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Bethany Westenberg
Birthdate April 15th 2006
Birth Place North Lanarkshire, Scotland
Hometown Bragança, Portugal Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France
Accent Portuguese
Heritage English/Portuguese
Bloodline Half-Blood
Family Westenberg and Mina
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
(Left dominant)
Wand Length 20 cm (7 linhas)
Wand Wood Olive
Wand Core Dragon Heartstring Hippocampus scale
Boggart Being anything like her father
Patronus Iberian lynx
Amortentia Saffron, Parsley, Cinnamon
Hecate Grimm
Bethany Westenberg  - Chaser for the Brazilian National Quidditch Team
Send Me an Owl! - “Stronger than lover's love is lover's hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make.”
“Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn't change the heart of others-- it only changes yours.”

Vital Information

Bethany Westenberg is a Half-Blood witch of Portuguese, and English descent. She is the daughter of Eliana Mina, and Thaddeus Westenberg, mother to Matthew Westenberg.

Full Name: Bethany Grace Westenberg
Meaning of name: Bethany (Beth·EH·nee) — "house of figs"
Grace — derived from the Latin 'gratia', meaning God's favor
Nickname: Beth (everyone)
Birthdate: April 15th
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Type of childhood: Rough
First memory: Getting tapped for magically carving her drawings on the walls
Most important childhood event: Learning to reverse her magic
Why: If Bethany was able to reverse the magic she used there was less proof that she used it

Life Before Thestrals

"Why does mamãe tell you not to dance with the dragons?"

– Renata Westenberg

"She thinks that they might hurt me."

– Bethany Westenberg

Bethany was raised in Portugal, among her mother Eliana's family, the renowned Sereníssima Casa de Bragança (Most Serene House of Braganza), Bethany's magic flourished unnaturally early. From her childhood home in a feudal 12th century castle it was discovered that he was a witch by age three.

She took her index finger, and she traced along the stone walls in her room, she left behind marks in the stone. (A very minor Defodio) It looked more like claw marks, however the more she did it, the more evident they became. She was intrigued, and she loved to leave little etchings everywhere. When her father began to notice them he had her mother fill them in, each and every one, while he doled out the negative reinforcement. Bethany was forced to stare at the wall for hours on end, her father knew this would encourage her to attempt to leave traces on the wall without her hand. Which she did. Every-time she did he would 'tap' her. It was sometimes a poke to the center of her forehead or a light thump to her one of her shoulders. She has never liked being tapped, she sometimes hates for people to touch her, even lightly to this day because of it.

She was a caterpillar and a butterfly simultaneously. Under the thumb of her father at such a fragile age she was vulnerable to being squished. The will of her mother would never let her and a young Bethany passed every one of her father's cruel torture tests. He was always been pleased with the success, even the failures of his little girl, and she despises him for it. As per her grandfather Maicol's last wishes the Westenberg children attended the same small wizarding school their grandmother Antia's ancestors attended. Of Thaddeus and Eliana's five children Bethany, and her younger brother Josiah are the only children to have transferred out. Unfortunately for her she was home, and she was there when her sister Renata succumbed to immolation.


Bethany transferred to a magical school in southern France, a school that accepted a large number of students from France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Papillonlisse Crest.png

She has always favored Charms, and Transfiguration in addition to the defensive/offensive magic she was forced to learn pick up at home. She fell in love with Potions when she met a boy, a transfer student in her year. After a Christmas party with some friends Bethany, and a rather handsome boy she had known for years shared a night together. The boy was quickly transferred out. He was, unbeknownst to them, banished to his home country. Bethany has not seen 'him' since that night, since that last school year they were together.

She give birth to her son, Matthew, whom she loves more than life. She spent thirty four weeks having no idea she was pregnant. Not until an emergency appointment eight months in. Her mother was more concerned than her father, who was simply considering her lazy, he insisted that since she quit Alvarães, and quidditch at Beauxbâtons she was out of shape.

She graduated from Beauxbâtons Academy of Magic after which she and her son left the country.

Thundelarra — Kenmare — Wimbourne

Bethany left Portugal as soon as she was able, months after she turned seventeen. She left Bragança behind, and the old castle filled with memories for a new life with her son in Thundelarra. She stayed in Portugal long enough for her mother, and father to get comfortable with her being back at home, with her being able to take care of her son on her own. Within a few months of her homecoming Bethany relocated to Australia. She was picked up by the British and Irish Quidditch League. She and her son have relocated to South Ireland after she was lauded with an offer to play as one of the starting Chasers for the Kenmare Kestrels. Bethany then decided to do what was best for her son, she left Ireland for England. She stole a spot in Wimbourne going from Chaser to Seeker for the Wasps on their starting line up.

After the devastating Round One loss to the Ballycastle Bats in Match Two of the 2025 Quidditch World Cup, Bethany suffered a serious arm fracture that could have sidelined her for the rest of the season. Despite being named "BPF" (Best Player on the Field) Australia's loss, is a loss for which she was ultimately dropped out of the Australian League, and dropped from Thunderlara's starting line up.

She started playing for the Irish team from County Kerry after her loss in the World Cup, Bethany wanted her new team to mirror the success of the Ballycastle Bats (if not the Holyhead Harpies). Slowly but surely, she is becoming known in the British and Irish League for the same "aggressiveness" she displayed when playing for Thundelarra. She made a bold move after her debut season in the British Irish league by leaving the safety of a third place team in Ireland for a last place team in England. She did so for more than one reason. She needed a place that would allow her to be closer to her brothers, a place that would allow her stable care for her son, and a place that was not with her father's favorite team, Puddlemere United.

She frequently considers a career with the Ministry of Magic, working specifically with the Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau. Possibly even the Portkey Office, or the Apparition Test Centre. She has also entertained whispers from her mother to become an Obliviator. Bethany has been told she could thrive among employees of the Ministry, that she could inspire her son . With her already existent knowledge giving her a solid edge from her bloodline, education, and home life that being an assistant would never come close to.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Muggle daycare and Muggle school (ages 5—11)
Brazilian Wizarding School Alvarães Escola de Magia
Beauxbâtons Academy of Magic
Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Herbology — E
History of Magic — A
Potions — E
Transfiguration — O
Ancient Runes — E
CoMC — O
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Herbology — E
History of Magic — A
Potions — E
Transfiguration — O
Ancient Runes — E

Talents (hidden or not): Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology
Extremely skilled at: Charms, Transfiguration
Extremely unskilled at: History of Magic
Good characteristics: Confident, Sweet
Character flaws: Controlled, Forceful

Color: Yellow
Food: Andalusian style ham with potatoes
Music: Acapella
Clothing style/Outfit: Muggle clothes on a daily basis
Literature: Dystopian, Romance
Expressions: “No Ifs, Ands, or Buts.”
Quote: “I won't fight you, it looks puerile to me, but I can ignore and forget you till you wonder if you still exist.”

Recent developments: She has is capable of seeing Thestrals, this is not uncommon, as the only witness to her sister Renata's tragic death


Poised - Genial, Vivacious, Irrepressible, Authoritative

Bethany has two sides to her. The side she shows to public, the camera ready charmer, the beautiful butterfly. And the side she shows around the team, during practice, and with her family and friends, the fearless lioness, the caterpillar before she spreads those wings she still needs to grow. She seems to draw some sort of energy from her personal interaction with people. Bethany was always a precocious child, a sweet girl with the fire of a dragon inside of her.

When she was a young girl she would sneak out of her room at night, and dance with the dragons. She was flying with them, but by saying she was dancing her parents believed she was keeping her feet on the ground. She is her mother's daughter, and when she was that little girl, once upon a time, she wanted to be like her mother. She wanted to be strong, and resilient like a dragon, yet devastating ,and volatile like their fire.

Bethany did have a rather rough upbringing, but she is still a confident, and very sweet, yet very controlled, and slightly forceful woman.

Mannerisms: Softly giggling, lifting her chin slightly and smirking
Peculiarities: Mysophobia
Worst bad habit: She does not like physical contact (with very few exceptions)
Quirks: Fear of Germs
(She interacts with fans as part of her public persona she also uses non-verbal/wandless cleaning charms after and before each person she meets or greets)
Pet Peeves: People who cough or sneeze on their hands


Adrianne Palicki

Bethany has the same tight, restrained and mildly mysterious smile, as her mother. She has her grandmother's pale blue eyes, and the same beauty mark between her brow. Bethany has her mother's dark hair, which he likes most when she ran run her fingers loosely though it tossing it about her head. She loves her silky dark hair, and the fact that she looks like royalty. She has a warm skin complexion, and an oval shaped face, and she share her father's structured brow. She is not at all oblivious to her own looks, Bethany knows she is gorgeous and she flaunts it. She also has a list of things about herself that she would change if she could, and she almost never mentions them.


Family Member Relationship with them
Son Matthew (Matty) is Bethany's son, she found out she was pregnant when she was sixteen. Her parents were upset about it, needless to say. They hid her pregnancy for as long as they could. Bethany has been raising her son as a single mother since the age of seventeen, when she graduated from Beaubaxtons and left her home in Portugal, forever.
Matthew Robert Westenberg (b. October 25th 2023)
Mother Eliana staying married to Thaddeus was one of the things Bethany hates about her mother. She also hates the way her mother encouraged his lunacy. She has a reoccurring nightmare about a conversation her mother and father had about her and her sister. When he found out Bethany had overheard the conversation, that she had been eavesdropping he punished her.
Father Thaddeaus is so many ways Bethany's arch-nemesis. He is her father, and she knows that she should not have as much hate for him as she does. Her deep hatred for him, like many of her conditioned traits are, are hard to ignore. She does not speak directly too him, or make much contact with him, she tolerates his presence in her life because of her son. He should know at least one of his grandfathers.
Younger Brother Josiah is slightly strange to Bethany, she saw how he suffered under their father, and she tried to be a role model for him, she tried to help. He almost would not let her. He bottled everything up, which lead to him exploding. She sometimes has fears that her father will destroy all the good that is hiding inside of Josiah before he has the chance to realize it is there.
Younger Brother Joshua is amusing, Bethany adores her younger brothers all of them. Josh is so mature, but still has a way of being playful and sarcastic without being a a bully. He is too much like their father, with his charm and deviousness. He does have their mother's traits as well that strong will, and his methodical nature. He is a bad combination.
Younger Brother Ethan is a powerhouse - boiling over with energy, and fearlessness. Bethany adores Ethan, she would never want him alone with Matty for too long, but she knows one day her son is going to love his Uncle Ethan as much as she does. He is never been one of the brothers she worries about. He will find a way to take care of himself. Somehow, someway he will find it.
Youngest Sister


Renata died at the age of seven. She and her combination of innocent sweetness made her a target, and it made her appear to be weak. She was not. She was the daughter they thought Bethany was, they wanted Bethany to be. Uma princesinha frágil, a fragile little princess. She felt things deeply, and had a way of making emotions seem contagious.

Extended family:

Maicol Mina †
Antia Mina (née de Assis)
James Westenberg
Natalie Westenberg (née Soames)
Samuel Westenberg
Elizabeth Harrington (née Westenberg)
Christopher Harrington
Virginia Harrington

Friend Relationship with them
Luca Braunne
Ex (Her Son's Father)

Luca is the father of Bethany's son Matty. Luca was a foreign exchange student when she met him. It was never official between them, but they did date for nearly three years before he was transferred out of Beauxbâtons as Bethany's intimate relationship with him became public knowledge. He has not been in contact with Bethany (or their son) since he was sent back to his home country.

Luisa Rasskazova
Former Teammate (Kenmare Kestrels)

Luisa and Bethany are insanely alike, so ridiculously much so they even look very similar to one another. They were new teammates when Bethany was picked up by the Kenmare team, but the two females have much more in common than their good looks, not to mention their uncanny mid-air athletic agility.

Vilte Ingersleben
Former Teammate (Kenmare Kestrels)

Vilte has a baby sister quality about her that Bethany cannot see past. She reminds her a lot of Renata, in good ways, Vilte's very similar to Bethany in personality except that Vilte is much, much more optimistic. Bethany would be the rock tied to the Vilte balloon weighing her down with reality.

Emily Smith
Former Teammate (Wimbourne Wasps)

Emily competed alongside Beth as Chasers in Australia, until America nicked her. The whole continent might have been a little peeved about the whole deal she got. Who could have any hard feelings toward her? Who would not have done the same thing in her place?

Ren Moto
Former Teammate (Wimborne Wasps)

Ren is always herself, Bethany truly admires that a person can be so genuine. They are roughly the same age, only Ren is more outspoken, and honest, she has a way with words that could infuriate the most brilliant lyricist.

Sadie Cha
Former Teammate (Wimbourne Wasps)

Sadie has this way about her that sort of makes you grin. She is fiery, and she seems impulsive. Like someone that should never be tempted. Bethany has a few years on Sadie, she was taken with her quidditch skills immediately.

Cressida Allan
Former Teammate (Kenmare Kestrels)

Cressida has a bit of a Peter Pan, never grow up vibe. It is not a bad thing. She was a Keeper for Holyhead, she probably needs to be that way. She was another "new team player" for Kenmare, Bethany hoped that she brought with her some of the winning knowledge from the 2025 World Cup.

Rica Feurst
Former Teammate (Kenmare Kestrels)

Rica is a whole bundle of problems for Bethany. She sees Rica as a future version of herself. The version that never had Matthew. She likes Rica despite the fear of "what ifs" that feel too personal with her, that moment when she realizes the grass isn't always greener.

Wolfram Beilschmidt
Former Teammate (Kenmare Kestrels)

Wolfie gives Bethany the impression she is going to like him a great deal. She likens what she knows of his personality to one of her brothers, the one she wants her little boy to aspire to be. Wolfram has some of the same traits as Bethany although she thinks his 'goodness' lies on the surface.

Jake Wilson
Former Teammate (Thundelarra Thunderers)

Jake went to Hogwarts like Bethany's younger brother Josiah. He reminded her of one of her brothers, except that he was a little more mature since he had a few years on her. Her gave her a familiar feeling, and she did not mind his company.

Briar Devlin
Former Teammate (Thundelarra Thunderers)

Briar had a few years on Bethany, which made her a little bit intimidating. Bethany was not afraid of her, she thought Briar was a quiet beauty clouded with dignified ferocity.

Bray Ross
Former Teammate (Thundelarra Thunderers)

Bray was the older married guy on the team. He has got two kids, girls. Who would have thought a guy like that would go and let himself get snapped up? Let us hope his wife knows how lucky she is.

Sapphire Allen

Sapphire is a young gun, and she is quite new to the team. Since Bethany knows exactly what the league has is in store for her. She is eager to build that sort awkward/helpful type of relationship with another teammate.

Aeron Schmidt

Aeron was a Beater for another team in the league, Bethany vividly remembers him smacking a bludger square at her. She is glad to have him on her side this time around. She knows he can get distracted, as can anyone, she still knows will she can count on him.

Ava Hallow

Ava is eerily reminiscent to a baby kitten, she is cute, but it is obvious that she can scratch and bite too. Bethany has a few years on Ava, but their personalities are strikingly similar in a few fairly distinct ways. She knows how determined, and she fierce she is.

Christian Jeremy

Christian played for America in the 2025 World Cup, although his team lost as well he made it farther than she did. She is excited about having someone so accomplished playing for the same team she is a part of.


Most prized possession: Imperial gold topaz flower brooch
Why: House of Aviz family heirloom c.1760
Familiar/Pet: Roque (Barn Owl)
Wand: Olive and Dragon Heartstring
Rosewood Hippocampus scale
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