Bexley Yubin Seo



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January 14th, 2030










Single; Alive


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Magical UK


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who knows, girl's crazy






duck in three, two— oops.

probably insane, tinker bell, frighteningly fearless, has no concept of time space made by Aera.


Kim Hyungseo (BIBI)

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stable, maybe?




duck in three, two— oops.

probably insane, tinker bell, frighteningly fearless, has no concept of time space made by Aera.

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seo: slowly, calmly, composed, dignified
yu: abundant, rich, plentiful
bin: refined
bexley: box tree





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duck in three, two— oops.

probably insane, tinker bell, frighteningly fearless, has no concept of time space made by Aera.

sorry about that, accompanies the friendly but inane grin on the girl's face as she walks up to you. dressed in overalls, holding a blowtorch that you're pretty sure isn't allowed on school grounds, with a blowtorch mask on her head, she waves wildly as she jogs over. and you can already tell she's a very eccentric character. you see, bexley seo is, for a lack of better words, strange. she's been the talk of the town since she was born, but never for very good reasons. she makes herself known wherever she goes, even if it isn't intentional. after all, the smell of molten lead is a very hard smell to just ignore. it's safe to say bexley has little to no people skills, and definitely doesn't follow social cues whatsoever. if one could manage to hold a conversation with her, they'd find she hasn't the tiniest attention span, and get's distracted in the middle of her sentences. whenever you talk to her, you never know if she's talking to you or herself. but perhaps her unusual nature is why you're friends with her.

when you two walk down to breakfast, bexley is already fidgeting with some gadget, with her wand stuck in the pocket of her robe. for as long as you've known her, bexley has always been interested in technology. she spends more time with wires and computer scraps than she does with human beings. probably why she's so out of touch. lately she's been working on integrating magic into muggle technology. and as she recounts it in the great hall that day on her recorder, you overhear this is forty-fifth rendition of her experiment. you can't help but cringe a little and scoot away, encase she somehow catches you on fire with whatever she's playing with. you can't deny that as absorbed as she is in her work, she's a true genius. if other people walk, she's running, already miles ahead of them. every class you share with her, it seems that her mind is somehow in two places at once—her own head, filled with weird doodads and thing-a-ma-bobs, and the classroom, where she can recite all the ingredients for some of the most complicated potions in wizard history. as out of touch as she is, she has the intuition and intellect of a mad scientist, and that both intrigues you and frightens you dearly. perhaps you're only friends with her to avoid becoming robot bait.

it's saturday, and the two of you take a trip to hogsmeade. you have to admit that as weird as bexley's outfit is, it sort of works, in a weird, out-of-this-world kind of way. you've never met someone who wears a sparkly, be-dazzled cowboy hat as a fashion statement, but then there's bexley, who finds a way to make it work. bexley always been like that, always finding a way to make the most outlandish things work in a way that it just wouldn't for anyone else. even the way she talks fast, and the will suddenly slow down and speed right back up. or the way she's always moving around when she's talking, jumping around, flailing her arms, playing with her tech, fumbling with her wand. how she has so many energy and then manages to sit down and tinker with stuff for several hours straight with no distractions absolutely astounds you, but you know if you ask how she does it, she'll somehow find a way to talk about the sun dying and turning into a giant black hole that absorbs the solar system. she's always been one for weird conversational topics, but it makes her fun, and you like fun so, you always play along.

at the heart of her eccentrics is... well, her heart. you know bexley is weird. everyone knows bexley is weird. whenever they see her, it's all the whisper about it, and you hear it. but what truly makes you love her, is that she doesn't care. so she's so uniquely herself that people don't bother her. or at least they don't bother her enough to get in the way of her goals. you've seen her down sometimes, when kids were snickering a bit too hard in class, or someone couldn't keep their mad scientist jokes to themselves. but you notice that bexley always bounces back, no matter what happens. she'll be sad one day, but the next day, you already know she's back to her old shenegians. whenever she gets sent to the headmaster's office for blowing something up or not wearing her uniform to class, you smile, because that's your bexley. that's your best friend. your weird, eccentric, crazy, genius friend.





duck in three, two— oops.

probably insane, tinker bell, frighteningly fearless, has no concept of time space made by Aera.

bexley's life doesn't match up to her personality, if that's one way to put it. she's very larger-than-life in that aspect. a muggleborn orphan who grew up in a foster home, nothing very strange about that. bexley's parents aren't even dead, nothing tragic happened to them. they were just in a bad position and couldn't afford to take care of bexley... nor did they want to, honestly. so they gave her up, and she entered the system. and bexley never had a bad time in this system like other people. she spent most of her time in one foster home, and even when it switched so she could live with a wizard family, it was nothing eventful. so it really makes you beg the question, how can such a usual history birth such an unusual person?

well, it has something to do with the fact that bexley's always been a curious child. even when she was little, she was tinkering with the forces of nature, things she really shouldn't be dabbling in as an eight-year-old, but well... a rube goldberg machine made entirely out of mud, sticks, leaves, and kitchen utensils isn't necessarily a bad thing is it? when her foster mother came outside to call her in for dinner and saw the whole mess she had created outside, well... let's just say she wasn't very happy. bexley has always been jumpy, and while now, it's not very easy to scare her just by walking in, eight-year-old bexley is a different story. when her foster mom started yelling, it was definitely a startling moment. and before you knew it, the machine... well... exploded. bexley's mother was cleaning spoons and forks for weeks. it wasn't a great time.

when bexley got her letter to hogwarts, she ran off on her own, like the absolute crazy person she is. the ministry of magic took care of everything, and after her first year ended, she got set up with a different foster family, a magic one, but still... it was a bit of a mess. but the moment bexley discovered magic was real, she already knew what she wanted to do. she'd been experimenting and patching things together since she was little. and through the years, she's managed to come out with some small breakthroughs, but breakthroughs nonetheless. even as a fourth year, it seems she's never once lost her passion for creating new things, and putting a spin on things you never thought needed an upgrade until now.





duck in three, two— oops.

probably insane, tinker bell, frighteningly fearless, has no concept of time space made by Aera.

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