Bennett Wayne


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i want to hit you. i mean your hand... a high five - i want a high five.

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Ben, Benny




December 22nd








New Orleans, Louisiana, United States


Single; Alive






Sixth Year





Family Blood


Wand Core

Phoenix Feather

Wand Wood


Wand Arm






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i want to hit you. i mean your hand... a high five - i want a high five.

socially awkward™, king of solitude, never good enough made by Soc.


Lee Jaehyeong

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color




Distinguishing Marks



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Mental State


AliveCreamyAyeaye-size restricted



i want to hit you. i mean your hand... a high five - i want a high five.

socially awkward™, king of solitude, never good enough made by Soc.

Favorite Color

Midnight Blue

Favorite Music Genre


Favorite Food


Favorite Animal


Favorite Book

Any kind of cook book

Favorite Drink


Favorite Song

All Night Long by Lionel Richie

Favorite Movie

Any horror movie

Favorite Sweets

Sweet Dumplings


Eyebrow twitch when angry, Brooding looks and R.B.F, constantly calloused fingers


Plays guitar, Generally good at sports






Bennett (BEN-ett): blessed • Wayne (waen): wagon, cart


Sumi Wayne


Samuel Wayne

Full Siblings


Half Siblings






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i want to hit you. i mean your hand... a high five - i want a high five.

socially awkward™, king of solitude, never good enough made by Soc.

Ben has a rather unfortunate personality. He's one of those people that does not know how to interact with other people whatsoever - and most of the time he doesn't want to. He keeps to himself, preferring being alone for the most part. He'll engage in conversation if he has to, but he expects the interaction to be worth his time. If it's not... well then he just won't bother with you. He rides on a rather high horse so you have to get on his level for him to acknowledge you. Despite his isolating tendencies, Ben really does want to involve himself sometimes but just doesn't know how. He's a smol socially awkward baby.

Part of why Ben tends to stick to just himself is because of how intelligent he is. He has a brilliant mind that most people don't understand. He's also incredibly talented in certain areas. He can cook like a trained chef and can play guitar like a rock star. Unfortunately, not many people get to know either of those things about him. He never gets close enough to someone to cook for them or play for them. Ben is usually alone so he's used to cooking for one and entertaining himself. That's not always a bad thing. Self-reliance is a great skill. But that also means he doesn't connect when another person is thrown in the mix.

Just another thing to single him out from everyone else is Ben's OCD. He very particular on where things are placed and the urge for order is often very random. At first, Ben's parents just thought Ben liked things done his way, but eventually it clicked. Thankfully it doesn't change too much of Ben's life, but he still has his little quirks that pop up at the oddest of times.

Despite his natural affinity for learning and developing talents, Ben is one of those that feels as though he is never good enough. Granted, he's better than you, but still not good enough. Not smart enough, not skilled enough, not quick enough - just not enough. Ben sets the bar pretty high for himself, usually putting far too much pressure on himself. He just wants to prove that he's worthy enough - mostly to his parents, but also to everyone else too. He just wants to be enough, and so he'll push himself until he truly is.


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i want to hit you. i mean your hand... a high five - i want a high five.

socially awkward™, king of solitude, never good enough made by Soc.

Kim Sumi was a brilliant girl right from the start. Even when she was young, she had a grace with knowledge that put her higher than all her peers. Her favorite course of study was science in which she excelled greatly. That didn't change even when she began to attend a school for magic. Sumi was descended from a line of pure blooded wizards, her family a very prominent one in the magical side of Korea. While her family wished she would be more serious about magic than a muggle science, Sumi wanted to do both. Magic fascinated her just as much as science did. So instead of attending Mahoutokoro like most of her family, she went to Hogwarts and double enrolled in muggle courses for medical science.

After graduation, Sumi decided to further her studies in the United States. Little did she know, she'd end up settling there after meeting a man named Samuel Wayne. Samuel Wayne was from a pure blooded family of wizards who specialized in both magic medicine and muggle medicine. Needless to say, Sumi and Sam were two peas in a pod. They both enjoyed studying medical magic and science and soon enough their feelings for one another turned into something more. The Wayne family accepted Sumi with open arms and the two were wed a year or so after their fateful meeting. Soon enough, nature took its course and there was another addition to the Wayne family not long after.

Bennett Wayne was born into the family on December 22nd in New Orleans, Louisiana. He, like both of his parents, was a brilliant child from the start. However, Ben's interests usually lied outside the realm of science and medics. Ben was more interested in magic and music and knowing the most random things. Whenever he'd get nervous or be under pressure, he'd spout out random facts that no one really asked for. He still does that as a matter of fact. While his parents still pushed for him to become interested in their line of work, they were so busy actually working for Ben to really care what they wanted. They were never home.

Of course Ben had a nanny or a tutor with him at home along with a handful of maids, but his parents were never there. Ben became frustrated with this and usually took it out on the people that were there. He had a knack for getting workers to quit. The tutors were furious with his disrespectful attitude, the nannies refused to take care of someone so rude, and the maids learned to just avoid the child like the plague. Soon enough, Ben really was alone. And he was okay with that. In a way.

Ben learned to fend for himself. That included playing by himself, studying by himself, cooking by himself, and ultimately taking care of himself. That also meant he had no friends. So when he did meet other children, it was always so very awkward. When he was a mere six, Sumi and Samuel took Ben to a Christmas Dinner party for their work. It was a grand event that hosted many doctors from around the country. This was one of the few times Ben actually got to see his parents, though they brushed him off to talk to other doctors and instructed him to "go make friends" as if it were the easiest task in the world.

Despite his reluctance, he did as they said and went to speak with the other children. Most of them were really stupid. Ben was only six, but he was a genius compared to these idiots who were still picking their noses and sucking their thumbs. One girl in particular was bawling like a- well, like a child. Perhaps that was because she was one. Nonetheless, Ben was the only one who seemed to have ears at the moment because everyone else was ignoring her. She had broken a doll she'd gotten for the holiday and was crying her eyes out because of it. Ben wasn't compelled so much by compassion, but he really wanted her to stop wailing like she was. In a quick moment, the leg that had broken off the dolly had magically reattached. It was good as new. She stopped crying. Must be a Christmas miracle. Or Ben realizing he could do magic just to shut that dreadful infant up.

When Ben was eleven he was faced with the choice of Ilvermorny or Hogwarts - his father's or his mother's alma matter. He was already alone most of the time anyway, so attending a school across the pond wasn't as daunting to him as it was for most kids. At least that area was more interesting than here. He loved New Orleans and the culture, but he didn't mind trying something new. So it was off to Hogwarts. There, he excelled in his classes as expected. His biggest problem wasn't his studies, it was his social life. Ben still sucks at making friends and doesn't know how to properly interact with people. For as smart as he is, hopefully he can learn.




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i want to hit you. i mean your hand... a high five - i want a high five.

socially awkward™, king of solitude, never good enough made by Soc.

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