his best to lighten up the lives of others, making people happy and bringing a smile to others. There's not too much that he hides from people, as he feels he doesn't have too after traveling the world and finding himself. He loves history and the world and despite things being able to change, he knows that it's the people who have to change the most.


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FATHER Charles Stuart
MOTHER Marcella Stuart
SIBLINGS Robert, Marie-Antoinette
RELATIVES Too many to count
WAND Black Walnut, Veela Hair, 9"
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Slytherin
LOCATION London, England
FAVE CLASS History of Magic
FAVE DRINK Strawberry Lemonade
FAVE SONG Blue Bird by Ikimono-gakari



Prince Ronan of Windsor
Despite having a bit of a shake up in their relationship, Benjamin still cares for Ronan but he isn't sure how to approach him or speak to him anymore and therefore has pulled away from his lifelong friend.

Blær Lýðursdóttir - Benjamin loves Blaer with all his heart and is so happy she's in his life, he can't wait to see where their relationship goes and hopes that he can be a sufficient boyfriend to her.


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