Bianca is a name meaning white or shining.
Marie is a name with many meanings. Bianca's mother chose this due to the meaning lady of the sea.
Archer is a name derived from the Welsh. Bianca and her mother's surname come from Bianca's father.


Fiona and Richard Archer was a very rich couple, when they started their Construction Company. They became millionaires a little bit after 3 years of starting the company. They were so caught up with being rich and glorious that they never really thought the idea of having kids. When they became a little older and their company become one of the biggest in the world, they decided to have a child to take on their legacy. Fiona gave birth to a beautiful child named Bianca Archer.

Bianca's family being rich and all she got a great education. That's how she ended up being so smart and clever. Though weird things started happening to her when she became 8. When someone got mad at her something bad would happen to them and she hadn't even done anything to them. Like the time during her school field trip to the zoo, A girl said Bianca looked like a monkey. A few moments later the girl appeared in the monkey cage. Then the one time when she had lost a new pair of diamond earrings and was yelled at by her mom. The next morning she woke up with them dangling on her ears. We could go on about these crazy stories but let's fast forward to her 11th summer.

On the 2nd day of summer a letter appeared to her, by an owl. It told her that she was actually a witch and that by fall she would attend Hogwarts. Home for Wizards and Witches. It took about two weeks and many panic attacks from Mrs. Archer, but finally she started studying. She has attended Hogwarts for about 3 years now. (She's about to start her 4th year.) She now is trying to be the top student and maybe popular as well. Will just see.


Bianca is a very smart girl. She always puts grades and success in front of everything else. She not thinks but knows she will be the best witch in her grade. She also is very arrogant or cocky. Herself is the #1 thing most important to her. She will do things that will hurt others if it helps her. She is also very good with words. She can easily get herself out of a sticky situation. On few occasions you can make friends with her. If you do she can be nice... In a way. She's a girl you shouldn't mess with.


IC Bianca is a mix between her mother and father. She has her mother's curly hair and tan skin, while she has her dad's green eyes.


  • Bianca is a muggle-born
  • Her birthday is May 22nd, making her a Gemini
  • Bianca loves to read and has read all types of books.
  • Bianca's mother is Brazilian and her father is 1/2 Brazilian, making Bianca 3/4 Brazilian

"Intelligence is the most beautiful part of a person."

Bianca Archer
RPer Hannah
Age 18
Birthday May 22nd
Nationality British
Ethnicity Brazilian; Caucasion
Species Witch
Blood Half-Blood
Orientations Bisexual
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Faceclaim Marina Nery
Height 5'9
Weight 130 pounds
Schooling Hogwarts Alumni
Year Alumni
Occupation n/a
Wand Holly, 10', Unicorn Hair
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Snow Leopord
Boggart Anticipation
Affiliation(s) Hogwarts Alumni
Location England
Most influenced by Her Grandmother
Languages English


Model: Marina Nery

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