Birthday 31st october
Age 15
Status single
Pronunciation bill-lee more-ee-gan
Handedness left
Gender female
Orientation pan
Relationship single
Nationality irish
Speaks english; gaeilge
Species human; half-seer
Blood Status pureblood
Eye Color green-grey
Hair Color dark brown
Height 5'4"
Model lydia graham

Billie pays attention to her looks in the same way she crafts a painting - mess around a bit and live with the end result. She looks like your typical indie kid: a dark-brown bob and a fringe, always wearing dungarees and a beret and probably paint smudged on her cheek. Her height, or lack thereof, comes from her mother; in fact, all of it comes from her mother, from the green-grey eyes and milky skin to the smattering of freckles across her nose. There's always a set of tarot cards in her pocket, ready to give a reading at a moment's notice.
Billie's childhood is rather uneventful, to say she grew up in a household of magical fortune-tellers. Nothing was ever a surprise and nothing was ever new: rural Ireland held little substance beyond its rolling hills and the cherry blossoms that sprouted in the springtime. Along with her siblings, all of whom shared her artistic eye and childish lightness, she grew up surrounded by nature and fell in love with everything the natural world had to give. Her painting hobby began here when her father introduced her to an easel and canvas and the view from her bedroom window — it was a natural talent, one she only built on as she grew. Before long her bedroom wall was littered with her artworks of whatever she could find: flower vases, their tabby cat, the distant lands she sometimes dreamt about which felt so real it was if she was there, breathing in the foreign air.

As for magical abilities, they bloomed quite early. Billie always got along with her family, still does, and grew up more than aware of their capabilities; her mother was a psychic and often took customers who happily sat and had their tarot cards read or the lines on their palms traced, whilst her father, who is not a Seer, freely used spells and charms around the house. It became a competition, almost, which of the children would come into their abilities first. The eldest did, accidentally turning their cat's fur bright pink, followed by Billie when she was eight, who managed to reverse the damage done by a water bottle being knocked over onto her painting through sheer will. One minute the canvas was soaked and the next bone dry. There was no fear or confusion, just joy. It became a heavily-rehearsed skill, especially living with three other children who were just as messy as her.

Her prophetic abilities were not so black-and-white as her magical. Billie has always had extremely vivid dreams, sometimes so vivid it was as if she had been transported there, moreso than the average person. However, she is not a full Seer, and it has taken a toll on her powers. There is no exact pinpoint of when Billie had her first vision because truth be told, she's never had one — she merely feels the pull of the right tarot card, or a gut feeling of where a decision will go. Alternatively, sometimes she sees the outcome of an event, with no clue of how the individual ends up there. The black spots in her Sight have existed since she was a child, and despite her continued practise, the concealment of her gift at Muggle primary school left her little opportunity to strengthen her abilities.

Hogwarts, however, allowed her to flex her powers. Naturally excelling at Divination and Care of Magical Creatures, the sudden new world of magic and people and fun was a welcome discovery. Her inner sight didn't grow any stronger, particularly — her "visions" are no clearer — but her intuition did. Billie considers herself a pretty good judge of character nowadays. Aside from that, Hogwarts life is everything she hoped it would be. She just needs to, y'know. Make some friends.
Billie is a dreamer in the way of artists everywhere; she sees the beauty in everything and everybody and chooses to ignore the ugly parts of people's personalities, much to the annoyance of the Seers in her family. Her optimism is her best quality. The glass is always half-full, people are good at heart and the world is a beautiful place — it conflicts with her Seeing abilities, which reveal the truth of people, yet it is perhaps her honestly which make her the perfect clairvoyant. Billie cannot lie; it isn't physically possible. She tells the truth about what she sees and what she thinks, and that's usually nothing outside rainbows and candyfloss, but if she has a negative vision, she'll at least try to make it sound good. She'll try.

Socially, Billie is a butterfly. Not in the charming sense — she is by no means a smooth talker, full of jokes and flirtatiousness. Quite the opposite. She is talkative to the point of irritation sometimes, a constant fountain of babbling about literally whatever she can think of to keep a conversation going. Meeting and collecting friends is rather a life goal of hers; not only does it allow her to practise her skills and hone her abilities, but she just loves people. Growing up in rural Ireland was boring and years in near-solitude has left her hungry for attention (from somebody other than her family — she loves them dearly but good lord) and she attaches herself onto them like ivy; she can quite easily become irritating but she can usually sense when she's evoking such an emotion. It doesn't mean she'll stop, though.

Her imagination is as big as the universe. She is an artist, after all. The world is her canvas and she intends to make some memories, and she'll do that through travelling and exploring and seeing as much as she can. She's a curious soul: she wants to see every landscape and learn every language and hear every song, so she can express it through her art. A stranger would call Billie pretentious, and perhaps she is (her favourite movie is French arthouse and she wears a beret), but in her mind she is cultured. Don't start her talking about 16th-century Italian artists or obscure French literature, though — she'll never stop.
Az is a puzzle that Billie's determined to solve. He's so secretive, and the reading she did for him didn't exactly scream good things, so she does her best to cheer him up whenever she sees him. As impossible as that seems to be.
Dante's so cute! She's been tutoring him in History of Magic for a while now and they always have fun together. He's a good laugh, and he always manages to make her smile.
Billie's only bumped into Maya once, taking photos of herself on the bridge, and somehow managed to end up on Maya's ever-growing Witchagram page, which is nice! She seemed super fun, and so pretty.

Boggart ending up alone
Amortentia craft paints; flowery perfume; bubblegum
Patronus hedgehog
Interests art; muggle literacy; clairvoyancy
Pet Peeve rudeness
Habits biting her nails; singing under her breath
MBTI intp
Star Sign scorpio
Dreams/Goals improve her clairvoyancy
Color pale blue
Song west coast
Show peaky blinders
Movie portrait of a lady on fire
Book the goldfinch
Food pastries
Drink diet coke

she's a full-blown sugar addict
her favourite sport is hockey, and you won't catch her dead on a quidditch broom
she's on a first-name basis with all the portraits in hogwarts
her best subject is, of course, divination
she secretly loves trash romance films
her all-time favourite singer is billie holiday
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