Bernard Glyndwr-Schmidt

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Basic Information
AGE 15
SEXUALITY Demisexual
MODEL Dylan Sprouse


Bernard only knew his parents for less than a day and he has come to the conclusion that he is glad of this. In his own words: they were absolute f-cking bastards. Elias McDoney, a wizard, had married Yvonne McDoney and their relationship was (in Bernard's words) absolutely f-cking sh-t. They were, in simpler terms, toxic and fractured. Though Bernard didn't grow up in riches and never had a life full of sunshine and rainbows, he's glad he's the one that was left in a ditch (Bernard wasn't exactly sure how he got separated from his biological parents, all he knows is that they didn't want him) and didn't have to stay in their household. From what he found out later on, they could barely go a day without arguing and it was something Bernard was very much glad he was separated from. Of course, later on, they had another child which turned out to be Bruno, though for the majority of his short life Bernard was unaware of this.

On the other hand, it's not exactly like Bernard was separated from this throughout his life anyway. As no officials knew who his biological parents were, Bernard was placed for adoption, being put into the system since he was an infant. He moved from household to household. Foster parents for the most part. Until he was five where he was adopted. The family was nice enough, they weren't violent or neglectful. They gave Bernard a roof over his head, food to eat. Previous households had almost ignored Bernard and he had developed speech issues by the time he was three, rarely speaking and when he did, he was either a stuttering mess, spoke too fast or mumbled and couldn't be heard. By the time he was six, the family had moved to Nuremberg, Germany. They had placed Bernard through speech therapists and Bernard found himself becoming more confident, especially as he learnt German. He picked up quickly. Of course, the adoptive family wasn't perfect. The parents went out often, leaving Bernard at home, but usually, he survived. Sometimes, the parents remembered to leave a baby sitter but Bernard found himself never really interacting with them.

He had his first magical incident when he was six. He caused his replica of the millenium falcon (sue him, he was into star wars as a kid) to start flying around the room after a fight with one of his parents. It only lasted a minute or so before it crashed onto the ground, smashing into bits. No one believed him when he tried to tell people but he knew it happened. Of course, he spent days rebuilding it and trying to get it to happen again. Which of course, it never did. When he was seven, though, everything began to shift. His adoptive father was a writer, suffering from writer's block, but it only spent a week with Bernard for an idea to hit him. A children's book with Bernard as the star. Within the year, the father had written a book that became an international hit. With Bernard the sole figure inside it, Bernard became a famous figure throughout the muggle world and by nine, he was being paraded from crowd, from camera, from interviews. He was pulled out of school as he was being harassed and the parent's decided it was safer for Bernard to be homeschooled. Of course, the parents, especially the mother, was loving the attention, drowning in the riches and everything that came with fame. However, they lost any sort of relationship they had with their young son. Feeling like a puppet, Bernard resented the attention, and eventually both his parents, and never truly understood what the big deal was with the book that so many people adored. He wasn't that special...he was just Bernard.

When he was eleven, he was sent to Beauxabaton and it was a huge relief to him. Barely anyone there recognised him and Bernard was given freedom based in anonymity. No longer was he being pestered through simply walking down a hallway, no one knew him. Life was easier. Bernard kept to himself, though, not really involving himself with the world around him. He did okay at school, he wasn't the best person academic or sport wise. Bernard actually struggled with nearly all the classes, only finding solitude in photography. Everything change when he was fourteen. His adoptive parents were killed in a car crash, coming home from a party. Without any extended family, Bernard was shoved back into the system, however, this time it was the magical system, not the muggle side. Thus, just when he turned fifteen, he found himself adopted by the Glyndwr-Schmidts. Seeing as Bernard had to give his blood in, just in case they could find some blood relative out there, it didn't take long for them to find a match with his little brother Bruno. The ministry contacted Bruno's (adoptive) parents and they didn't hesitate to take Bernard in. Now, at fifteen years old, Bernard had been relocated back to London and enrolled in Hogwarts.




Bernard is a quiet person of sorts, not interacting with most people around him. He doesn't like attention, having had too much of it as a child, and finds himself uncomfortable when he becomes the centre of the spotlight. In fact, he's silently struggling to come around with the fame surrounding the Schmidt family, even though he's not even involved in Quidditch or anything. Bernard is just wary, worried what happened with his previous family will happen again. Not that he voices any of these insecurities, Bernard tends to keep his feelings and thoughts to himself. Bernard is an introvert and can often appear cold to most people. Difficult to earn his trust, it takes a while for Bernard to warm up to someone but when he does, Bernard attentive, constantly putting the other's feelings above his and tends to invest his own emotions into their goals, constantly trying to support them whenever he can. Bernard is reliable and practical and isn't much of a dreamer. He's cautious too, finding himself hesitant to rush into things.

Bernard can also be quite cynical and pessimistic, not really believing in love or a long lasting relationship. He believes people will eventually leave or die and that really people will only follow their own needs. Bernard doesn't really trust promises and the future, preferring to live day by day. No one can really tell the future, so why try force it when it's just going to disappoint you? However, Bernard is adaptable, rarely being taken by surprise and rarely finding himself becoming attached to one situation. He's moved around a lot, from one family to one family, so he's taught himself to never really expect a situation to stay the same. Bernard also tends to swear a lot, especially when he's taken by surprise or feeling hurt by other people or a situation, and can often be dubbed a potty mouth. He's also quite fluent in German and tends to fall back into it without realising it. It also means he has quite a heavy accent and can sound quite harsh and blunt without realising it.

Bernard, though he hates to tell people this, is terrified of a lot of things. Heights, spiders, snakes and water. He hates it all and freezes up in situations like that. Bernard can be a bit of a coward and isn't one to immediately jump into action, as much as he hates to admit it. Furthermore, Bernard finds solace in sculpting. He finds peace and quiet there. It's his hobby. If his previous father taught him anything, then it was good to have something to get you by. Though, he refuses to learn creative writing or drawing. Bernard doesn't have a definitive dream out there. He's got lots of things he wants to do. Become an auror, a traveller, an artist. Lots of things. He's just not sure what would suit him best. Obviously, Bernard and planning for the future doesn't work that well.




Other Information
FATHER Elias McDoney
MOTHER Yvonne McDoney, Lena Schmidt and Cerys Glendower
SIBLINGS Bruno Schmidt, Astrid Schmidt and Isolde Schmidt
HOMETOWN Nuremberg, Germany

Magical Information
SCHOOL Hogwarts



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